How To Move A Foam Mattress? 4 Easy Ways

How to move a foam mattress? Foam mattresses are not the same as what your typical bed is composed of. So do we move a foam mattress properly with enough care and knowledge?

Moving mattresses could be better than you could think of, though this one is not the same as the usual. Handling one appositely is essential.

Foam mattresses are built differently from your traditional ones.

It requires so much time and security to ensure the moving of it without any problem.

Your foam mattress is often done and made in layers.

Thus when not handled properly could separate the layers and could result in damaging the foam inside.

It is as fragile as glass, although it doesn’t break. A foam mattress is expensive due to the comfort and material it contains. It would break your heart to pay for another.

Some foam mattresses arrive at your doorstep in a smaller box to give you context, and it just expands.

But then re-packing it for moving is way different.


Steps To Move A Foam Mattress

You might be curious about why a foam mattress should not be compressed back to what it looks like when it first arrived, so that I will give you the answers to it.

As we all know, things once opened expand widely and could not put into what they looked like at first as well as your foam mattress.

As it expands, it starts to form and enlarge to its desired shape and form. It is necessary to keep it in that frame, or it will deform and get ruined.

So, avoid folding it or compressing it. Even rolling it is not a good idea in this way.

Make sure that you do not force it to pack it up.

How to move a foam mattress?

Here are some steps to help you wrap up and move your foam mattress safely.


Step #1. Find materials needed

First of all, the few things you should do are finding all the materials you would need to pack up your mattress.

That would make sure it is safe when it is traveled.

You can find these things in your household except one, and that’s the shipping box. You can ask the company of your truck mover for one.

If they do have it, then choose one that would perfectly fit your foam mattress. Remember, too tight and too wide is no good. It should be compact and fit.

In the sense that they do not have it, you can still do not worry. Grab carton boxes that are empty as many as possible.

To add up to that, have duct tape, scissors or cutter, and a plastic mattress bag.


Step #2. Pack it up

Grab that plastic mattress bag you have and insert the foam mattress in there.

You have to make sure it is tight all along with the bed.

It has some zippers, but if it does not have one, you can use your duct tape to secure it in. Make sure it isn’t too tight.

That will help you to maintain the mattress’s cleanliness while being moved.


Step #3. Slide it in

After packing it up with a plastic bag, the next thing to do is to slide it inside your carton box for shipping it. It must be fit and snug too. Choose the size wisely.

A too-tight box could compress your mattress, and it might explode when you open it up.

The bed should lay flat inside the box.

In the sense that you do not have a shipping carton, be innovative enough to make things work in your favor. Grab your cutter and scissors, including the duct tape.

You can use the other option of protecting it with carton boxes.

You can cut the carton boxes you have at home.

Bigger and broader boxes are way better.

Cut it out on one side to open and start putting it up to your mattress.

If it doesn’t fit the whole bed, it is okay. You can tie it with duct tape from one end to another.

How? You can tie it on your plastic bed cover to hold when you have filled it up in front, and you can do the same at the back, making sure it overlaps on the side.

Then you can make a flap to fold on the sides, make sure no spaces are visible to ensure no spaces would make contact to any damages later on.


Step #4. Tape it

And the last thing to do, pack it with duct tapes along the edges and ends.

Do not let it stand inside the truck. Make sure it lays flat on the floor.

Too much movement could ruin the box and affect the mattress inside being compressed.

Another option of moving this is linked here.



When moving a foam mattress, you must be very careful considering that it is soft and might be easily damaged. You have to make sure the shape is maintained.

We just answered, “How to move a foam mattress?” I hope that you got the best out of all the ideas you had read and learned.