How To Measure A Chair For A Slipcover: 4 Easy Methods

Using a tape measure and following the proper guidelines per seat type is the best way on how to measure a chair for a slipcover. Chairs are versatile furniture with several sizes and styles, so you need to understand them to have a perfect covering.


What Is A Slipcover?

Have you ever considered how you can make your chairs stain-proof? Perhaps you’re going to have a new paint job, and your current chairs won’t match the walls; what should you do?

The answer to your predicament is a slipcover; it is something you can wrap around your chair. Slipcovers are flexible, removable, and comfortable.

Using these covers can make your furniture more versatile, and it can preserve its original color. Minor exposure to outside elements can keep your chairs and sofas vibrant. Slipcovers are easy to use, and they are essential for any home.


What Materials Are Slipcovers Made Of?

Slipcovers can be made from several materials with different textures and colors. It’s essential to consider the frequency of use and for which type of chair you have.



This material is thick but soft. It will make a comfortable chair that is protected from any outside factors. Microfiber is also stain-resistant and relatively easy to clean.



Cotton is another soft material; it is light and can be put in the washing machine. However, it is prone to wrinkling, so you must be careful when removing and replacing it.



Denim is a strong fabric that gives your chair a relaxed look. It is a bit on the tough side compared to materials like cotton.



Linen is a soft, cooling material. It also wrinkles easily, but these marks can add a casual look to your furniture.



This synthetic material is durable, light, easy to clean, and wrinkle resistant. That is why Polyester is one of the most common materials for slipcovers.


Faux leather

Faux leather is a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative to leather. All you need for cleaning is a wet cloth, and it’s durable.



Chenille is a soft, textured fabric. These patterns give this fabric a unique effect and help hide dirt stains.


Essential Things To Remember When Measuring

Now you know the essential facts about slipcovers, you’re ready to start sewing. Before you proceed, though, some essential things to remember when you measure a  chair for a slipcover.

First, determine what type of chair you are measuring; Is it a reclining chair that needs reclining length or a sofa that includes pillows?

Next, you need to choose your material and slipcover design. Do you want a flexible stretch-type cover or a durable one-piece cover?

Stretch fabrics like Polyester are easier to work with, while cotton is a little complicated. Cushions can significantly affect the measurement of your chair, so choose one-piece slipcovers for attached pillows and two-piece slipcovers for separate cushions.

Then, if you are including pillows, you need to consider their shape when you measure. Are they regular pillows or T-cushions?

Finally, try to always include a small allowance when you measure. It’s a pain if you go through all the work of acquiring a new slipcover only for it to be too tight!


Step-By-Step Process On Measuring A Chair For A Slipcover

Now, it’s time to start measuring! Different methods match the various types of chairs.


Method #1. Measuring a sofa

A sofa can serve as a perfect hangout spot or even an extra bed; that’s why slipcovers are highly recommended.

Step #1. Measure across the two outer edges of your sofa

Step #2. Check the seat cushion depth by starting at the front to the point where it meets the back of the couch.

Step #3. Measure the maximum cushion width. Make sure you look at the outermost edges.

Step #4. Measure the maximum width of the sofa body by starting from the front of the arm, to the back, then to the other side.

Step #5. Check the contour by starting at the back cushion to the back of your sofa and then the floor.


Method #2. Measuring a recliner chair

Slipcovers for recliner chairs can help protect the arms from wear and tear. Make sure to make an allowance for recliner length.

Measure the back circumference. Then, check the biggest part of the chair back using a tape measure. These chairs usually use a one-piece slipcover as it moves frequently.


Method #3. Measuring a wingback chair

Wingback chairs are wide but easy to measure. Slipcovers can update the style of these antique seats.

Step #1. Measure the back length. Start from the bottom of the leg to the highest part of the back.

Step #2. Size the cushion from one side to another.


Method #4. Measuring dining room chairs

Dining room chairs are the ones most susceptible to stains out of all the other types. A slipcover can save you from hard to remove stains and damage.

Step #1. Measure the height from the top of the legs to the upper back.

Step #2. Measure the width from left to right.



Slipcovers can save your chairs from all types of damage and dirt. When you know how to measure a chair for a slipcover, you will give your furniture a dynamic look that will make them strong and stylish.

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