How To Move An Adjustable Bed? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to move an adjustable bed?

Moving any bed can be a very daunting task, but there is no shame in asking for help.

how to move an adjustable bed

Problems like these tend to come up, especially if you like moving apartments or houses.

And of course, nobody wants to dent or damage an expensive bed such as an adjustable bed.

To help you with your dilemma, this article listed down ways on how you can move your bed.

So read on!


Steps To Move An Adjustable Bed

Moving from an apartment to another or from house to house is very tiring.

For me, simply moving my stuff from one room to another is already challenging.

And when it comes to moving, the bed can be the hardest, especially an adjustable one since it is not like most beds.

There are many functions in an adjustable bed that might get damaged or destroyed if handled carelessly.

So it would help if you looked for ways to move that fragile bed of yours.

We looked up steps on how to move an adjustable bed carefully and still maintain its special features.

And here they are:


Step #1. Move the mattress

First, you need to remove the mattress from the base then place it in your desired location.

Make sure the place has enough room where it can fit both the mattress and base separately.

You can try to move the mattress by yourself, though some mattresses for adjustable beds can be heavy, so you can ask someone to help you.

It would help if you placed the mattress gently to avoid any damages and make sure not to scrape the foam.

Mistakes like those can be very costly, so be gentle and always be patient.

Since most mattresses for adjustable beds have pocket springs, be aware of size changes if left standing for an extended period.

Springs in the mattress are independent of each other and slide down slightly.

Flopping the mattress several times from end to end can stop this problem.


Step #2. Remove the adjustable part

After removing the mattress, you can see the adjustable action in the base.

If possible, separate it from the existing base.

If it is too complicated, you can carry it along with the bed since it is not heavy.

But if you can remove it, handle it with care because it might be fragile since it is made of wood and has electrical wirings.

Make sure to be gentle with handling the adjustable function since it is the most expensive part and gives the bed its name.

Wiring and electrical motors present in the adjustable function can be overwhelming, especially for those who are not trained.

Be very careful not to destroy any wirings, sockets, or motors because it can cause inconsistencies in the electrical current.

When moving the adjustable part, make sure to hold and carry it.

Do not hold the sides. It may break, especially if it is wood.


Step #3. Carry the base

When moving the base, ask a friend or a colleague.

It is cumbersome, and no one can do it alone.

Adjustable beds weigh from 150 lbs. to 300 lbs. depending on the type of adjustable bed you have.

Though removing the adjustable function will lighten the base, you still need help moving it.

When moving the base, be very careful with the legs when you turn in on its side.

Slight pressure in the legs of the bed may cause them to bend.

Be careful when moving the bed since they may cause damage to other parts of the house if you keep bumping into them.

Hitting the bed against the house walls may cause dents and holes, which are hard to repair.

Always look at your surroundings when moving the bed.


Things To Consider To Move An Adjustable Bed

The electrical wirings are very important.

They are the backbone of the adjustable bed.

Be very gentle with and make sure not to damage any wires.

Damaging the electrical wires will affect the adjustable function, leaving you with a standard bed.

The legs of the bed are the most fragile part of the base.

They carry most of the weight of the bed, so take care of the legs.

Springs present in the mattress are what allows it to be adjustable.

Make sure always to be vigilant of its springs since they tend to slide.

There are a lot of fragile parts in an adjustable bed, so it requires high maintenance.


Wrapping Up

Well, you have reached the end of this article.

And that is all the information we gathered regarding our topic, “how to move an adjustable bed?”

In conclusion, moving an adjustable bed can be easy when you have a guide on how to do it.

You can always ask for help from people who move furniture or a friendly neighbor to help you carry the bed.

Remember to always be patient and gentle with your adjustable bed.

One mishap can cost you money.

We hope that this article helped you out!

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Nevertheless, thank you for stopping by!

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