How to Measure Loveseat for Slipcover

Before buying a slipcover for your loveseat. You must know how to measure loveseat for slipcover. Especially since there are different sizes of loveseats. You do not want to buy a slipcover too small or too big for your furniture. That is why it is important to measure before buying the perfect one for your loveseat.


how to measure loveseat for slipcover

In measuring slipcovers, you have to measure them from the outside arm to the outside arm. Do not measure your furniture’s width by going below the seat. Just measure the width straight from one arm to the other. Regarding its height, measure from the floor to your loveseat’s highest spot. 


When it comes to loveseats. It has a full width of 58 inches to 73 inches. You can do this by measuring your loveseat’s outside arm to its other outside arm. 


There are two ways you want your slipcover to fit onto your loveseat. You can have a relaxed fit or a form fit. When you want a relaxed fit for your loveseat, have a maximum height of 36 inches for your slipcover. Regarding wanting a form fit, use up to 40 inches for its height.


What is the difference between a relaxed fit and a form fit?


They made the relaxed fit slip coverings for a lighter and comfortable look with adjustable characteristics that you can fasten or tie to a more customized profile. Meanwhile, the form-fit slipcovers are two-way stretch knit that follow your furniture’s contours. The customized, re-papered looks produce clever seam details and elastic bottoms.


What is a slipcover?


A slipcover is a protective cover, which slips on or off of a piece of furniture. The cover is often referred to as a “loose cover.” Slipcovers are normally made of cloth that you can discard for washing, traveling, or merely long storage during the season.


How do you use leather chairs and slipcovers and furniture covers?


I recommend that you use non-skid rug padding to cover the furniture. This avoids the coverslipping on the slippery surface of the leather. You would not want your slipcover to slip right away after one seating. So invest in a non-skid rug if you do not want to tuck in your slipcover all the time.


Will slipcovers match for loose back pillows for furniture?


As long as the measurements of your furniture conform to the standard requirements, slipcovers, and pillows will be just fine. Just remember the steps on how to measure loveseat for slipcover and take in mind the pillows. It is possible to adjust the pillows by overlapping them or removing one or two pillows according to the appearance.


How do I remove the wrinkles on the slipcover?


After washing, take off the cover once the cycle is full and put it directly on the furniture to prevent wrinkles. If you groomed it in the storage, just throw them in the dryer for 10 minutes with a moist cloth to clear the wrinkles. Do not tumble dry fabrics with dry line orders. A handheld steamer is also available.


Can the slipcovers suit the thin or wooden arms of the furniture?


Slipcovers suit in most thin-armed furniture with a little ingenuity. Wrap the arms from a craft shop for cheap polyester bats. String or Velcro safe. Under your slipcover, they are being concealed.


May I blend various fabrics onto the loveseat and balance them?


Yes, a living room is never made of the same cloth. Mixing shapes and fabrics are an excellent way to look at the living room with a talented decorator. You can always add a different type of fabric may it be as a blanket or a pillowcase from your loveseat’s fabric. This will add texture and dimension to your living room’s overall look.


What if my measurements are in between two sizes?


If this is the case, opt for the larger size. Even if it is larger than your furniture, you can always make it fit right by tucking the slipcover well onto your loveseat.


How do I blend the lines between my cushions?


Wrap the polyester bathing from behind the cushion to ensure a seamless overall look on the face and under the cushion.


How is extra fabric best for tucking?


You can use a tucking tool for furniture cracks with an additional cloth. You can easily buy this online. It is a tool specially designed to tuck fabrics that are hard to do so using our bare hands. You can use this for your loveseat to assure you a seamless and clean tuck instead of tucking it manually yourself. It saves time and effort plus it will look better.


How do I get a special slipcover with different seat cushions?


In the right corner of the slipcover place one cushion. In the left corner, place the other coil and place additional covers in the middle. Right-hand pull the cover and zip to close.




This sums up the whole idea on how to measure loveseat for slipcover along with some frequently asked questions. Remember to be cautious on measuring your furniture before buying a slipcover for it. This will save you time, money, and effort.