How to Measure Loveseat For Chunyi Slipcover

Slipcovers breathe new life into old pieces of furniture. They don’t change the mainframe or upholstery, so they don’t detract from a piece’s antique or sentimental worth. Let’s find out how to measure loveseat for Chunyi slipcover.

They may be machine washable, making them convenient for families and pet owners. When the fit is right, they stay in place and don’t need to be fidgeted with regularly. It’s crucial to know how to measure furniture for a slipcover to ensure a proper fit.

how to measure loveseat for Chunyi slipcover

For those who don’t know what a loveseat is, we’ll differentiate it from a sofa. After that, we will proceed to how to measure loveseat for Chunyi slipcover. But first, let us get over the basic terminologies.


What is a loveseat?

It’s also referred to as a courting chair or a mini-sofa. The loveseat, like the sofa, has a back, arms, and upholstery. However, it only permits two people in the seat; the average length is only about 60 inches.


What is a sofa?

Next is the term sofa; this is different from a loveseat. A sofa is an upholstered seat with springs and cushions. That is also known as a couch or a settee, depending on where the speaker is from.

It has an upholstered back and arms that can be fully or partially upholstered. It is intended to seat two or more people and has an average length of approximately 84 inches.


What is a slipcover?

A slipcover is a protective fitting cover for upholstered furniture that you can slip on and off. Slipcovers are often composed of cloth, and you can remove them for the season. Also, for cleaning, relocating, or simply storing for a lengthy period.

People have been using slipcovers in Europe since the Middle Ages. However, they grew increasingly popular during the formal conventional period. Initially, these were just plain dust covers for beautiful furniture in rarely used areas.

You would use white muslin or lightweight canvas covers to cover everything of value in the room. These covers may be duck or drill. Next, consider bedsheets tailored to fit each item, shielding it from the sun, humidity, dirt, and even insects.


How measure loveseat for Chunyi slipcover?


Determine the piece’s basic outside dimensions

Record the maximum height as the distance from the floor to the highest point on the back. Next, measure the width of the piece from the left outside edge to the right outside edge. Finally, make a note of it and take the depth measurement from front to back.

Take a circumference measurement around the entire piece at its widest point and write it down. Outlining the section is an excellent idea. Or use a picture of a similar amount and write down all the measurements directly on the drawing or illustration.


You should add measurements for each piece.

Measure the inside width of chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Measure from the inner arm on the left to the inner arm on the right. Measure the breadth of armless parts from the broadest point on the left to the widest point on the right.

Measure the T-cushion width from the cushion’s outer left edge to its outer right edge. It is a seat cushion that extends from the front edge of a chair or sofa’s armrests. The front and back edges of a T-cushion are equal in depth. 

Record the width of all other seat cushions as a measurement from left to right. The depth is a measurement from the front to the rear. And the thickness as a measurement from the top to the bottom surface.


Make a note of the seat height.

It is for slipcovers that cover removable cushions or for pieces without a removable cushion. It is the distance between the floor and the top of the seat. Measure the upholstered, armless dining chair’s back height from the top of the chair to the top of the legs. 

Next, measure the front-back size from the top of the chair towards where the seat and the inside back meet. Finally, on dining room chairs, measure the seat thickness. It is from the front edge to the top and the leg length from the top to the floor.


Specify the wing measurements

On wingback chairs, specify the wing measurements. The inside wing length is the distance between the apex of the wing; it connects the inside arm and wing. The wing width is the distance between the inside wing seam and the outside wing seam.

Also, measure the tuck between the inside wing and the chair back. Finally, measure the length of the outside branch from the top of the chair. And to the seam that connects the outer wing to the outside arm.

The width of the outer wing is the distance between the interior and outside wing seams at the wing’s widest point. Thus, the back circumference of a recliner is measured around the back and front of the back only. Thus, the height is measured from the floor to the top of the chair while it is upright.



These steps conclude how to measure loveseat for Chunyi slipcover. A slipcover is a significant investment to prolong your loveseat or sofa’s life. That is why you need to get the right side of the slipcover.


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