How To Make Tissue Paper Decorations For Baby Shower

Do you know it’s easy to learn how to make tissue paper decorations for baby shower as it’s only two steps? These DIY tissue flowers or pom poms make cute party garlands and are cheap.

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how to make tissue paper decorations for baby shower

Your baby shower gift and decoration would be more memorable and exciting if you made them yourself. 


How To Make Tissue Paper Decorations For Baby Shower

Prepare the following supplies for these flowers or pom poms:

  • Ten sheets of 20 x 30 tissue paper sheets in colors according to the baby shower theme
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Fishing line
  • Mounting hooks
  • Pipe cleaner 


Step 1. Make tissue paper flowers/ pom poms 

  • Lay the tissue paper sheets flat and align them in front of you and on a flat surface
  • Fold each tissue paper lengthwise to one and a half inches
  • Turn and fold the paper again, similar to making a paper accordion, until you reach the other end of the paper 
  • Take a piece of pipe cleaner and tie it around the center of the tissue paper
  • Cut a rounded edge on both ends of the folded tissue paper to create the shape for the flower 
  • Repeat on the other tissue paper sheets


Step 2. Make the tissue flower garlands

  • To create the tissue flower garland, tie the fishing line to the pipe cleaner by making a loop on the pipe cleaner and threading the fishing line through them
  • Hang the pom poms across the fishing line evenly 
  • To make the pom poms or flowers look more like flowers, hold one end of the tissue paper and pull outwards to fluff it out
  • Repeat on the other side of the folded tissue paper
  • Fluff all the pom poms or flowers in the fishing line, but be gentle in pulling them as tissue paper rips easily 
  • Create different colors and sizes of tissue paper flowers
  • Hang them on the baby shower backdrop using the mounting hooks


How Do You Make Baby Shower Tissue Paper Centerpieces?

For something unique, here’s a tutorial for hanging baby shower decorations that you can place over your event tables:

  1. Prepare white tissue paper, cardstock papers in rainbow colors, a wire, thread, scissors, a sewing machine, and a hole puncher 
  2. Take eight sheets of tissue paper to make the cloud for the hanging decorations
  3. Stack the tissue papers and fold them one and a half inches and repeat alternating on the sides to create an accordion
  4. Cut two 10-inch wire pieces and use one to wrap and tie in the middle of the tissue cloud; the ends of the wire should be twisted to one side because they’ll be used for hanging the rainbow drops 
  5. Attach the other wire to the one in the middle of the tissue cloud and leave one end longer
  6. You’ll have one long tail from the second wire and two short tails from the wire in the center of the tissue paper cloud 
  7. Cut the ends of the cloud into a round shape and spread out the folded paper 
  8. Flatten the top and bottom of the tissue paper to shape it into a cloud 
  9. Cut raindrops in the colored cardstocks 
  10. Sew the raindrops into different thread lengths 
  11. Make holes at the top of the raindrop of each strand
  12. Attach the raindrop strands to one of the short wires
  13. Repeat with the other strands and short wite
  14. Hang the baby shower hanging decoration using the long wire and thumbtacks 

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How Do You Make A Paper Honeycomb For The Baby Shower Decorations?

Another tissue paper decoration idea for the baby shower is to cover a wall with tissue honeycomb balls of different colors. 

  1. Prepare tissue papers in assorted colors, cardstock, tape, glue, ruler, marker, thread, needle, paper clips, and a piercing tool
  2. Stack 20 sheets of tissue, fold, and cut them in half until you have 8 pieces 
  3. Prepare a scrap paper and divide it into even sections measuring an inch each for the cells of the honeycomb 
  4. Put a sheet of tissue over the stencil with tape 
  5. Trace glue along a line on the stencil and put a tissue sheet over it
  6. Repeat with another line and sheet of tissue 
  7. Keep stacking tissue papers in alternating lines until you finish 50 sheets
  8. Cut a semi-circle from the cardstock and line it with the edge of the stacked tissue sheets, and draw the circle completely 
  9. Cut the tissue and make two arches out of the card 
  10. Glue them to each side of the tissue papers
  11. Make a hole through the bottom and top of the tissue sheets and thread some cotton through them 
  12. Tie in a loose knot and open the honeycomb ball
  13. Make as many pieces to cover your chosen baby shower wall backdrop 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make tissue paper decorations for baby shower by making pom poms or floral garlands from accordion tissue paper tied in the center. 

Alternatively, you can make tissue clouds with raindrops or fill a wall with tissue honeycomb balls. 

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