How To Move A Fridge Without A Dolly? 5 Useful Methods You Should Try!

How to move a fridge without a dolly? Refrigerators can be massive depending on the style and weight it gets. A mini-fridge, one-door fridge, two-way door fridge, built-in fridge, three-door fridge, and even a four-door fridge. But of course, it gets pricier with the number of features it has.

Regardless, moving a fridge can be a challenge since it’s cumbersome and fragile, so you need to be cautious with it.

how to move a fridge without a dolly

That is why you people would use a dolly. However, there are times that a dolly is out of your reach, so you will need to find other ways to move your fridge. Don’t worry about it because this article will provide methods to move a refrigerator without using a dolly.


Methods To Move A Fridge Without A Dolly

How to move a fridge without a dolly? Either you are moving to a new house or carrying it in a new particular place. There are ways on how to do it effortlessly. Unfortunately, there are times that a dolly is not available, and we have to find other ways to fix our problems.

Gladly, you don’t need to have a dolly to be able to move your fridge. Before doing so, remember to unplug the fridge, remove all the items inside, clean it to dry, and secure the doors to keep it shut. You would want it to be safe to move before moving it.

Also, you don’t want to be giving your fridge some scratches by just gliding it around. This is not good and may break your fridge. Below are some methods or ways that you can use to move a fridge without the help of a dolly or anything.


Method #1. Ask for assistance

It’ll be a tough job to carry the fridge alone, so ask for help from other people to help you have the refrigerator. You’ll be needing about three to four persons, depending on how heavy it is. In this way, you will need coordination and lots of strength. Make sure that you time your steps and speed so you will smoothly make a move.

You may take breaks from time to time. However, it is cumbersome, and carrying it for a while is tiring. When arriving at your destination, slowly put the fridge down carefully. You wouldn’t want to break the refrigerator.


Method #2. Using some sliders or wheels

Some fridges had wheels together with them when you bought them. If your fridge doesn’t have one, you can buy one to ease the moving process.  There is also an item made for situations like this, and it is called a multi-function movable and adjustable support base.

It is a four-wheelbase where you can adjust its size according to your fridge. This product is easy to use. All you need to do is lift your fridge onto the base, and you are good to go. You can buy this product online or in your local hardware stores at a low price.


Method #3. Make it walk

Suppose you don’t have any help available to you. You can do it yourself, although this will need great caution. Clear the path to the place you’ll move it. Stand behind the fridge and rock it gently side to side. It is like walking a toddler. This will take time, but you will be able to move it.


Method #4. Using lifters

Suppose you don’t have a lot of people to help, you lift the fridge. You can use moving straps to lift the refrigerator and be able to move it. This method is suitable for two people lifting. It provides more support to the fridge when lifting.


Method #5. Using a ramp

When moving a fridge, you must always observe precautions to avoid damage. But this method imposes lots of risks, so you will need people to help you. First, you’ll need something sturdy and safe enough to use as a ramp for the fridge. Then, have someone wait on the other side of the ramp to catch the fridge and another person to help support the fridge while sliding down the ramp.

To do this, place the fridge on the ramp. Make sure the ramp’s angle is at least at an angle that will help the refrigerator move. Please give a big push to it slowly and be support the fridge while sliding to prevent it from falling and cause it to break. Upon reaching on the other side, lift it upright and put it in place. You’re now good to go.

That’s pretty much it. There are many ways to move a fridge but always be careful when handling the bulky appliance, especially when you do it alone. Regardless, for more fridge-related topics, you might want to learn how to test the fridge compressor, which could come out handy.



Despite all the other options on how to move a fridge without a dolly, using a dolly is still the best option in moving it.

Prepare the materials and call those who you will need for help to move the things. Choose the best option you got. This will help you prevent damaging your fridge and provide convenience. Whatever you do, never lie your fridge on its side or its back. This will create complications for your fridge.

Upon reaching the destination of your fridge. Let is sit upright for about two to four hours. Let the compressor oil go back in place. After, you may plug the power cord in and return all the food inside. Always ensure safe moving.

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