How To Make Wedding Chair Cover Yourself: 2 Steps

Try two steps on how to make wedding chair cover easily and quickly. This tutorial simplifies the process into measuring and then installing the cover on the wedding chairs that even those who hate DIYs can easily follow. 

Similar to other elements in your wedding reception, the chairs should also be styled as they can affect the overall look of the venue. And speaking of which, you can apply these wedding chair covers when you’re learning how to decorate a gym for a wedding

how to make wedding chair cover


How Do You Cover Wedding Chairs?


Step 1. Measure each wedding chair

  • Prepare the fabric you’ll need for the wedding chair covers (e.g., some popular options that are wedding-appropriate are muslin, organza, and satin)
  • Determine the amount of fabric you’ll need to cover each wedding chair by measuring the chair dimensions
  • Take two measurements of the wedding chair in inches; one from the front legs to the front top of chair and the other from the back legs to the back top of the chair
  • Combine the two measurements as these are the width and length, then add three more inches to allocate for excess material 
  • Multiply the final measurement to the number of chairs you’ll have in your wedding and use it to know how many yards of fabric you’ll need
  • Keep the color of the wedding theme in mind when buying the fabric for the wedding chair cover
  • It’s more tasteful for all the wedding chairs to look uniform, but you can also change the color of the chairs in the head table


Step 2. Install the wedding chair covers

  • Cut the fabric into several pieces and position each piece over the chairs
  • Adjust the fabric cover over the chair so that the sides have an equal amount of material hanging
  • Gather the excess cover on both sides of the chair and pin it at the back; if needed, have someone assist you to keep the fabric from slipping when you’re positioning it on the chair
  • Make sure that the chair is covered nicely before you secure the excess fabric at the back
  • Use a safety pin to keep the excess fabric ends together, but make sure that it’s not visible 
  • For added security and decoration, measure the backrest and multiply this number by two
  • Use the final measurement when cutting a strip of another type and color of fabric, as this will be the signature sash of wedding chairs
  • Wrap the strip around the seat back and make a bow; you can also make a simple knot then add an embellishment over this knot
  • From this point, the quick and easy wedding chair cover is finished, but you can embellish the sash at the back more with flower arrangements

Please read how to make a wedding tulle bow as it’s among the best decors to add to the wedding chair backs that are also cheap and easy to make. 


How Do You Cover A Folding Chair For A Wedding?

Some wedding receptions use folding chairs, but do not worry because they would still look elegant for the wedding. The key is ensuring that they’ll look the same, and you can consider covering them altogether or simply decorating them directly without chair covers. 

A quick way to cover wedding folding chairs, especially when you’re running out of time, is to use pillowcases. Slip a case over the folding chairs, then wrap the back with a bow. 

It might also be possible to ask the venue if they have covers for their chairs. But if you’ll be the one providing, talk to them about decorating the chairs as they might have rules regarding the chair usage. 


How to make folding chairs look elegant for my wedding?

  • Tie a bow made of satin or tulle at the folding chair back
  • Cut several strings of ribbon and drape them down the back of the folding chair
  • Cut a wide sash with the fabric of your choice and cover the backseat of the folding chair
  • Add flower arrangements at the center of the sash or bow of the folding chair or opt for flowers only tied on the side of the backseat
  • Greenery is easier to wrap at the sides of the folding chairs
  • Switch the tulle fabric with burlap for a unique wedding bow or sash


How Much Do Chair Covers Cost For A Wedding?

You can rent wedding chair covers rather than making or buying them yourself, especially if you’ll only be using them once. Compute your budget by assuming that each chair cover is about $4.50 to rent.

Multiply this amount by the number of chairs you’ll have at the wedding reception, which means a 100-guest wedding will require you $450 for renting chair covers. You can also compare the costs when buying chair covers that can cost under $300 for a 100-pack available on Amazon



And that’s it! We just learned how to make wedding chair cover, which is as easy as measuring the chair, and finally draping and securing the fabric behind the chair. 

From here, you can tie a bow at the back, use a sash, or embellish the back center with flowers. If the chairs look decent, you can simply tie greenery or flowers to the side to make them uniform. 

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