How To Move A Leesa Mattress In 2 Easy Steps

Did you know that it’s easy to learn how to move a Leesa mattress since it’s only two steps? In this article, we’ll share some hacks to handle your Leesa bed, regardless of its size. After that, you should be ready for transport and moving.

Note that this guide applies to the original all-foam Leesa mattress. Like other foam beds, the Leesa has multiple layers. Find out below the proper way of packing and moving this type of structure. 

how to move a leesa mattress


How Do You Move A Leesa Mattress?


Step 1. Prepare the mattress and box

Learn how to clean a Leesa mattress before you pack it in a box. It should be free of stains, odor, or dust build-up to prevent deterioration on the material throughout the moving and traveling period. If your bed does not require a deep cleaning, you can always give it thorough vacuuming before you pack it. 

The Leesa mattress uses several foam layers, so you don’t want to fold or compress it when packing for moving. Instead, find a mattress shipping box that complements the size of your bed. The box should be the right size for your mattress to prevent shifting during moving, but also not too small that it affects the structure of the mattress.


Step 2. Seal the mattress for transport

When you study the best way to move a mattress, you’ll understand that proper sealing is crucial for the material’s protection. You can opt to cover the bed with plastic and a mattress cover. From there, you can just put the box and Leesa mattress on the floor and slide the box towards one side of the latter. 

Lift the mattress a bit to help push it through the box and ensure it didn’t fold. Then, tape the box opening securely. And finally, remember to transport your Leesa mattress flat because having it upright during moving can be detrimental to the bed’s shape. 


How do you carry a Leesa mattress?

Do you want to know some tricks for carrying a mattress as well? Check our separate guide to help you once you arrive at your destination. Of course, it’s always best to have someone assist you with the bed for your safety and avoid accidentally damaging the mattress. 


Can You Roll Up A Leesa Mattress?

There are different types of Leesa mattresses, and their materials range from foam, memory foam, coils, and hybrid. Therefore, you don’t want to roll the Leese mattress, especially when attempting to lessen its overall bulk during moving. In addition, rolling the bed puts you at risk of ruining its shape and structure. 

If you want to know how to roll a mattress, consider the type of materials it uses to keep it from getting deformed. And as always, having the mattress flat without folding or rolling is ideal for moving it, especially for long-distance travel.


Should I Flip My Leesa Mattress?

You don’t need to flip your Leesa mattress because it won’t do any benefit. Instead, you might ruin the foam layers since Leesa designed those that must go at the top and bottom. So if you’re also thinking of flipping the Leesa bed while moving, it wouldn’t be a good idea.

For some materials, it would be advantageous if you know how often to flip the mattress because it distributes the wear on both sides. But with a Leesa mattress, rotation is the only practice needed every 12 weeks to spread the wear on the surface. Feel free to read this guide on how often to rotate the mattress to know more. 


How Long Can A Leesa Mattress Stay In The Box?

The duration of how long you can keep the Leesa mattress in its box depends on the specific type you have. For example, the Leesa mattress can stay in the box for 30 days from when you placed your other. But if you have the Leesa hybrid mattress, it can last longer at 60 days in the box. 


Can You Sleep On A Leesa Mattress The First Night?

Leesa offers a bed-in-a-box, and you can also sleep on it the first night. However, Leesa recommends that you wait for at least 24 hours to allow the material to inflate completely. You will notice a change in its support and comfort when you compare using the Leesa mattress after an hour, four hours and 24 hours. 

Remember that it’s essential we understand how long memory foam takes to inflate to get the most out of it. And once it reaches its actual shape, you can even use it without a cover because Leesa uses a lycra and polyester blend that is soft to the skin. Leesa also recommends using a platform bed or a slatted bed frame with slats only three inches apart to provide the ideal support.



Moving a bed is not as intimidating as it seems. For example, we learned how to move a Leesa mattress in just two steps. First, clean the mattress and prepare its moving box. 

Then, seal your Leesa mattress securely to keep it in good shape during moving. We recommend laying it flat to prevent it from getting deformed. We hope this helps, and good luck with your move! 


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