How To Make Wedding Bouquet With Roses In 2 Steps

It’s easy to learn how to make wedding bouquet with roses by simplifying it into two steps. You can DIY a rose bouquet at home using cream roses, some greenery, and simple decors like corsage pins and ribbons. 

This white and cream wedding bouquet made of roses will suit every bride and wedding theme because of the classic elegance. But to ensure that the roses will stay fresh, read how long before the wedding can you make a bouquet

how to make wedding bouquet with roses


How To Make A Wedding Bouquet Of Roses


Step 1. Preparation and arrangement of the flowers for the rose bouquet

  • For this easy DIY rose wedding bouquet, you’ll need cream roses, filler white flowers, greeneries like hypericum and eucalyptus, corsage pins or decors of your choice, silver and white ribbon strips, floral tape, scissors, and a knife; the number of flowers will depend on how big you want your wedding bouquet to be or at least 25 primary white roses with extra flowers at the amount you want 
  • After receiving the blooms and greeneries, cut their stem tips diagonally and put the plant tips in lukewarm water and somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight 
  • You can begin making the wedding bouquet the following day and prepare the central arrangement
  • Start with the core of the bridal bouquet with three rose stems and add smaller flowers around it
  • Place a rose in between the other flowers and greenery
  • Secure with floral tape as you go, and remember to arrange with multiples of three, so the rose bouquet looks cohesive 
  • The top of the bouquet should be even, so adjust as you go 
  • Alternate the flowers and greenery and finish with roses around the entire bouquet 


Step 2. Decoration of the DIY bouquet

  •  After the arrangement of roses is finished, wrap everything with floral tape one more time for added security 
  • To hide the floral tape, wrap ribbon around it diagonally from the top down to the stems to create the bouquet sleeve
  • Pin with the corsage pin, so it’s the same direction as the stems, so the bride won’t get pricked
  • Insert more pins as needed
  • Finish the rose wedding bouquet with another color of ribbon over the bouquet sleeve
  • Add pendants or heirloom jewelry to the bouquet for sentimentality; here is a tutorial on how to make a brooch wedding bouquet if you’re interested 


How Many Roses Do You Need For A Bridal Bouquet?

To make a rose wedding bouquet, you need to prepare the correct number of stems according to the size of the DIY bridal bouquet. For example, a small rose bouquet will need a minimum of 8 flower stems, while a big DIY wedding bouquet will need at least 21 roses. 

You can prepare about 18 roses for medium-sized rose bouquets to make one. But of course, you can have as many roses as you want to make the bouquet pop out more. 

Some bouquets can need as many as 25 rose stems per piece. Of course, this is assuming that you’re not adding other flowers to the arrangement. 

You can check how to calculate flowers for a wedding to know the formulas better.


How Do You Make A 12 Rose Bouquet?

The most popular rose bouquet to make is the dozen rose bouquets. The reason for using 12 pieces of roses is because it signifies true love or complete gratitude to the person receiving it. 

Here is how to make a simple DIY rose bouquet:

  • Prepare the 12 roses by removing their thorns and leaves from the stems 
  • Cut the stems at the same length and gather the flowers
  • Tape along the stems and cover with foil before wapping with ribbon for additional design
  • You can use other materials, depending on the theme you want for the 12-dozen rose bouquet 


How To Make A Wedding Bouquet With Artificial Roses?

You can also make a rose bouquet with fake roses to save costs or to avoid the hassle of needing to keep them moist. The key is selecting faux roses that look less like plastic. 

  • Cut the faux rose stems at the same length but don’t strip their leaves completely to make them look more real
  • Wrap each stem with floral wire and tape 
  • Create a central arrangement with three flowers, then add blooms and fillers outside 
  • Finish by wrapping the DIY bouquet with floral tape and add decors like twine and stones on the handle

Here’s another easy tutorial on how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers.


How To Make A Bridal Bouquet With Roses And Baby’s Breath?

A popular flower combined with roses for a wedding bouquet is the baby’s breath because a bunch is low-maintenance and affordable. To make a bouquet with roses and some baby’s breath stems, you can start with a rose bouquet and then use the baby’s breath as fillers.

You may need to separate the stems of the baby’s breath beforehand to make it easier to insert them. Consider a white bridal bouquet since white roses and baby’s breath will look fantastic with a white wedding dress.



And that’s it! To recap how to make wedding bouquet with roses, you only need to prepare the flowers and then arrange them in groups of three. 

Start with a core arrangement, then finish with roses around the bouquet. You should also add greenery and flowers for the colors and texture of a classy bridal bouquet. 

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