How to Match Curtains and Rugs? 5 Simple Steps!

Curtains are among the most vital parts of interior decor, especially those found in the sitting room. Over the years, people do not live in a house without at least two or three curtains because of the important role the curtain has in the bedroom and sitting room.

The aim of hanging curtains is to shield your household from paranoid cold and protect yourself from sun rays, especially during summer.

As many households have these curtains, I decided that it’s not enough to have just curtains as the only internal decor. 

How to Match Curtains and Rugs

Why not Match the Foot Mat or Rugs With Curtains?

Having a room with a uniform color makes a whole lot of positive difference. The idea made a whole lot of sense, and I will take you today on steps to match curtains with rugs.

Before I proceed, I must introduce you to a few materials we will need in our discussions. They include; 

  • curtains
  • rugs
  • measuring tape, and 
  • scissors in some cases

Steps on How to Match Curtains and Rugs

Step #1: Have a View of Your Sitting Room to Ascertain Your Design 

It is the first step to take on how to match curtains and rugs. What are the factors you need to consider while having a general overview of the sitting room?

Consider the size and how spacious the sitting room is, check the availability of curtains, and consider the need for the rugs. 

Step #2: Choose the Color Combination for the Rug and Curtains 

People find it difficult to make their choice because there are assorted beautiful and attractive curtains and rugs.

For the best outcome, choose the same color for curtains and rugs or choose a light color for the rug and then, shiny color for curtains. Brown color for both curtains and rugs match your room. Therefore, most people obtain brown for both. 

Step #3: Hang the Curtains

Since you have the perfect color for both, hang the curtains and shift afar from the window, and appreciate it a little before proceeding with the next step. Make necessary adjustments before looking out for the next thing to do. The adjustments will enable you to determine where there are errors or not let the errors coincide with the next step. 

Step #4: Install the Rugs 

Get the new rugs. Assuming you had carpet before now, you can go ahead and spread the rugs over the carpet. Reason being that it will enable the rug to last for a long time.

When you must have installed the rugs, move a little far from the spot and appreciate the curtains and the rugs. If the color is quite attractive, you can leave it, but you can make the necessary adjustments if the color is not.

Step #5: Change the Pattern if the Need Arises 

This step is optional. In case there’s any need to change or readjust the pattern, this is the perfect time to do justice to that. If not, the style still stands. 


What is the Cost of Production? 

This part scares people away. Even though they love good and attractive stuff, they will not spare a little dollars to get themselves these beautiful designs for their homes. 

How to match curtains and rugs has become an easy way to add a different outlook in our sitting room and bedroom. 

This process is strictly for people willing to give in their time, idea, and effort. For $86, you can buy well-decorated curtains. Spend $58 on rugs.

Roughly, with $150, you can change the look of your bedroom and sitting room. All you need is just a little time, materials, and following the steps above, you will give your home a pretty new look. 


Must the Curtains Match With the Rugs? 

Well, not! As I said earlier, it’s basically to add to the room’s beauty, and that’s all. It is more presentable and preferable when installing rugs matching the same curtains or even couch. Of course, the difference is always clear. 

It’s not compulsory, but it is necessary to ensure more space in the room. Visitors will even ask you how you performed the magic, and you may charge them for any information you tend to unleash.

How to match curtains and rugs is one of the simplest lessons I have given so far. So, you don’t have reasons to say no! 



Have you wondered why curtains are not enough? Because they discovered that it is very simple and achievable. How to match curtains and rugs is not strange.

Many people may feel scared to start up because of the fear of making mistakes in the choice of color and matching. You don’t have to be scared anymore. Believe you can do it! 

With the steps above, I know you will go a long way in getting to the choice you made and giving your bedroom and sitting room a new look. 

Do not worry about the cost. Just start up with something, and I know the steps above will enable you to achieve what you have planned to achieve. 

how to tie curtains that are too long

How To Tie Curtains That Are Too Long? 4 Best Styles!

Are you wondering how to tie curtains that are too long?

