How to Open a Graco Click Connect Stroller: A Guide

If you are looking for a high-quality, safe stroller that is easy to use and folds up neatly with one hand, then the Graco Click Connect Stroller may be just what you’re looking for.

This article will walk you through how to open a Graco Click Connect Stroller so that it can take your baby on all of its adventures!

how to open a Graco Click Connect Stroller


Ways on How to open Graco SnugRide 30 stroller

Step 1. Begin by pressing the release button on each side of the stroller frame. The recline will automatically adjust to a flat position as you fold down one arm at a time until it is resting in front of your feet.

Step 2. Place both hands under the seat and then lift slightly before lifting from underneath to unfold each arm away from the vehicle.

Step 3. Once the stroller is fully unfolded, push in on both sides of the frame until it locks in place. The Graco SnugRide 30 Stroller should now be ready to take your baby on all their adventures!


Steps on Opening a Graco Click Connect Stroller

  • Unlock the hands by pushing them in towards each other (see illustrations below).
  • Grasp both handles on either side of the stroller and pull up. -Keep pulling until you hear a pop sound. The click will indicate that your Graco Click Connect Stroller is fully open, which means it’s ready for use!
  • Push down on one hand brake to lock all four wheels into place or push down on two brakes if you are using just one handbrake at a time. This will keep your baby safe as they ride in their new Graco Click Connect Stroller!


How to unfold Graco stroller Jogger Click Connect

  • Push down on both handles and lift the front wheels, until they lock into place.
  • Pull back the handlebar with your right hand to unlock it from its folded position.
  • Tilt the stroller forward or backwards and pull out each wheel as you do so (see illustration). You will now have a Graco Stroller ready for use!


How to unfold Graco FastAction stroller

  • Grasp two handles on either side of the stroller.
  • Push one hand brake down to get all four wheels into place, then use both hands to push and pull in opposite directions until you hear a pop sound. The click will indicate that your Graco FastAction is fully open, which means it’s ready for use!
  • Now that your Graco FastAction is open, how about you put the canopy up to shade baby from all those bright rays?
  • Next, how do I attach the infant seat adapter with one hand? That’s simple -just click it in! You’ve done a great job opening and setting up your Graco Click Connect Stroller.


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How do you convert a Graco stroller to a bassinet?

Step 1. Simply remove the Graco Connect infant car seat using two hands

Step 2. Then, push in and up on the yellow button located at one of the front wheels to release it from its lock. Remove this wheel by pulling towards you.

Step 3. Next, pull apart straps that hold bassinet fabric together and carefully set Bassinette Assembly over top of frame with base facing outwards where your baby will be lying down and sleeping. Ensure that inside edges are tucked behind stroller handles so they don’t get caught when folding or unfolding stroller later

Step 4. Last but not least tighten those Strap Buckles for a snug fit! Your Graco FastAction is now converted to a Bassinette Frame!


How does the Graco stroller work?

The Graco stroller works in three ways:

Car Seat Mode – This mode will have the car seat attached to the back of your Stroller and it is perfect for infants.

Bassinet Assembly Mode – The Bassinet Assembly can be used with or without a frame. It provides an enclosed space that offers protection for your baby from the elements.

Open Mode – The open mode will be used when you want to attach other car seats or bassinettes (with frame) and it is a more open space than the Bassinet Assembly.

In addition, there’s also a large storage area on board as well as an adjustable handlebar so you can use it comfortably no matter what height you are! Though these features sound great, the Graco stroller does have a few drawbacks.


How do you put a carseat in a Graco stroller?

Stroller with a car seat adapter can be used from birth.

Step 1. Lay the child on their back in the bassinet, or have them face forward if they are older than six months and weigh more than 15 pounds

Step 2. Clip the carseat into place by using straps that come along with it

If you want to use your Graco stroller without an infant insert but still keep baby upright for feeding:

Step 3. Securely attach an infant carrier (only approved for children under four years of age) to one side of stroller frame so there is no gap between child’s body and chassis where legs could get caught when folding up Stroller Frame. Secure top strap across chest, then secure lower strap around waist

Step 4. Attach a Graco Snug Ride Infant Car Seat to the other side of frame. Center seat on stroller frame and tighten straps so there is no gap between child’s body and chassis where legs could get caught when folding up Stroller Frame.


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