Wood Crafting 101: How To Make Wooden Chair In 5 Easy Steps 

Making your own wooden chair saves you a lot of cost than hiring a professional. How to make wooden chair? It is easier than you imagined!

Guaranteed that you have the suitable materials and knowledge, making your chair is very simple. Worry not because we got your back! We will help you traverse the simple steps and materials you will need in starting your project.

how to make wooden chair


Materials And Steps In Making A Wooden Chair

Getting the suitable materials before you start your chair gets the work 80% done. Below is a list that can guide you on what to buy and prepare.

  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Stains
  • 1 ¼” screws

Next is the specific wood and approximate sizes you might need for the different parts of your chair. Feel free to make adjustments! You can ask for the specific sizes in the store, but it still varies on your preference.

  • 16” Back Support – 1 piece of 1 x 4 lumber
  • 17 ½” Front Legs – 2 pieces of 2 x 2 lumber
  • 39” Back Legs – 2 pieces of 2 x 4 lumber
  • 16” Aprons – 4 pieces of 1 x 4 lumber
  •  3 ½” Cleats – 4 pieces of 1 x 2 lumber
  • 18 ½” x 19” Seat – 1 piece of ½” plywood

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, you can start your DIY wooden chair. Follow the steps below.


Step #1. Build the legs

Building the back legs is more complicated than the front legs of the chair. Cut the back legs from the 2 x 4 beams with a jigsaw.

Smooth their edges after. After this, build the front legs and secure them with the back legs.


Step #2. Attach the aprons

Focus first on the side, cut them from the lumber, and attach them using wood glue and screws. You can try drilling pocket holes on both sides to make sure they are aligned.

Lock them by installing the back and front aprons. You can adjust the seat pan according to your preference here.

Enhance the strength of the chair’s bonds by applying wood glue on the apron’s sides. Do this before you drill the screws.


Step #3. Install the supports

Use beams of different sizes like 1 x 3, 1 x 4, or 1 x 6 for the seat supports. Cut them in the proper size and align them according to your preference. You can make drill holes to prevent splitting before inserting the screws.


Step #4. Place chair braces

Chair braces are crosspieces in the skeletal frame of your chair. You need to put these before you attach the seat pan to ensure security.

Cut both of them at 45 degrees. You can use a carpentry square for this task.

Place them on the corners in the inside of the seat pan. Drill them and put the wood screws.

Finally, place your seat pan above. Remember to put on wood glue and clamp it tightly on your chair’s legs! Put on screws for an additional bond.


Step #5. Arrange finishing touches

Upon reaching this step, the chair is built already. You can finally take care of the finishing touches.

Wipe the wood residues first with a clean cloth or vacuum. Put wood putty into the remaining holes and let it dry.

After this, you can smooth the surface with sandpaper before applying a wood coat or stain.


How Much Does It Cost To Build Own Furniture

To be honest with you, making your own chair doesn’t always guarantee lower spending than buying in retail stores. There are several factors to consider:


Wood type

Different wood types also cost differently. The kind of wood you’re going to use for your wooden chair can also define the quality of your project. Think about this when you are planning on making your own wooden chair.


Coat applied

Like wood, finishing touches applied on your chair also vary and can cost you differently. It is best to take a quick scan in the market for your materials before purchasing one.


Wooden chair design

Although the chair taught is of a standard type, you should know that you can freely control your chair’s design. A chair adds to the aesthetic quality of a house, which you can ponder upon.

Some designs require you to purchase more wood or paint. It is good to take this into consideration.


How Can I Make A Wooden Chair More Comfortable?

Considering the effects of your project on your health is a wise thing to consider. You won’t want to make something that will offer repercussions to your health, right?

Long hours of sitting on a wooden chair can be painful for the back and put a strain on your spine. Chair pads and cushions can solve the problem!

You can either purchase this in-store or make one for yourself. Place them either on your back or seat, and you’re all set!



The advantage of knowing how to make wooden chair might not always guarantee a saving cost, but it does most of the time. The knowledge and recreation it brings while you’re at home can benefit you a lot.

This article can become a guide for you, so feel free to read it every now and then! Making a wooden chair is easier than you expect it to be.

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