How To Measure Curtains? In 4 Easy Steps!

Do you know that there is a proper way how to measure curtains?

Prepare your measuring tape or meter stick as we take simple steps to transform your home.

how to measure curtains

Don’t ever leave your windows blank, dear folks.

Hanging curtains on your windows gives more accent to your interior design – never miss that out!

Curtain ideas are exaggerated in numbers if you surf the net.

However, before indulging yourself in these crazy concepts, you’ll have to know the basics.

Yes! That refers to the way you measure curtains. Keep your eyes scanning through these words as we answer the inquiry above – with so much fun, of course.


Steps To Measure Curtains

Who wants restricted or too outspread curtains?

The process of measuring is a prerequisite in almost all aspects, including the planning of your curtains.

You may be guaranteed by the quality of the curtain you’ll buy, but you may be wasting so much money if it doesn’t even fit the size of your window.

In this section, we will look at simple steps to lead us away from wasting our money and give our windows the perfect curtains they deserve.

Now, here are the steps on how to measure curtains:


Step #1. Choose your preferred mounting

The length and the width of your curtains are going to be determined primarily by the way you mount them.

Here, we will discuss two ways in which you can mount your curtain.


External to the frame mounting

It is the most common mounting of curtains that we get to see in every home we go in – including ours.

As the name describes, this way of mounting is external to the window frame.

So it is understood that the rod is held on the wall.

Such a technique is practical since it can cover the whole window, protect the household from the outside light, and create an illusion of a more upscale look.

Another illusion that it can portray is the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Also, since you don’t mount the rod inside the window frame, you won’t get the frame damaged from the effects of drilling screws.


Internal to the frame mounting

This method of mounting is uncommon but has its unique effect on a particular area. Doing such mounting gives an illusion that your windows are expansive.

Unlike the first way of mounting, this way will allow a little light to pass through your window. However, if you are a discrete type, then this method is for you.

It is also beneficial for those who stay in a rented house because they can tack the curtains across the frame since they won’t last long.


Step #2. Measure the rod size

There are so many ways that you can hang curtains, but the most common and the simplest way is to hang them using a rod.

The length of the rod is one thing you must consider.

A good measurement of its size must be the width of the window plus 4 to 6 inches at both ends of it.

This measurement is not too short and not too long.

Just enough to fully cover your window.

Also, please note that you must choose a thick rod that is thick enough to prevent it from bowing at its center portion because of the heavy curtains.

If you have a window frame design that you want to be featured in, then it is recommended that you install the rod below the trim mount.


Step #3. Curtain length preference

We have our preference regarding the style we want to create in our home.

Determining the length of the curtains we’ll use will have a significant effect on how our home would look.

To measure the length of the curtains, use a measuring tape or a meter stick. Measure from the rod to the point where you prefer.

You may hang your curtains just right up to the length of your window frame.

To achieve this, purchase a curtain with a length from the rod to 1 cm before the windowsill.

If you want it to be a little longer, you can use curtains measuring from the rod to 20 cm below the windowsill.

Now, if you want your curtain to reach the floor, take note that it is not good that you choose a curtain that is too long.

Instead, purchase one that measures from the rod to 1 cm above your floor.


Step #4. Determine the curtain width

Again, with the use of measuring tape or meter stick, measure the width of your window.

Then multiply this number to 1.5. For the least width up to 3 for the maximum to determine the proper width of the curtain.

All these ranges will surely cover the whole width of your window.

Of course, the width will determine how the curtain pleats look, so it depends on your style.

There you go, folks! That’s how you correctly measure your curtains.

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That is all.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned how to measure curtains.

May you be carefully guided by the writings above.

Thank you so much for keeping up until this point. Your time and effort are much appreciated!