How To Measure For Curtains Width? In 4 Easy Steps!

How to measure for curtains width? The steps are very easy to execute. Read on to know more, my friends!

Measurements for the length and the width of curtains before sewing or making are similar with a bit of difference.

How to measure for curtains width

The width seems to be tricky to measure that the length.

Don’t worry! The savior is on the way!

Do you know that there only four easy steps to measure for the width of curtains?

What you think is complicated is not. This process is so easy that you’ll be done doing this in less than 10 minutes.

Any measurement will become easy after reading this.


Easy Steps To Measure For Curtain Widths

Tried measuring before but fail?

What is the best measurement for my curtains? Why is it difficult to measure for curtain widths?

The measurements for curtain widths are not the same as the measurement of the window frame.

Pleats, fold, and other styles are factors in measuring the width before deciding the final width of the curtains.

Also, you need to calculate the allowances for the hems of the curtain.

What is further needed to measure for curtain width?

Well, do not forget your measuring material. This is the most important item of all.

And decide whether to use inches or centimeters as a unit of measurement.

Lastly, get a pen and paper or open a note application from your phone to take down the measurements and calculations.

Remember to put labels to prevent confusion and miscalculations.

So, how to measure for curtains width?

Here are the four (4) easy steps to measure for your curtain width.


Step #1. Measure the window frame

The sizes of the windows are not always the same.

Curtains can create optical illusions that can trick eyes to make big windows look perfect and small windows look bigger.

That is why you need to first measure the width of the window frame.

Stretch the measuring material from left to right.

Make sure you had taken down the measurement.

In some cases, it is easier to measure the width through the curtain rod or curtain pole.

Lengths of curtain rods or curtain poles are usually longer than the widths of the window frames.

On the other side, it gives full coverage of the window.

There are also cases where a window is small.

But to trick to eyes, you need to have bigger and wider curtains.

This time, it is your time to trust your guts and artsy side to decide how wide the curtain will be.

Whatever you have chosen, I know your decision is perfect for the windows.


Step #2. Allowances of the curtain

Allowances are those extra fabrics that are saved for seams and hems of the curtain.

Usually, these allowances are 1 inch to 2 inches or 2.54 centimeters to 5.08 centimeters.

So, how to get the width of the hems you are planning to make in the curtains?

It depends on the thickness and style of the fabric.

Thin and lighter fabrics usually have smaller hems than that thicker and heavyweight fabrics.

The main purpose of putting hems around the sides of the curtains is to prevent the fabric from unraveling.

As we all know, unraveled fabrics are unpleasing to the eyes and may become useless after some time.

Therefore, make sure to include hems as an important part of curtains.


Step #3. The curtain style

Think of the style you want for your curtains.

Also, keep in mind to add the weather conditions to decide the fabrics you want for your curtains.

In the summer season, keep in mind that the curtains must prevent the light from entering or letting the light enter.

To add, because the weather is hot, make sure that it is heat resistant.

On the other side, during the winter season, curtains are heavyweight and tightly woven fabrics.

If necessary, layered curtains are hanged in the windows.

If you want to have two curtains in one window frame to feel like you are opening a window every morning, an easy way is just to cut your measurement into two.


Step #4. Calculations

Now, check your paper or your phone.

Curtains look fuller when pleated beautifully.

On an expert basis, you multiply into two or three to the initial measurement to achieve a so-called ‘curtain fullness.’

Then, add the decided measurement of allowances to each width.

Remember that there are two widths.

After your calculations, you are done!

You are now ready to create perfect curtains for your windows.


Keep In Mind

Curtains used in the summer season differ from those used during the winter seasons.

However, the best curtain is more important than seasons.

And because you have read this, I know you are now knowledgeable.

You now know how to measure the width of curtains.

Regardless, that is all you need to know.


It’s A Wrap!

Remember that there are only four (4) easy steps on how to measure for curtains width.

Are you excited to measure the widths after reading this?

Go now and get your measuring materials.

Still, wants to know more about curtain widths?

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I hope this is a useful guide for you.

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