How To Make Wedding Veil In 2 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to make wedding veil, simplify the process into two steps. This guide will help you from measuring to decorating a bridal veil, so you’ll get something beautiful but secure to complete the iconic bridal look. 

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how to make wedding veil


How To Make Wedding Veil At Home With Tulle 


Step 1. Preparation of materials for a DIY bridal veil

  • It’s easy to make a wedding veil yourself, but you don’t want something that doesn’t fit your head perfectly
  • Start with placing the wedding veil on your head to measure where you want it to sit up to where it should fall
  • Keep your wedding dress style in mind to know if the veil will look better either at the back or on the top of your head
  • As for the veil length, it can be on the shoulder, elbow, fingertip, or even floor; a veil can also be called cathedral or chapel-length, where the former continues into a long train, while the latter has a shorter train 
  • With the veil length in mind, you can get the materials for it; tulle (i.e., silk or nylon), comb, pins, trim, beads, detail


Step 2. Construction of the wedding veil

  • The details like trim, ribbon, beads, or pearls should complement the overall style of your wedding dress, so never go overboard, or it will feel heavy to wear and also look tacky
  • Sew the embellishments by hand or with a sewing machine 
  • Gather the top edge of the wedding veil to form alternating pleats and sew with a running stitch
  • Pull the thread tight, so it matches the comb width 
  • Wrap a piece of the veil fabric over the top of the comb and teeth
  • Sew the ends and attach the veil to it to finish
  • Check the security of the finished wedding veil and reinforce the stitches if needed  


How To Attach A Comb To A Wedding Veil

Wedding veils need a hair accessory so you can secure them on your head. The most popular one is a comb because it’s also easy to use with most bridal hairstyles. 

  1. Sew stitches around each comb tooth to attach the comb to the wedding veil’s top portion
  2. Continue to fully attach the entire comb length to the veil and do another round of stitches if needed for added security
  3. Tie the thread ends into knots and dab some glue for reinforcement on the stitch ends of the comb 


What do you attach a veil to?

  • Hidden comb under the veil 
  • Elastic loops on top of the veil
  • Pins attached to the wedding veil
  • Bridal veil comb plus tiara
  • Bridal veil comb plus headband
  • Comb on barrette with a hidden comb 
  • Straight pin for mantilla veil

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What Fabric Is Used For Wedding Veils?

The most popular fabric used for bridal veils is tulle because of its look and weight. Tulle fabric is also apparent in most wedding gowns, and it looks very bridal in general. 

The tulle is light and flowy, so the bride can comfortably walk down the aisle, even with a long veil. But besides tulle, here are some other fabrics used for wedding veils:

  • Organza
  • Chiffon
  • English net
  • Bridal illusion
  • Glimmer illusion


Much Tulle Do I Need For A Veil?

The length of the veil you want for your overall bridal attire will dictate the amount of veil you need to prepare. Furthermore, some veils have trains, which means you’ll need extra fabric. 

That being said, you want a tulle fabric of about 24 inches for a classic blusher veil, while a long floor-length veil will need 72 inches of material. For veils with trains, a Cathedral veil will need 108 inches of tulle, while 80 inches long should suffice for a Chapel-length veil. 

Then, don’t forget to consider the width of tulle you’ll need according to the fullness you want for the veil. For example, a veil with medium fullness should use a tulle fabric 72 inches wide, while a voluminous veil should use a material width of 108 inches. 


Is It Hard To Make A Wedding Veil?

It’s not hard to make a wedding veil, but a lengthy one will require precision, especially if you want it embellished and heavily detailed. Most bridal boutiques offer veils that complement their wedding gowns for your convenience if you don’t have the time. 

But of course, veils can be pricey, so there’s nothing wrong with being crafty and doing your own bridal accessories. If you want, have your maid of honor help you as well and set a schedule to have the veil ready before the wedding. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to make wedding veil in two easy steps!

Start with identifying how long you want the veil to measure the tulle you’ll need. Then, sew the embellishments and attach the gathered top edge to a comb. 

We hope this was easy for you; let us know below how your DIY wedding veil went!

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