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5 Easy and Simple Steps on How To Make Valance Curtains

Curtain valances cover the very highest top of your window. They started existing during the Renaissance era and they became even more popular in Victorian England. Window valances are used as practical and decorative pieces, to hide every hardware device that is attached to the wall to support the blinds and drapes. You can also find them in different designs. In this write-up, you will be learning how to make valance curtains

Valance has different styles and you can have them in whatever form you want. You can do this by adding colors, texture, and preferred patterns to the complete room scheme of your choice. You can find valances to buy in different places that you can use in your home. 

However, for you to get the exact appearance that you want, you need to make it for yourself. It is simple to make valance curtains even if you don’t know how to sew. However, we have outlined step-by-step procedures below on how to make valance curtains, whether using sew machine or other non-sewing methods.

How To Make Valance Curtains

Easy Process Of Making A Window Valance

The first thing to do when you plan on how to make valance curtains is getting the materials ready. You need to get your valance curtains making materials ready, these include:

  • Fabric
  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine or Glue Gun
  • Thread
  • Straight pins


Step #1: Measurements

Use a tape measure to measure the width of your window.

Start from the curtain rod and decide on the length you want for your valance. Typically it should be up to 15 inches in depth but it can also be longer if it is an unusually wide window.  

Spread the fabric on a flat surface, make sure the front of the material is the part facing down. Measure out the preferred width of the valance from the fabric.

Hanging a valance might be in a gathered form or straight across a rod. If you are going for a straight valance the width should be wide enough for the distance in between the drapes’ outer edges.   

If you want a gathered look, you will measure up to 2 and a half times the width of your window for both lightweight and medium-weight fabrics.

For sheer fabrics, it should be three or four times your window’s width. In some cases, you may have to use more than one valence panel. 

Step #2: Cutting the fabric

The next step on how to make valance curtains is cutting the fabric material. Then, you add 2 more inches to each valance panel’s width, this is for the hems. Cut your fabric.  

Measure out the preferred depth of the valance on the fabric. Make the measurements double because you would fold the fabric in half. Add two inches more to do the hems and cut.  

Step #3: Pinning

The next step o  how to make valance curtains is pinning. With the fabric still face down, measure 1 inch into both sides of the material for the hems and use straight pins to keep them in place on the length of the material.  

Step #4: Sew with machine

If you want, use a sewing machine on both sides to stitch the hem. Remove the straight pins. If you don’t want to sew it, you can use a glue gun or press-on tape to seal the hem into place.    

Then, turn the fabric up for the side with the hemming to be facing the floor. And fold up the bottom of your fabric to the upper edges for both edges to meet.  

Measure a 1-inch hem on the top of your fabric and pin it into place. Stitch with a sewing machine or use a glue gun or iron tape for the hem.  

Now, turn the right side of the fabric out, like this, the hems should be facing inside. 

From the line, you sewed or sealed into place, measure an inch and a half. You would place your curtain rod inside or if your rod is thicker than the standard size, increase the space to fit.   

Use pins to keep in place through the width and sew or seal with a glue gun or iron-on tape.  

Step #5: Installing the Valance

The final step on how to make valance curtains is fixing the valance. Slide your curtain rod in and hang. Or, you can also stuff the valance with toilet paper or newspaper so that it has a puffy look then you hang it.  


How Much Fabric do I Need for a Valance?

The quantity of fabric you would need for a valance depends on your choice. However, you should need about one and a half yards to 5 yards for the front fabric if you have a 36 to a 40-inch standard window. For windows that gave double width which is up to 70 to 80 inches wide, you would need a face fabric quantity of about 2 and a half to 8 yards.  

How Long Should you Make a Valance?

When determining the valance’s length, it should be a quarter of the height of the window then add one inch. With this measurement, cut out your fabric and lining in a rectangular form.


How Much of a Window Should a Valance Cover?

A valance should cover about 2 to 6 inches of your window’s top and the frame. This is known as your window’s overlap. While the remainder of the valance covers the wall on top of the window. 



Anyone who possesses some beginner-level sewing skills will still learn how to make a valance curtains easily with a customized finished look. You will find them in fabric stores with different ranges of materials, in trendy patterns, colors, and designs. Or you can get it in retail stores, or home stores that provide affordable valances which you can change per season for another fresh appearance.  

