How To Make Your Hair Fluffy With A Blow Dryer? A 7-Step Life-Changing Process!

How to make your hair fluffy with a blow dryer? Are you getting tired of frizzy, dull hair? Don’t worry because we gathered about seven steps and tips to add volume to your hair. Because of that, you can attract everyone’s attention and become more confident.

Some might say that using a blow dryer is easy, but all should know that it needs careful technique to achieve one’s goal, such as protecting hair from heat damage and obtaining the suited shine and volume. If you come and look at it, the steps may be overwhelming, and it’s sometimes hard to follow the steps online. But we’re here to guide you, so read on!

how to make your hair fluffy with a blow dryer


Steps How To Prepare And Style Hair

How to make your hair fluffy with a blow dryer? Before we want to style our hair, it’s a must to wash and prepare it properly. Therefore, this tutorial will include three stages: washing, preparing, and blow-drying. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


Washing your hair

What you want to do first is wash your hair thoroughly. This process is necessary to remove dirt, odor, and debris and freshen up the scalp because of the sweat or smoke it has encountered today. Moreover, it keeps your head cold and hair healthy. Thus, it would look less frizzy and dry.


Step #1. Apply shampoo and conditioner

First, wet your hair and apply the chemicals that your hair requires. For example, there are different types of shampoo that have various objectives. If you have oily hair, there are shampoos for that. There are even shampoos that can remove and kill lice!

After, make sure to wash all the products from your hair and scalp to avoid getting dandruff. Then, you should apply a conditioner, which works to protect the hair from heat and other environmental factors. For noticeable results, you can use cold water to seal the conditioner.


Step #2. Dry with a towel

This step will make things easier for the blow-drying part later on. You may also want to wrap your hair with another towel while changing it into your clothes. Remember to avoid rubbing it because it will make your hair frizzy. By patting it gently, you can remove excess moisture.


Step #3. Apply volumizing mousse

This product is not the typical mousse that you eat during dessert. Hair mousse has a foam-like consistency that provides hold and definition to each hair strand. Additionally, it protects your hair and regulates uncontrollable curls. Use a volumizing mousse that is alcohol-free.


Preparing your hair

Washing the hair can also be considered a part of the preparation before styling it. But in this segment, we will focus on applying more products that can prevent heat damage and dividing the hair into sections for continuous styling. So, keep on reading!


Step #1. Apply heat protectant

Blow dryers also emit radiation to style one’s hair, and it usually takes an hour to achieve a particular look. So, it would be best to introduce another protective layer to your hair. You can choose any product as long it’s reliable. Ensure to get all sides, including those covered by other strands but still receive the heat.


Step #2. Divide your hair into sections

This step ensures that all of your hair will be dried evenly, contributing to more volume in appearance. Start by getting a section of your top hair and use a large clip or rubber band to secure the strands tightly and altogether. Continue dividing your hair from top to bottom and make sure that all strands are tied.

However, leave the bottom part of your hair untied because we will dry this first.


Blow drying your hair

This part will learn how to make your hair fluffy with a blow dryer. All those preparations earlier will contribute to more volume and less frizz to your hair, in which we can say that we have achieved a smooth look. Now, here are the steps how to do it:


Step #1. Start with low heat

We don’t want to expose our hair strands immediately to extreme temperatures because we want to be as gentle as possible. Furthermore, hotter heat will damage your hair and remove all the moisture from your hair, causing it to look dry and frizzy. So, choose the lowest setting if possible. Here’s how to use a hairdryer without damaging hair.

However, if the lowest temperature is ineffective, you can adjust it to the next one. At this moment, your hair should be dry because of the preparations earlier. Thus, the dryer will only serve as a styling tool.


Step #2. Start styling

First, grab a small section from the bottom part of your hair. Wrap the ends to a round brush and start twisting all the way through while blow drying it. Don’t wrap it all the way because it might be hard to remove the hair from the brush later on. 

Continue this process will all the divided partitions of your hair.

After, do a quick run of the blow drying process to all sides of your hair to ensure a warmer temperature. Lastly, place the dryer in front and blow the hair up and back to your face. On the other hand, here’s an article on how to blow dry your hair, so it looks like you went to a salon.


Wrapping Up

And that is how to make your hair fluffy with a blow dryer. You must be excited about how this look turned out like you just got back from a salon. Aside from this, you can also straighten and curl your hair with a blow dryer, so you might enjoy this article we prepared for you; How to curl your hair with a blow dryer. We hope you learned something from us today, especially when it comes to taking care and styling your hair. 

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