How To Make Your Bed Firmer? 6 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to make your bed firmer?

Changing your mattress would be the easiest thing to do, but hey, there so many options waiting for you!

how to make your bed firmer

Buying a new mattress would probably fall as the last option since not all of us can afford to buy one.

Good thing that we can improvise if we desire to make our bed firmer.

Maybe your back hurts because you have an overly soft bed that cannot properly set your back in the right position.

Perhaps, you are not comfortable with your newly bought mattress.

Whatever the reason you have for your inquiry, it doesn’t matter.

This article aims to present you with simple ways as to how you will make your bed firmer.


Simple Ways To Make Your Bed Firmer

There are so many yet simple ways how to make your bed firmer.

Probably your bed has become unusually softer because of time.

Of course, there is nothing permanent in this world.

The day will come for a thing to expire or end.

But who says you can’t fix that bed problem?

Dear, I have hope because that task is straightforward!


Option #1. Utilize a mattress topper

Instead of rushing to the store to buy a mattress to replace the old one, why not consider buying a mattress topper?


How does it work?

A mattress topper is a layer that is designed to sit on your mattress.

It can be easily installed by just directly putting it above the mattress for support.

Guess what? You can choose how firm you would want the topper to be.

And here’s another excellent point. It can be easily removed!

So, if there will be days or nights that you decide to sleep on a firmer bed, then you can simply layer the topper on your mattress, and not if you don’t want to.


Option #2. Regularly turn your mattress upside down

The fast sagging of your bed can be easily prevented by regularly rotating your mattress upside down.

However, if you feel a little sag, don’t delay doing this.

Most beds that are sold come with a user manual that includes instructions on when is it the right time you need to flip the mattress.

So it would help if you also considered checking that out.

In doing this job, it is good that you get a hand for help, for you to avoid damaging the mattress, or worse, injuring yourself, especially if the mattress is heavy.

See, you don’t have to take money out of your pocket if you choose this option.

It just needs diligence.


Option #3. Insert plywood

The first thing you must do before buying plywood is to measure the dimensions of your bed necessary for the required size of the material.

This plywood will be laid on between the slats and the mattress.

So, how will the plywood make the mattress firmer?

As you can observe, the slats on your bed are usually arranged with spaces in between, causing your mattress to slag even just for a short time that you lie on it.

On the other hand, the plywood is solid and sturdy, thus increasing firmness and support on the mattress.

Choosing this option would probably lessen your cost by 90 percent rather than buy a new mattress.


Option #4.  Install another frame/slats

The disadvantage of the “plywood option” is when your frame or slats are a bit or mostly ruined.

This time, you have to consider replacing them.

If your frame or slats are ruined, this will cause their support to be uneven.

Thus creating slags and increasing the potential of debasing the mattress.

You must ponder to select slats or frames that are more sturdy than what you have before so that they will stay strong for a longer period.

Also, pick slats that have lesser spaces to achieve a firmer bed feeling.


Option #5.  Make use of the trial period

If your bed is newly bought, and you are not satisfied with it, there is a great chance that you can swap it with another bed.

Manufacturers give their costumer a free trial with products such as mattresses. But, the time of trial varies from one to another.

So, if you purchase a bed, always remember to keep all the documents that the company provides and it.

These documents are necessary for you to present them to the store where you bought the product if you want to swap or return it.


Option #6. Take out the mattress of your bed

Dude, if you’re already on your bed in the middle of the night, surely you cannot do any of the options stated above.

What if you are not comfortable with your bed because you feel like you are bouncing too much? Or it sags excessively?

Worry not; you can still go to sleep!

Sweep off the floor, lay down some blanket, then transfer the mattress from your bed to the floor. See?

No sagging, no problem!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you learned how to make your bed firmer.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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