How To Make Your Own Cake Stand For A Wedding

If you want to know how to make your own cake stand for a wedding, simplify the process into two steps. You’ll make the cake stand base, then use different decors for the arch on the wedding cake stand so it matches the venue and event. 

And besides learning different DIY cake stand tutorials, we recommend that you also read how to decorate a wedding cake. The cake should suit the wedding theme as it’s a focal point in the reception. 

how to make your own cake stand for a wedding


Easiest DIY Wedding Cake Stand: How To Make Your Own Cake Stand For A Wedding

You’ll use a hula hoop and a wood slice for this easy wedding cake stand. Then, your decor should match the venue and wedding theme. 

Since it’s a wedding, preparing floral or greenery stems will be classy. You can also use spray paint on the hula hoop, and please prepare a drill bit to make the holes for the hoop inserted into the stand.


Step 1. Create the cake stand base

  • Cake stands should have a reliable base, so start to create the bottom first using a wood slice or any flat material, whichever suits the wedding theme
  • Get a drill bit the same size as the hula-hoop because you’ll be making holes for inserting this part of the stand later on
  • Drill two holes on each side of the wedding cake base
  • Depending on the design and color scheme you have in mind for the wedding cake stand, paint the hula hoop with spray paint; you may need to use a primer first, depending on the hula hoop material
  • Give the hula hoop another coat of paint if needed and allow it dry


Step 2. Decorate the  wedding cake stand

  • After making your own “arch” for the cake stand, you will attach it to the cake stand
  • Open the hoop and insert each end into the holes on the wedding cake stand or wooden plate
  • If the hole still has some space where the hoop will move, reinforce the attachment with hot glue 
  • The design of the hula hoop or arch on the wedding cake stand is up to you; use other cake stands as inspiration or brainstorm with your partner so that the cake will complement the other items on the wedding cake table
  • Wrap garlands, floral stems, or greenery on the arch; make sure that nothing will fall out and touch the wedding cake that is usually tiered when you put it on this DIY cake stand 
  • If you’re having smaller cakes or wedding cupcakes, you can also place them on the wood plate of this DIY cake stand


How Do You Make A Decorative Cake Stand For A Wedding?

When making wedding cake stands, you can decorate them to suit the theme and venue of the event. However, you don’t want the cake stand to look tacky that it overshines the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is still the star of the reception, and the design of your stand should only complement it. Consider these steps if you want a sparkly wedding cake stand with a wood plate and three small buckets or pots. 

  1. Prepare a wooden base or any plate that will hold the wedding cake; you also need three pots or buckets where you’ll put the circle over to make the cake stand
  2. Spray paint the three buckets or pots; make sure that when they’re turned over, they are strong enough to support the plate with the wedding cake; the buckets or pots should be positioned equally, so the weight is well-distributed when you put the cake over them
  3. Install the buckets on the other side of the wooden plate with wood glue or any strong glue suitable for your materials, and allow the DIY cake stand to dry
  4. Prepare a trim with gemstones and cut according to the circumference of the cake standing
  5. Wrap the edge of the wooden plate and secure it with a glue gun to finish


What Can I Use If I Don’t Have A Wedding Cake Stand?

Where will you put the cakes for the wedding if you don’t have a stand? You might also want an alternative if you have no time for creating a cake stand.

  • Pie pan
  • Plate over a pot
  • Stacked boxes
  • Over a crate
  • Over an a-frame with a base


Types of wedding cake stands

When creating a wedding cake stand, understand that there are two types used:

  • Pedestal cake stand: a plate that is elevated, which means it’s suitable for supporting two to three-tiered cakes or smaller cakes
  • Base cake stand: a base that is thick and not elevated, so it’s perfect for tall and big wedding cakes


Do you need a wedding cake stand?

You don’t need a wedding cake stand because the baker will include a base layer underneath the wedding cake. People only usually have cake stands to elevate the cake and make it more noticeable on the table. 

Will you have wedding cupcakes? Find out how to display cupcakes for a wedding.



And that’s it! You just learned how to make your own cake stand for a wedding using a wood plate and a hoop to serve as the arch. 

You can also stack the plate over three pots as an alternative. We hope these tutorials are easy; let us know below if you want more cake display tips. 

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