How To Make Wooden Signs For Wedding In 3 Steps

You should know how to make wooden signs for wedding as it is as easy as three steps. Wooden weddings signs are one of the most versatile signs to create for weddings because they suit almost any wedding venue or theme. 

They are also cheap and fast to make compared to other materials of DIY wedding signs. And if you want another type of wedding sign for your wedding, feel free to browse our blog for various tutorials that suit different weddings. 

how to make wooden signs for wedding

For example, would you like to learn how to make chalkboard wedding signs?


Easy DIY Tutorial On How To Make Wooden Signs For Wedding

Before anything else, list every wedding sign you’ll need for your specific type of wedding ceremony or reception. Then, use them as a guide for your wood wedding sign checklist and plan the aesthetic to match your wedding theme. 


Step 1. Prepare the wooden sign design

  • Identify the number of wooden signs you’ll need
  • Prepare the wood planks for the wedding signs; you can use a half-inch plywood according to the size you think will accommodate the information and size of letters for your signs
  • Prepare wooden posts for stabilizing the signs; measure how high you want the signs will stand
  • For safety and aesthetics, sand all your wooden materials to eliminate splinters and roughness
  • Buy the colors of paint you’ll need for the wooden sign designs; you can also print stencils as guides if you can’t freehand writing on the wood signs


Step 2. Write on the wood

  • One of the hardest part of learning how to make wooden signs is writing the information on each wood sign; you can ask for assistance if you know someone creative and artistic 
  • Some people can directly draw the words on each sign by hand, and you can use a pencil for this method
  • You can print the words and cut them out so you’ll have guides if you can’t directly draw them on the wooden signs yourself; alternatively, you can cut vinyl with the right tools so you won’t be limited with the designs you want
  • Use the wedding sign checklist to know what signs you’ll need; make sure the signs have a cohesive design or font styles so they’ll look nice around the wedding venue 
  • Paint over your stencils carefully to ensure that the words will remain easy to read


Step 3. Decorate the wedding sign

  • Allow the paint to dry on your DIY wood wedding signs then make the decors or plan the additional design to add if they look too plain for your taste
  • Do not go overboard with the decors to add; some classy ideas for a wedding include running greenery and small flower arrangements at the top of the wooden sign, paint flowers around the words, add string lights on each wedding sign, or stick wedding theme details such as twine or metals if they are also found in the wedding venue
  • Finish the wood signs by creating their stand; you can use lumber because it is sturdy enough to be pounded into the ground
  • Screw the stand on the back of the each sign 
  • If some parts of the reception don’t have the ground for these posts, you can lean the wooden sign on a flat surface then add other decors around it to make it noticeable
  • You can also use metal frames if it’s a wedding with no soil for pounding the posts
  • Consider combining two to three signs per post 

Learn how to decorate a lantern for a wedding because they can match the aesthetic of wooden wedding signs. Place them at the side or in front of the sign to make that area more noticeable. 


What Type Of Wood Do I Use For Wedding Signs?

Any type of wood can be used for wedding signs as long as they are thin enough for easy cutting but still durable to remain standing throughout the wedding. You also want the wood with a smooth surface so you can paint and glue the designs you want for your wedding signs. 

Some excellent examples are birch plywood pieces or crezon plywoods. Then, you can stain the wood signs with wood stain so each sign will have the same color as the others. 

A DIY wood stain you can try is a combination of steel wool, tea, and apple cider vinegar. You can then paint over the stained wood with latex paint to ensure that your designs will show through and stay for a long time.


What Is A Good Size For A Wedding Sign?

It’s easy to create wood wedding signs, but the size to cut each piece can be tricky. Try these size guides when cutting your wooden planks:

  • Ceremony and schedule signs: 16 by 20 inches
  • Welcome sign: 16 by 20 inches
  • Guestbook sign: 5 by 7 inches
  • Table numbers and cards sign: 5 by 7 inches
  • Buffet or bar menu sign: 11 by 14 inches



And that’s it! You just learned how to make wooden signs for wedding in three steps. 

You will prepare plywood signs and then paint them directly. If you can’t freehand the design, you can also use stencils or vinyl. 

Then, screw each sign to their post or lean them in front of a stable structure in the wedding venue. 

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