How To Measure Cubic Feet Of Fridge? 2 Basic Methods You Should Take Note!

Are you asking yourself, “How to measure cubic feet of fridge?” Well, this article is right for you. Please prepare some materials along the way so that all the steps below are straightforward. Recently, I discovered two methods in measuring the cubic feet of your fridge: through the outer measurements and inner measurements.

Of course, the size can vary from one fridge to another; however, the result can be very similar. I know you cannot wait anymore. So, without further ado, get yourself ready and read the article below. But, before we go on, you need to be safe every step of the way.

how to measure cubic feet of fridge


2 Methods In Measuring The Cubic Feet Of My Fridge

Have you thought of “How to measure cubic feet of fridge?” Do not go anywhere. This section will be thoroughly discussing in that matter. But, before we begin, I need you to be focused and determined to follow these two methods’ steps.

Measuring the dimensions of your appliances is necessary as a home buddy. For example, you know where to place your fridge in the kitchen by having the exact measurements. In addition, you can already assess if it fits perfectly or not.

Also, a home buddy like you must measure the interior volume of your fridge to know how much food and drinks you can store inside it. The measurement can also give you insights into how big or small the fridge’s capacity is cooling itself.

Generally, measuring the cubic feet of appliances requires you a single tool: your measuring tape. After you had gathered the dimensions that you had measured, you will be multiplying all of them. Make sure to measure the dimensions in feet.

Remember what you had learned in your geometry class. The cheat code for the volume of a rectangular prism is the product of its width, length, and height. The formula is used explicitly in this process; remember that.


Method #1. Measuring the exterior dimensions

Before measuring your fridge, it is better to unplug it from the electrical power source to protect yourself from impending shock and injury. Then, using your measuring tape, measure the height of the fridge, together with its width and length.

In measuring the height, place your measuring tape to the topmost part of the fridge, then extend the measuring tape down to the floor. It would help if you took note of the feet of the refrigerator that adds its height. Then, subtract the measurement of the leveling feet to the final height measurement.

Likewise, the same method is utilized in measuring the width of your refrigerator. Place your measuring tape from side to side and get the measurement. With the length or depth of your fridge, you need to place your measuring tape from the back of the refrigerator towards the front, then take the measurement.

After taking all the necessary measurements, it is good for you to write them on a piece of paper for you to remember. Then, multiply all the measures to get the cubic feet of your fridge. The resulting product is the cubic feet of your fridge in the exterior.


Method #2. Measuring the interior dimensions

This method might be time-consuming, but I know you are ready to do this. Before measuring the interior volume, you need to remove all the compartments, foods, and drinks inside your fridge. Likewise, remove all the food inside your freezer and store them safely like a cooler.

The measuring process is still the same as the exterior part. However, you need to add all the resulting cubic feet of both the freezer and the fridge. Measure the height, width, and depth or length inside of your fridge.

Afterward, multiply all the values that you had measured inside your fridge. For example, my fridge measures 4 feet in its width, 3.5 width in its depth or length, and 4.5 feet in its height. Then, the volume in cubic feet will be 4 * 3.5 * 4.5, which is 63 cubic feet.

On the other hand, my freezer measures 4 feet in its width, 3.5 feet in its depth or length, and 2 feet in its high, therefore, and getting the cubic feet of my freezer.

So I will be multiplying all the values that I got from measuring it. The result is 28 cubic feet.

Lastly, to get the total cubic feet of the interior of my fridge, I need to add the cubic feet of my fridge and my freezer, respectively. With this, the total cubic feet of my appliance is 91 cubic feet. You can also refer to the standard size of fridge found inside the unit if there is a cubic feet measurement inside it.



Wow! You had finished learning “How to measure cubic feet of fridge?” With this problem, you will need your measuring tape and your calculator to multiply all the measurements.

In getting the cubic feet of your fridge, you will measure all the lengths or depths, widths, and heights of both the interior and exterior parts of your refrigerator. Then, multiply all the values to get the cubic feet.

Regardless, you might want to learn how to set the temperature on Samsung fridges if you find this helpful. I hope you have successfully measured your fridge in cubic feet. You can share this informative article with anyone who might be having trouble measuring their fridges.

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