How To Measure A Sectional Sofa With Wedge

You can learn how to measure a sectional sofa with wedge using three steps. Unlike traditional sectionals without a corner rounded wedge, measuring something with wedge requires specific techniques. Still, do not worry because it’s relatively easy to do. 

But why should you learn to measure a sectional? The accurate dimensions will help with its placement or if you want to buy a slipcover for it. We have also written a tutorial on making slipcovers for sectional sofa for a quick DIY couch protector. 


How To Measure A Sectional Sofa With Wedge

How Do You Measure A Sectional With Wedge?

A sectional couch with a wedge can be measured the same way you’ll take the dimensions of a sectional with rounded corners. Sofa brands and manufacturers often call their sectional’s rounded back piece a wedge. However, don’t confuse the wedge with the chaise, which is a long section that allows you to raise your legs. 


Step 1. Set the measuring tape in place

Use the hooked tab of the tape measure to secure it on the part that extends the most on the sectional’s front corner. Extend the tape, secure it on the floor, and use a second tape measure on the center of the curve of your couch. The tip of the second tape should reach the back center of the curve and extend beyond the first tape before you secure it in place. 


Step 2. Take the measurements

Place a piece of tape on the area where the tape measures cross and mark the inner edges. Do the same at both ends of the sectional and center back. Because you marked several points where the tapes intersect, you will end up with a rectangle with the dimensions you’ll need to house the curved couch. 


Step 3. Apply the measurements on a sofa sketch

Take the measurements of every sofa section, including the sofa length, width, and depth. Don’t forget to account for the dimensions of the wedge or the curved portion of the sofa. You can trace the wedge’s size on a separate paper to get you a curved template. 


How Are Sectional Couches Measured?

Measuring a sectional sofa is slightly different from measuring a traditional couch or loveseat because you have to get the unit’s overall length and overall width. Depending on the sectional style, not all pieces of the furniture may have a straight shape or the same dimensions as the other sections. Furthermore, you have to measure the sectional height from the arm to the floor and back to the floor. 

Another reason why sectional sofas are unique to measure is that some allow various configurations. Remember always to measure the couch when repositioning it, to know the current space it will need. For curved sectionals such as those with wedges, the trick uses masking tape to create a rectangular area around the curve and use the numbers as the size you’ll need to accommodate that part. 


What Size Is A Sectional Couch?

There is no standard size for a sectional couch because it comes in different configurations. But to give you a general idea, a sectional can be 168 inches wide and 156 inches long. Its width should include everything from the chaise, corner chair, and middle seat, while its length should be the total of the corner chair and loveseat’s size. 


Will A Sectional Fit In My Living Room?


Step 1. Measure the room

You can feel confident that your sectional will fit in the living room by taking the current space and your planned position for it into consideration. For example, take the length, width, and height of your living room. Then, select the spot where you will put the sectional couch. 


Step 2. Imagine the sofa placement and mark with masking tape

Remember to consider the type of sectional that you will use to know the best placement for it. Sectionals can typically be semi-circular, U-shaped, and L-shaped. Mark the area that you want for the sofa to see if you’ll have enough room for movement or other items like tables. 


Step 3. Measure the taped area

Once you’re satisfied with the placement, measure the rectangle you created with the tape. Compare the resulting dimensions to the sectional that you want to buy. The rectangle should provide some allowance to be safe. 


How Do You Measure An L Shaped Sofa?

Measuring an L-shaped sofa will be easier if you separate the dimensions of the horizontal part of the L and the vertical part of the L or the section with the protruding portion. The long and horizontal section can be measured from one end of the arm to the other, while the vertical section is measured from the front to the back. 

Don’t forget to measure the height and depth of the sofa as well. But what if the L-shaped sectional comes with a separate chair or ottoman? Check its dimensions separately to know if you’ll have enough space for it inside the L-shaped sofa. 



If you want to ensure that you have enough space for a sectional or your DIY slipcover will fit it securely, you must get the exact dimensions of the furniture. It may seem easy, but some don’t know how to measure a sectional sofa with wedge. These sectionals require one secret trick to help you calculate the wedge or curved corner. 

You will mark a rectangular space for the wedge using masking tape. Then, proceed as you would when measuring other sofas. If you also have trouble installing and securing the sectional, read this guide to connect the sectional sofa.


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