How To Make Wedding Corsages In 2 Easy Steps

You can learn how to make wedding corsages in just two steps. This tutorial makes the classic wrist corsage, but we’ll also include an easy step-by-step guide for DIY wedding pin corsages.  

Speaking of which, do you already know who wears corsages at a wedding? It will be helpful to read that and know how many corsages you should make for the wedding. 

how to make wedding corsages


How To Make Wedding Corsages At Home


Step 1. Preparation

  • Prepare the materials like the flowers, greenery, wires, cardboards, and ribbons that are suitable for the wedding theme and color palette
  • Get one flower and combine it with some greenery for a basic wrist corsage, but you can also have up to three flowers per corsage, depending on their size
  • Wrap the flower and greenery with floral tape
  • Reduce the stem of the assembled flower and greenery for about an inch or two


Step 2. Arrangement

  • Arrange and adjust the floral corsage arrangement to make it fit better on the wrist
  • Use a floral wire to manipulate the flower and greenery
  • Make the base of the wrist wedding corsage using a small piece of cardboard about two inches long
  • Cut the cardboard width according to the size of the ribbon; the ribbon’s length depends on the diameter you want for the wrist corsage
  • Attach the ribbon to the cardboard using glue 
  • Glue the flower arrangement on the other side of the cardboard, ensuring that no cardboard is showing
  • Allow the glue to dry
  • Test the finished wrist wedding corsage by wearing it and cutting the excess cardboard or ribbon


What Supplies Do You Need To Make A Corsage?

  1. Ribbon for wrapping or tying the corsage around the wrist
  2. Floral tape and wire for arranging the flowers and greenery together
  3. Scissors 
  4. Cardboard for the body of the corsage
  5. Glue and glue gun for constructing the corsage together 
  6. Choice of flowers, greenery, and filler foliage according to the wedding theme and color palette


What flowers make the best corsages?

The most popular flower choices for wedding corsages are roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and orchids, to name a few. The florist may also add some flowers seen on the bridal bouquet on the corsages of the wedding party and the parents of the bride and groom.

Rose is perhaps the most common flower you’ll see in wedding corsages, typically surrounded by more miniature rosebuds of various colors. On the other hand, Chrysanthemums are ideal for brides who want something multicolor and less traditional than roses. 

If the bride values symbols, then the different colors of carnations are ideal as they depict various meanings. But for pin corsages, the delicate orchid is often chosen because of its unmatched class and beauty. 


What flowers last the longest in a corsage?

If you want a corsage that would last the whole day before wilting and losing color, then your florist might recommend using roses and carnations. They are pretty strong than other flowers, and there are different colors to choose from for the wedding color scheme. 


What greenery is used for weddings?

The most common fillers and greenery for weddings, whether in floral arrangements, bouquets, and wearables like corsages and boutonnieres, are myrtles and dusty millers. Myrtles have thick foliage ideal for arrangements in the wedding, while dusty millers make an ideal background for brightly-colored flowers. 


How Do You Make A Pin Corsage For A Wedding?

When identifying who gets flowers at a wedding, you’ll find out that the bride and groom’s mothers will get corsages. However, it’s more common for them to wear pin corsages than wrist corsages. 

Here is how you can make wedding pin corsages yourself, similar to a DIY wedding boutonniere: 

  1. Create and arrange a tiny floral bouquet using the flowers on the bride and bridesmaids, but make sure that they are sturdy to withstand hugging 
  2. Get a single leaf as the backdrop of the floral arrangement on the pinned corsage, then thread a wire through it
  3. Twist the wire to create a stem and hide it with a floral tape
  4. Bind the flowers to the leaf stem and wrap with more floral tape for security
  5. Wrap ribbon onto the stem of the corsage for decoration 


How to pin a corsage properly

  1. Position the corsage on the person accordingly 
  2. Turn the fabric over and pin the corsage
  3. Use two pins through the corsage stem and horizontally across the garment
  4. Make sure that the pin is not poking the wearer’s skin 
  5. Test the attachment by shaking the corsage 


How Much Are Wedding Corsages?

The price of wedding corsages ranges from $25 to $30, depending on the size and flowers used. If you think it will be too demanding to make the corsages yourself, then allocate a budget for the corsages for your wedding party. 

Wrist corsages typically cost more than pin corsages and boutonnieres. However, remember that there are no rules on who must get flowers at the wedding, and you can even choose not to provide corsages. 



And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to make wedding corsages in two steps. 

You’re essentially arranging flowers and greenery, then attaching them to cardboard with ribbon to make a wrist corsage. On the other hand, for a pin corsage, you will make a stem using wire for pinning. 

We hope you also learned a lot about the flowers to use for wedding corsages; leave us a question if you have any. 

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