How To Move A Wood Stove? 4 Easy Steps To Follow

When moving, among the hardest task to figure out is how to move a wood stove. This appliance is important since it is the one that provides warmth to your house during the colder days. Many people can prove the usefulness of this device, especially in cold regions. The wood stove is a must-have to get through with the harsh winter. But it can be challenging to move since it’s heavy and it takes time.

Wood stoves typically weigh around 300-800 lbs, excluding wood logs, pallets, fuel, wood-derived biomass, and anything in the stove. So, it takes time because you will need to unload the stove to make it weigh less.

how to move a wood stove

In that case, you will need to hire a professional to move the stove for you, but what if we tell you that you can do it yourself? Do not worry because, in this post, you will be given the moving procedure compiled by professional movers.


Preparing For The Move

Before you start, you need to understand first why it is tricky to move a wooden stove. One crucial factor for the move is the weight of the stove. Typically, stoves weigh between 300 and 800 pounds. Other models are even heavier than this. The heavyweight is due to its heavy-duty steel and iron construction for it to endure high temperatures. So even if some people will be helping you, it would still be hard to carry this device.

Size is another factor that contributes to its weight. Commonly, stoves would measure 40 inches in height, 33 inches in width, 25 inches in length. With such a size a weight, just one mistake during the process can damage the property or hurt the person moving it.


Tips To Remember When Moving A Wood Stove

How to move a wood stove? As mentioned earlier, it is hard to move a stove. However, below are some tips that you need to keep in mind when planning to move your wood stove. These tips can make the process easier and everyone safer.


#1. Check if you need professional help

Before the move, evaluate the situation first. Check whether or not you can do this alone or if you have to call for professional movers since they are more experienced when it comes to moving furniture. As mentioned earlier, wood stoves are generally heavy. It will most likely take 4 persons to relocate or move this successfully. Perhaps, no one is around to help you. It is best to rely upon companies offering removal services.


#2. Prepare plywood and ropes

Go to the hardware in your area and buy plywood and sturdy ropes that are needed for moving the stove. You will use the rope in tying the legs of the burner, while plywood will protect the floor against scratches.


#3. Protect it using blankets

Even though wood stoves are heavy-duty, you still need to protect them against damages when moving them. So you can wrap it with any piece of fabric, such as a blanket, for example, to keep it protected and safe.


#4. Wear gloves

You may get some injuries or calluses while pulling out the stove, so it is best to wear a pair of work gloves. Advise everyone who will help you to wear a hand cover as well.


#5. Keep pets and children away during the process

The wood stoves can easily cause an accident in case of a single mistake while moving them. With that being said, ensure that your pets and kids are not in the area. Before relocating the item, check for any obstacle that can affect the move and potentially result in undesirable occurrences.


5 Steps To Move The Wood Stove

Now let us get down to the moving process itself. Below are the steps needed to be taken when moving a wood stove either to another location in the house or to another house.


Step #1. Clear the path

To ensure that moving operation will be safe as possible, clear the route for any obstacles. Also, consider wearing closed shoes. This should also have anti-slipping soles.


Step #2. Removing some parts

Carefully remove the pipe of the wood-burning stove. You can check the instruction manual if you don’t know what to do. Also, remove other parts such as the griddle and door so to reduce the load. Use a screwdriver for this.


Step #3. Placing plywood

Place some sheet of plywood on your floor, creating a protective path towards the spot where you want to relocate your wood stove. Four people may lift the wood stove and gently place it onto the plywood sheet with the right lifting technique. But this will depend on the weight of your unit. In case it is too heavy to be lifted, you can use a flat dolly. First, slide it under the under as your assistants are holding it. Then, place it gently on the ground.


Step #4. Moving the woodstove

Tie the rope to the front legs of the woodstove. Ask two people to pull each piece of rope while the rest of you push the hefty item from behind. Since the plywood has low friction, the heavy-weight wood stove would easily slide onto the new spot. Once you get into the right location, position it carefully and slowly.

Adjust when necessary. If done, it’s now time to reconnect the removal parts as well as the chimney pipe you removed earlier. Now that you have moved your wood stove, you’d want to make sure that the base is always dry but if it’s already damaged, here is the best guide on how to clean a water-damaged base!

 It’s A Wrap!

And that’s it! In four steps to move a wood stove, you can relocate your unit somewhere you want it to be. It can be challenging, but it is not impossible to do. Now that we have answered your question, you might want to read another helpful article. Here’s one: Why is my fridge freezing food? Thanks for your time!

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