Wow! You did great in choosing those.

The color and the style of your curtains are perfect for the windows!

But why are they longer than you expected?

Well, as you only bought those curtains from stores, you are not aware that they will be longer than the window itself.

It is not a rare case.

But, unfortunately, this happens a lot of times.

Don’t worry!

Just continue reading, and you will know how to tie your curtains that are too long.


Steps To Tie Curtains That Are Too Long

Did you buy curtains that are too long for your windows?

What to do?

Do you have to cut them down? No.

Do you have to buy another set? Most probably not.

It will be a waste to trim it down because it might be useful in the future.

Also, why waste money when you can do something simple yet beautiful to those curtains that are longer than you expected?

Here are four (4) styles in tying your curtains that are too long.


Style #1. Flowers are in curtains too style

This style needs nothing but your skills.

First, make a role using your thumb and pointing finger.

Next, place the hole right in front of the curtain.

It is better to place it in the middle or upper-middle of the curtain.

Then, pick the curtain from the insides of the hole using the other hand.

Make sure that the grabbed curtains are long enough to make a circle around your thumb.

After that, make a circle around the thumb that is used to make a hole.

The curtain stops at the tip of the thumb.

It is okay for the fabric to be longer.

If you fail to make one, repeat the first two steps.

Then, after successfully making a round around, fill in the hole using the curtains while slowly pulling your thumb.

Now, the flower on the curtain is done.


Style #2. Ribbon me, and I will pop up style

This style is easier than the first one.

Before any else, you need a hair ribbon or some rubber bands.

First, using the hair ribbon or rubber bands, tie the middle of the curtains.

Grab the fabric from the middle part of the curtain and tie it just like tying a hair.

If you think that the fabric is not enough, stretch out some fabrics from the middle of the curtains to make the tied fabrics look fuller.

Next, make the center fuller by stretching the center to create a cloud-like or cotton-like style.

This thing looks amazing. I swear!


Style #3. Knot

From itself, knot, you are going to knot some curtains up.

Knotting curtains are certainly life hacks.

The process is easy, but the result is amazing.

And, there are some styles to create by knotting a curtain.

The first is called it takes two to tango. Well, you need two curtains.

Hold the curtains separately, then intertwine them two times, and you are done.

This process is a very easy yet cool style to tie too long curtains.

The second is called the necktie knot.

Yes! This process is just like tying a necktie.

Remember that you also need two curtains for this.

Hold still the other curtain, then wrap around it the other free curtain.

Then insert the extra fabric inside to wrap to lock.

This step is amazing!

The third one is called wrap-around.

This step is the easiest of the three.

Grab all the curtains. Then, knot the curtain by itself.

Hold the lower end of the curtain, then hold the middle part of the curtain.

Wrap around and insert the fabrics in the hole you made.

Do not stretch too tightly to give the curtain a bigger look.

And, you are done! This is the simplest but still comparable to the first two.


Style #4. Use curtain clips

There might come sometime when you don’t want to tell people that the curtains you bought are too long.

And you also don’t want to tie it around because you want to cover the window.

Well, all you need to do is to buy curtain clips.

First, lay down the curtain on the floor or table.

Second, fold the upper part of the curtain until to the desired length you need to achieve.

Third, clip them using the curtain clips to secure that they are not going to unfold.

Make sure to have even intervals to have better results.

Fourth, hang them up.

Adjust the intervals if you think they don’t look pleasing to the eyes.

Now, you have tied your curtains without sacrificing the purpose of covering the windows.


Keep In Mind

Curtains surely give life to a room.

Curtains are also playing a big role in adding beauty to the room.

Therefore, it is important to know how to tie curtains that are too long.

Tying the curtains are extra skills that everyone should know.

Regardless, that is all you need to know.


It’s A Wrap!

I have given you four (4) styles on how to tie curtains that are too long.

Try all four styles and choose the best that you think is best for the curtains and your room.

Here is an article you might want to read to fill your mind more.

I hope this is helpful to you.

If you think so, share this with your friends!

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