How To Make Wool Dryer Balls From Sweaters? 5 Easy Tips!

Do you know how to make wool dryer balls from sweaters? This article will assist you in learning the easy tips to make the dryer balls. So, without further ado, get started reading. Wool dryer balls have become an excellent method to recycle the natural fibers of old sweaters.

To decrease waste and costs, disposal dryer sheets may be replaced with recyclable felted wool dryer balls. Furthermore, dryer sheets have recently received a poor rap.

how to make wool dryer balls from sweaters

They’re claimed to be terrible for the dryer and to contain chemicals that can cause havoc on delicate skin or possibly create health problems. Wow! We’re here to help you make the laundry room healthier by showing you how to manufacture wool dryer balls from such an old sweater, explaining the felting process, and demonstrating how dryer balls operate. So, keep reading this article and discover more.


Tips To Make Wool Dryer Balls From Sweaters

You need to follow a few steps to learn how to make wool dryer balls from sweaters. Wool dryer balls are the alternative to dryer sheets, so it’s better to use wool dryer balls to save money.


#1. Cut sweater into pieces

First, cut 1-inch pieces off the bottom of the 100% wool sweater with sharpened scissors. You’ll most certainly have enough wool leftovers to construct your wool dryer balls when making mittens out of wool sweaters.


#2. Make the sweater strips into a ball shape

Grab the wool strips and roll them together into a ball shape. To attach the ends beneath some other wool strips, you may use a crochet hook. Keep winding till you have a tennis ball-sized ball. Alternatively, you may unravel the sweater or wrap thread to form the wool dryer ball. Simply tie the yarn’s end to prevent the wool dryer ball from cracking throughout the felting operation.


#3. Put these into hot water

Submerge the ball of wool in heated water until it has been thoroughly soaked once it has reached the desired size. Then pour little liquid soap onto the ball’s exterior and knead it into the wool. Keep rubbing the ball until it feels fine. Kneading the fibers will aid in locking the threads together and the beginning of the felting process.


#4. Rinse the soap off the wool ball

After that, rinse the soap off the wool ball, try squeezing out any extra moisture, and stuff this into the toe of a knee-high nylon garment or perhaps an old pair of pantyhose. Keep the ball in place by tying a strict knot next to it. Add as many wool balls as you’d like, but make sure they’re all tied together with a knot. A big pot of water should be brought to a boil. Pull the pan from the heat and soak the folded wool dryer balls in the boiling hot water for a hot wash. Allow half an hour for them to soak in the heated water.


#5. Remove the moisture from wool dryer balls

To shorten the drying time, pull the wool dryer balls first from the pan of water and press out as much liquid as possible. Put them in a dryer batch of dry towels while still fastened within the nylon socks. Dry the wool dryer balls on the highest setting until they are dehydrated. The longer you leave them in the dryer, the more extraordinary felted things are when you remove them.


#6. Add some oil

Retrieve them from the dryer once they seem dry to the touch and cut them off the knee-high nylon sock using sharp scissors. These should be felted to the point where you can toss them into a dryer load of clothes to prevent static cling from replacing regular dryer sheets. Add a few drops of oil to a wool knit ball before tossing it in with the washing for great-smelling, clean garments. You may take this guide and convert it into additional revenue from selling your wool dryer balls. Now you understand the fundamentals of producing wool dryer balls, and you know how to needle feel and create beautiful patterns with wool felt.


Advantages Of Woolen Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls seem natural and are created from renewable sources, unlike fabric softeners or dryer sheets, which are full of toxins and scents. That’s only one of the many advantages they provide. Alternatively, a drier might be preferable. Wool dryer balls help you save time by reducing the amount of time you spend in the dryer. The wool balls, unlike dryer sheets, swipe water away from the garments and linens. Furthermore, the movement of the balls bouncing about in the dryer separates the laundry items and improves the circulation of hot air over each item. All of this contributes to a faster drying time. You may also be interested to know about do wool dryer balls actually work.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to make wool dryer balls from sweaters. The wool dryer balls are the best alternative to expensive dryer sheets, so it is better to use them to save money and make your dryer work smoother. Thank you, friends, for reading this article. You may also want to read about what is a heating element in a dryer and how to  test a dryer motor.

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