How To Make Wedding Bouquets With Fresh Flowers

If you want to learn how to make wedding bouquets with fresh flowers, do three steps. We will help you prepare real flowers, arrange them, and style the bridal bouquet like a pro. 

But if you’re on a budget or you don’t want to worry about the flowers wilting, you can also consider using fake flowers or mixing faux blooms with real blooms! Try this easy tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers

how to make wedding bouquets with fresh flowers


How To Make Wedding Bouquets With Fresh Flowers Easily


Step 1. Preparation of flowers

  • Start with knowing how to calculate how many flowers for a wedding, so you can order the blooms you’ll need for the bouquets you’ll be doing
  • Prepare the other supplies for the fresh wedding bouquet, such as pins, flower tapes, ribbons, and hairspray for the longevity of the flowers
  • Once the fresh flowers arrive, take them out of the packaging and select the blooms without damage or discoloration
  • Prepare each flower stem by removing the leaves at their bases
  • Separate the trimmings and other dead plant material from the fresh bunch to avoid contaminating them
  • Familiarize yourself with how to handle cut flowers, especially if you’ll be harvesting them from the garden


Step 2. Arrangement of wedding bouquet

  • After you have prepared the fresh flowers, gather three pieces into a bunch to start the wedding bouquet
  • Do not handle the flowers at the blooms, but instead, hold them below the blossom heads to avoid damaging the flowers
  • Arrange the three flower stems with the biggest at the center, but don’t hold the stems too tightly
  • Add more flowers around the central arrangement; do not worry about symmetry, but be mindful of the color combinations, especially if you have a wedding theme in mind
  • The outer floral arrangement should be half an inch lower than the first three, then angle their heads slightly outward
  • Finish the wedding bouquet by filling it with greenery and leaves


Step 3. Finishing the wedding flowers

  • To finish and secure the wedding bouquet with fresh flowers, position the flower tape an inch below the bloom heads and wrap it around the stems of the bouquet
  • Cut the tape once it’s three inches above the stem ends
  • Position the ribbon at about one-third down the stem and wrap it upwards, overlapping where the stems are bending outward by half an inch for added stability of the bouquet
  • Bring the ribbon to the base of the floral tape to cover it, then secure it with a pin
  • Finally, spray the flower blooms with hairspray and allow them to dry
  • Before the wedding, put the wedding bouquet on a vase with water just enough to sink the ends of the stems


How Early Can You Make A Bridal Bouquet With Fresh Flowers?

If you’re wondering how far in advance you can make a fresh wedding bouquet, you can only do it 24 to 48 hours before the wedding day. However, it will depend on the type of flowers you’re using. 

For example, a favorite bridal bouquet flower is the hydrangea, but it doesn’t last long because of the sap at the stem end after cutting. So if you’ll be using hydrangeas, read how to keep hydrangeas fresh for a wedding


How Long Does A Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet Last?

After the wedding, the bridal bouquet can last for two weeks, depending on how you keep it. However, some types of flowers might also only last for five days, despite various preservation techniques. 


How To Keep Bridal Bouquet With Real Flowers Alive Longer


Before the wedding

  • Place the bridal bouquet in a vase with clean water and its level just high enough to cover the stem tips
  • Select a cool room for storing the bridal bouquet and avoid a spot with direct heat, sunlight, or freezing conditions
  • Ensure that the container for the bouquet has clean and enough water until the wedding ceremony
  • Refrain from touching the fresh flowers on the bouquet as bruised petals hasten the wilting of the blooms
  • Make the wedding bouquet with fresh flowers on the night before the wedding ceremony 


After the wedding

If you don’t want to dry, press, or store the flowers in resin, try these tips on keeping the wedding bouquet fresh as long as possible:

  • Pour water into a clean vase and mix in sugar and vinegar for flower food and prevention of bacterial growth
  • Take off the flowers from the bridal bouquet, selecting only the fresh ones without bruises or wilting
  • Cut off the lower leaves from the stems if there are any, then trim the stems at an angle
  • Put the flower stems in the vase and position them in a cool but draft and sunlight-free area
  • Check and replace the water every other day and recut the stems as necessary
  • Note that some flowers will wilt quicker than others, so here is what to do with a dried wedding bouquet



Was this tutorial helpful? We just learned how to make wedding bouquets with fresh flowers, which starts with preparing each flower stem, arranging three blooms, surrounding them with more flowers, and securing everything with tape and ribbon. 

We hope you also remembered our tips on keeping fresh flowers alive before and after the wedding. Let us know below if you have any tips to share as well. 

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