How To Move A Queen Mattress? In 4 Easy Steps!

Moving a regular mattress to another place is way better than carrying a much bigger size, but do you know how to move a queen mattress?

The queen mattress is way bigger than your typical bed. It’s thicker, wider, and longer, making it a bit harder to move the mattress.

How to move a queen mattress

We usually transfer our mattress by tying it up to your car top, but this one is different.

You might need a bigger car or call for shipment service to make things easier for you.

It is better to follow some advice and instructions upon moving the mattress to avoid any damages or scratches and possible accidents when driving it on your own.


Steps To Move A Queen Mattress

When you are moving a queen mattress, it is like moving something significant to you.

So, as much as possible, you would handle it with care.

If you want to make things easier and less hassle for you, you want to search or ask others how to move a queen mattress, just like what you are doing right now.

That’s why you’re reading this article. Well, I have here some advice and steps to share with you.

It is up to you if which one would be more convenient, so decide and think of the best option.

You can follow these steps or do things on your own. I mean, shipping a mattress can be expensive.

So, if you have other things in mind to move your queen mattress, then feel free just to read and learn from this article.


Step #1. Mode of transferring

When I say choose the best option, you want to determine what’s convenient for you.

It’s not new to us that people could carry their mattresses all along with their car if they would like to.

But then again, it would be so much more challenging if you are moving a queen-sized bed due to its weight and size.

You can still try to do so if you’d want to.

To have a less hassle and more convenient way of moving your mattress, you can just rent a truck. Considering all your other stuff to move, it is worth it.

However, I find it impractical to call for a truck moving service if you will only transfer the mattress alone.

But I do believe that all of you have other things to pack up.

Of course, what’s a mattress without its spring box?

You can think of how many things you will be transferring and estimate the truck’s size you would rent.


Step #2. Pack and protect

So this next step is a prevalent thing to do. You don’t want your mattress to get damages. Even scratches on it would affect the bed as time goes by.

You can buy a plastic bag cover for your mattress that should be queen-sized too. Make sure you have the one that fits your bed perfectly to avoid problems.


Step #3. Loading it in

This next step is very crucial. You have to be very careful when carrying your mattress.

Before that, make sure the frame or box spring has been moved first.

The only way to keep one mattress safe from damages is to move it with its body or frame. It will keep the mattress on hold, and it would help it retain its structure.

Preferably, your box spring is placed right on the wall of the vehicle you rented.

And, of course, you would put the mattress on top of your box spring to secure it.

Always put in mind that a 60/40 rule exists and that is important when moving and loading equipment.


Step #4. Tie it up!

It is the last step to help you solve your problem and get you relieved.

Securing your box spring to avoid it moving every time the vehicle stops.

Along with all the other things that have the same length as your mattress, secure them with a rope. Use a tie-down rope to tie it on the rub rails.

What you have to do is to tie the rope on the rub rail from top to bottom.

Follow a pattern when connecting, preferably in a zigzag across the width of the truck.

If the truck you rented includes people to help you move things, then that’s so much better.

If not, then follow those four steps, ask your family for help, and you are good to go.

However, if you want to transfer your queen mattress is near, you can ask help from other people to give you a hand and move the bed.



Moving a queen mattress is no joke, considering the weight and the dimensions it has.

It is challenging, but you will manage to get it done.

I suggest you not move this gigantic bed on your own, especially if your car is small.

You might damage your car and, worse, get involved in an accident because of the bed’s size and weight.

Regardless, upon answering, “How to move a queen mattress?” I hope you had learned and you can move your mattress successfully.