Cute DIY: How to Make Watermelon Bassinet

Brides-to-be are always looking for creative ways to make their baby shower memorable. One of the best ideas is a watermelon bassinet. In this blog post, you will learn how to make watermelon bassinet from scratch and how to decorate it for your special day!


Steps on how to Make Watermelon Bassinet for Baby Shower

Cut a hole in the top of the watermelon and scoop out the insides. Using an apple corer, cut holes around the inside edge.

Step 1. Scoop more watermelon flesh from between each row until you reach almost to bottom but not all the way through!

Step 2. Use toothpicks as support for how far apart your rows are. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes or so – then flip over and cook on another side another 30 minutes (both sides should be browned).

Once cooled peel back foil carefully since it will still hold together quite well & use metal spoons or ice cream scoops to remove fruit from rinds into the bowl – discard melon pulp &  rinds.

Step 3. To make your watermelon a “bed”, simply place it on top of an appropriately sized round cake pan; keep in mind how much the fruit will spread out while cooking, and how far up from the bottom you want the bed to be!

You can also use this technique with other melon types for different effects if desired – I’m tempted to try honeydew next time.

Step 4. Next cut slices off either end that is about two inches thick (you’ll need these later) & slice them into six even pieces. Then take one piece at a time and flatten slightly using your palm or rolling pin so they look like mini pancakes then set aside.

When all pieces have been flattened put them back together as the original piece and set aside.

Step 5. Cut out the middle of watermelon in a circular shape (you can use a cookie cutter, just make sure it’s smaller than your round cake pan), but be careful not to cut through the bottom.

This will work best with a grapefruit spoon or melon baller. And then you’ll need to remove all seeds/pulp from inside before filling with doll baby & decorating as desired!


How do you fold a Baby Trend Snap and Go?

Unsnap all sides on wheels of Stoller.

Make sure that harness is unbuckled & recline is in an upright position. The handlebar should be locked into place as well. Then, pull up back seat support hooks located at bottom of the seat base till it locks into place with two audible clicks. Now open the front swivel lock by flipping down the red lever (stop).

Push stroller forward until front wheel clears ground then push handlebar down alongside frame so that tire hits the floor and walk away from the stroller.


How do you fold a Baby Trend double jogging stroller?

First, push the seat forward and lower leg bar to a horizontal position.

Hold the stroller on either side of the handlebar with your hand then pull up back seat support hooks located at bottom of the frame till it locks into place with two audible clicks.

Now open the front swivel lock by flipping down the red lever (stop). Push brake pedal all the way down until you hear a click sound, now your brake is set in “On” mode.

Now fold stroller from both sides and hold base tightly together as if you were closing book cover – effectively folding chassis inward towards centerline so that rear wheels touch ground first followed by a front-wheel which will be slightly raised above ground level once folded (you can sit/put a box or something under front wheel to hold it in place while you’re folding).

Now remove both safety clips and fold the stroller completely flat into a compact position. Push handle towards the ground until locking mechanism clicks (you will feel/hear this) and then push the red button on side of the frame to grip handles together tightly so they don’t flap around when folded. The Expedition is now ready for storage or transportation.


How to Install a Baby Trend Booster car seat

First, place the child’s lower back against the back of the vehicle seat.

Second, route and attach any safety belts around your little one that may be in use. If no other belt is available for routing then thread or loop through top harness slots on shoulder straps (this will not work if you are using an infant-only carrier with this method).

Make sure it does not go over their head/neck and the chest clip should be at armpit level, securing both lap portion of the strap as well as shoulder portion.

Lastly, make sure all buckles are fastened securely by pulling hard on them before giving them each final tug to confirm they are tight enough so the buckle cannot be pulled out/off.


How to Fold the Baby Trend Tango Stroller

The process is quite easy and very similar to folding other popular strollers, like a BOB Revolution or Thule Urban Glide. This model does, however, have some additional steps involved such as locking front wheels first before folding the back seat portion of the frame into the base for it not to be flimsy during transportation.

First, you must get your hands underneath both safety straps located directly behind the child’s head (the ones that go across the body) and lift slightly so they pop off their hanger clips from where they rest on top of the mainframe tube.

With these removed make sure no more than finger width hangs over the edge of the baby tray while still holding underneath the safety strap.

With one hand still holding onto the bottom portion of safety straps wrap them around the mainframe tube (still leaving no more than finger width hanging over the edge) and secure to hanger clips where they had previously been resting before removal.

Next, lift slightly on the handlebar until front wheels automatically pop off their axle lock located directly behind wheel spokes in the back tire so it will be easier for you to manoeuvre once the finished folding process is complete.

With both hands now grab the underside of the baby tray that rests upon top crossbars at the base of the stroller while avoiding pushing down too hard which can cause problems with canopy popping lose or even worse breaking plastic hinge where these two pieces meet making your job much harder if not impossible later on.

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