How To Move A King Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck

If you need to know how to move a king size mattress in a pickup truck, you only need three steps, and you’re done! It’s possible to have something as big as a king bed in a pickup truck safely for transport once you know the dos and don’ts. However, do note that this size creates limitations because of the space in the truck bed. 

The best mattress size for moving in a pickup truck would be a twin, and anything bigger will require adjustments during loading. Perhaps it’s better to rent a bigger vehicle or hire professional movers. But if you want to know more if DIY is for you, then let’s get started!

How To Move A King Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck


How Do You Transport A King-Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck?


Step #1. Prepare

First, you have to ensure that your mattress will be well-protected throughout the journey. Experienced movers use a tarp to cover the king bed because it is thick enough against potential debris in the road. To keep it from flying off, make sure to tie it with a rope after covering. 

We are assuming that you also know the proper way of putting the mattress in its bag before covering it with the tarp. Different materials vary in the way you must bag and seal them, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions. What if you’ll also bring the box spring?

We want to share a tip to tie the box spring and king bed together with a strong rope. Both of them will weigh each other to prevent slipping during transport. Make sure that you’ll utilize the vehicle’s tie-down anchors when strapping as well. 


Step #2. Position

Now that you have the mattress protected, you can position it in your truck. Remember that you’re moving a king-size bed, so you can’t lay it flat in the truck bed. You can make loading comfortable by sliding the mattress far to the left-hand side at an angle. 

This way, one side can rest on the opposite bedrail. You also want to adjust the placement according to the space that your specific pickup truck offers. The main takeaway is to check if the king-size mattress doesn’t have any part that might crease. 


Step #3. Secure

Finally, tie your king bed securely because its overall bulk is not enough to keep it from moving off the pickup truck. This step is quite self-explanatory on how you’ll do it, but ensure that the straps run over the mattress. Upon loading, you can run one end of each strap through the tie-down anchors until you’re ready to start tying. 

Then, check the tightness before you go, and you’re done!


Can A King Size Mattress Fit In A Pickup Truck?

As we have revealed earlier, a king-size mattress can fit in a pickup truck but not flatly as smaller beds do. Only twin-size mattresses can sit flat on the truck bed because of the wheel wells. Never be tempted to fold or roll your king bed because it is too thick and large that you risk damaging the structural integrity. 

Do not also place something heavy on the mattress as it can encourage dents.  For us, it’s more ideal to have it transported in a vehicle where it can lie flat, especially if the travel duration is long. Nonetheless, some manufacturers allow having their king-size models on their side for a short period. 


What Size Truck Do I Need To Move A King Size Bed?

To make moving much more comfortable, it would be best to check your truck’s size and if it will be ideal for something as big as a king bed. To cut to the chase, we recommend getting a cargo van or renting a proper moving truck. It is spacious enough to transport your king-size mattress flat safely. 

A 10-feet moving truck will be ideal for a king-size bed, whereas an 8-feet pickup truck only accommodates a double bed comfortably. However, you can follow our three-step guide above to ensure that your king mattress stays upright flat against the wall without any items pointing onto it. Some people even recommend having the tailgate down without any item below or above the bed. 


How Do You Move A Heavy King Size Mattress?

Moving a heavy king-size mattress can become a DIY project, as long as you have someone assist you in lifting it around. It can be unsafe to go up and down the stairs, for example. And the mattress itself is too heavy to lift by yourself onto a vehicle.

If you have no one to help you, we recommend getting it shipped or hiring moving professionals to save time and effort. You can also consider a container shipping company, but you still need to load the mattress into the moving container. On the contrary, a professional moving company will do the packing and transporting for you at extra costs. 



Before you proceed in transporting your king bed in your pickup, you should learn the proper techniques. This article has discussed the best way on how to move a king size mattress in a pickup truck, which is essentially protecting, positioning, and securing it in place. However, do note that you won’t be able to lay it flat because of the wheel wells.