How To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable? 5 Best Ways

If you want to know how to make your mattress more comfortable, we recommend five types of bed accessories. You might be thinking that these items shouldn’t require much decision-making before purchasing, but they affect your overall sleeping experience. However, we still want to emphasize the importance of purchasing the right mattress, to begin with. 

Getting all these items correct won’t matter if you’re using the wrong type of mattress. Consider your sleeping position and body type to get the right one. And from there, you can use these accessories to adjust to your preference. 


How Can I Make My Mattress More Comfortable?



The first thing you can do to improve your mattress is by checking the sheets. Are you even using the right fitting sheet? It’s a relatively simple concept to know what size sheet will fit your mattress. 

For example, a king-size sheet would be appropriate for a king-size bed. However, some manufacturers may use different dimensions, so we recommend checking both products to ensure a good fit. If you don’t have your mattress dimensions at hand, you can quickly measure them yourself

Your mattress might not feel comfortable because the sheets keep sliding off or bunching up. More so, the material itself might feel itchy or offers poor airflow. Cotton, bamboo, and linen would be excellent choices if we were to recommend a type of sheet.



Now that you have secured the best sheet for the mattress, you can further improve your sleeping experience using a mattress topper. From the name itself, you’ll place this accessory over your bed to adjust its feel, height, or thickness. Just remember to get a deep sheet to accommodate the mattress and topper together. 

There are different materials and sizes for mattress toppers. If you find your mattress too soft or too firm, you can use a mattress topper that offers your ideal feel. Our favorites are those that use memory foam because of the material’s adjustability unique to the sleeper. 



If you don’t think that you need to invest in a mattress topper yet, you can opt for its thinner sibling; the mattress pad. You’ll use it similarly, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean since most pads are machine-washable. How do they improve the mattress’s comfort?

Mattress pads are mostly quilted, so you’ll have a more cushioned experience lying in bed. If the surface has dents or lumps, the pad will also even it out. Some brands even offer cooling mattress pads that you can use on beds that tend to feel hot like memory foam.



The third bedroom accessory that you might usually overlook is the pillow. You might need to add a particular type between an area of your body and the mattress to prevent body pain. For example, having a bolster pillow underneath your lower back will fill the gap against the bed.

This way, you’ll eliminate the risk of developing back pain when you wake up. You also want to consider your sleeping position to ensure that you maintain the ideal posture. If there’s a gap between you and the mattress, it can misalign your spine. 



Finally, improve the coziness of your bed with a blanket. It can be a heated or a weighted one to make your sleeping experience more relaxing. However, do note that some mattresses don’t recommend being used with heated blankets. 

But if your mattress feels cold, using something warm will even out the atmosphere you’re sleeping in. Since you’re not using the blanket directly on the mattress to make it more comfortable, you’re improving your sleeping experience. However, a quality blanket can mean the difference between a cozy bed to something that’s not. 


Why Is My Bed So Uncomfortable?

Before you use or check the five accessories above, you have to know what makes your bed uncomfortable in the first place. We have two main factors that have caused it to feel that way. But then again, this is basing on the fact that you know you’re using the ideal mattress for your body type, sleeping position, and personal preferences. 


Reason #1. It’s worn down

The first reason is if you are using and caring for the mattress properly. Do you flip or rotate it regularly? Do you keep it clean and fresh? 

The daily use will wear down the materials, regardless of the mattress type you have. The consistent weight and pressure will eventually lead to sagging, which feels uncomfortable when lying down on the dented surface. Furthermore, the mattress can feel awkward to use if it’s smelly or dirty. 

After all, it’s inevitable that it will collect dust and oils when not cleaned properly.


Reason #2. It needs replacement

The second reason why the bed is uncomfortable is that it has reached its retirement. Depending on its quality, materials, usage, and care, a mattress needs replacement after 5 to 8 years. Mattresses are not meant to be used forever because they will lose the comfortable and supportive structure. 



Do you have sleepless nights lately? To conclude our tips on how to make your mattress more comfortable, you will need the proper accessories. They are your sheet, topper, pad, pillows, and blanket.

But while they can enhance your sleeping experience, please remember that nothing beats using the right mattress.