You can also construct a valance using some other material apart from fabric materials like corrugated metal or wood. For such structured treatment for the window, it is known as a cornice.  However, this structured window treatment is referred to as a cornice. You don’t need much fabric to make valances, so if you prefer a fast DIY project that doesn’t consume time nor resources then they are perfect for you.


How to sew curtains with grommets

How to Sew Curtains With Grommets? 5 Easy Ways!

People who admire fashion know how much of a necessity it is to fix nice and attractive curtains. Curtain gives the room an exquisite appearance compared to rooms without curtains.

Curtains need additional materials to give them a better fitting and balancing on the rod. One of such materials is the grommet. How to sew curtains with grommets and make them available for use is not a difficult task.

You will only buy few items like the curtain materials, grommet panels, rod, scissors, pressing iron, measuring tape, etc.

Curtains made with grommets appear rich and sophisticated in rooms. Sighting a well-placed curtain with grommets, you would derive immense satisfaction from the shape and comfort it gives to the room.

There’s every need to make a house a home. To attain this clamor for a beautiful home, the need and desire to fix up curtains with grommets becomes unavoidable.

Curtains with grommets provide a kind of cozy atmosphere within the room’s space, especially as it prevents penetration of the sun into the room. Also, curtains with grommets make the room look classic and admirable, bringing a great deal of reputation to actual users. Curtains with grommets are a requirement for a home. 

Steps on How to Sew Curtains With Grommets

To make a good curtain with grommet, follow these steps on how to sew curtains with grommets, get your materials ready and follow the steps below.

Step #1. Measure the door or window where you will fix the curtain with grommets. You are to measure the width of the window.

Step #2. Measure both the curtain and the curtain rod from where it should begin and where to end, based on the door or window size.

Step #3. Measure out 44 inches from the firm edge of the curtain to the other edge of the curtain and trim, and if possible, use iron to press to make these selvage areas firm.

Step #4. Hold the curtain and by the side of it, turn it under by one inch and press. Turn again by one additional inch and press.

Step 5. This is the last step on how to sew curtains with grommets. Refer to the seam allowance guide to stitch the measured layers of the fabric.

Use appropriate stitch length to fold and stitch both sides of the curtain and the edges, then use a pressing iron to press. Adequate space is left at the top of the curtain to provide an allowance in fixing the grommets.

How do you Put Grommets in Curtains?

Grommets are the eyelets found at the top of the curtain. These eyelets are fixed into the curtain rod in the form of forwarding and backward arrangement or via front side and backside as the case may be.

Clamped together to become one to each grommet are two equal half sides. The following are required to put grommets in curtains;

First, put one-half side of the grommet beneath the marked and perforated top of the curtain.

Then, use the other half side of the grommet to cover the one beneath the curtain. Tightly clamp the grommets to hold the curtain firmly. Do this in all the marked templates on the curtain where you will fix grommets.

Finally, slide the curtain rod through each of the grommets in forwarding and backward order. Then hang to the wall. You use the exact process for either the plastic or metal grommets.

How do You Make Grommet Curtains Look Good?

To make grommet curtains look good, you need to first follow the steps on how to sew curtains with grommet, then you slide the metal rod through the grommets in a forward then backward manner, as if it is a kind of zigzag movement.

The grommets allow the curtain’s free movement or make it static; you would need to put the bracket in between the first two grommets. In doing all these, it is necessary to remember that the metal rod you provide has to correspond with the length of the grommets on the drape.

The well-measured curtain that is appropriately folded and pressed, then professionally stitched at both the sides and edges, which in turn has a well-fixed grommet, would showcase an elegant decor in the room.

How far Apart do you Place Grommet Curtains Evenly Spaced?

The recommended spacing for grommet curtains is 6 inches apart, which you do on the center.

Whatever appears behind the rod is the window frame or the kind of shades that occur at the window; the grommet curtain spacing clears all that.


How to sew curtains with grommets is technical but easy going at the same time. Anyone who peruses through this simplified article would find it easy to buy and sew curtains with grommets.

Initially, curtains do not come with grommets, but you attach these grommets to curtains to make them look organized and beautiful.

There’s no doubt that people can now make out time, sit, measure out appropriate curtain length, fold and stitch the material to form a unique and awesome curtain with well-spaced grommets adequately fixed at the top of the curtain.

The decor provided to the room will be sufficient to show that the task of sewing curtains with grommets is worth it.

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