How To Make Tall Wedding Centerpieces In 3 Steps

If you want to learn how to make tall wedding centerpieces, simplify the process into three steps. We’ll help you create easy tall wedding centerpieces using oasis dishes, trumpet vases, and flowers of your choice. 

A tall centerpiece is perfect for instantly elevating your wedding tables without needing too many decors. But if you also want to include other vases to your DIY tall wedding centerpiece, especially if the table is spacious, read how to decorate a vase for a wedding

how to make tall wedding centerpieces


DIY Tall Centerpieces: How To Make Tall Wedding Centerpieces


Step 1. Prepare the materials and design for the tall centerpiece

  • Prepare the materials for the tall wedding centerpieces which are a tall trumpet vase, two oasis dishes, green florist tape, floral foam, and paint for the dish
  • Dp the floral foams by soaking them in water with flower food to ensure that your wedding floral arrangements will last during the wedding
  • Put the foams on one oasis dish and tape in place for security; make sure that no parts of the foam are spilling out of the oasis dish
  • Spray paint the remaining empty oasis dish and allow it to dry; use a paint color that suits the wedding theme or venue


Step 2. Make the tall floral arrangement

  • The best time to make the tall wedding centerpieces is the night or morning of the wedding; you can also insert the flowers at the venue if you think they might get ruined during transport
  • To make the flower arrangement for the DIY centerpiece, you will insert one stem at a time on the dish with the floral foams; select flowers of different sizes and colors, but remember that the primary ones should be large enough since you’re building a large centerpiece for the wedding table
  • Start with the biggest flower stems and fill the sides with fillers and greenery; some of the best flowers for DIY large centerpieces are roses, hydrangeas, or even paper flowers and other faux flowers that are big  
  • You don’t need to be symmetrical with the floral centerpiece, but you don’t want one side to look incomplete or light relative to the other
  • Experiment with the height levels of the flowers  
  • Do not overfill the foams with flowers 
  • Use the remaining greenery to conceal the areas needed


Step 3. Decorate the tall wedding centerpiece

  • You can even decorate the vase itself, but never go overboard as it might look tacky 
  • Spray the finished wedding floral centerpieces with flower preservative once you’re done
  • Let the tall wedding centerpieces dry entirely and put them in the cooler until you’ll set up the tables 
  • At the wedding venue, transfer the floral arrangement over the painted dish and vase; add more fillers and greenery to conceal the parts that might seem unappealing, or secure the stack with floral clay
  • You can water the tall wedding centerpieces if needed on the day of the wedding 


How Tall Should Wedding Centerpieces Be?

The maximum height for a tall DIY wedding centerpiece is 36 inches, whereas 30 inches is a safe choice. This way, the guests can still see what’s behind the centerpiece, and the decor itself won’t look distracting when the wedding table is set up. 

If there is decor above the table, you also don’t want the large centerpiece to touch it, especially if it’s hot. Additionally, consider how the tall centerpieces will look with your reception tables, as there should still be enough space over the table for the guests’ comfort. 

And if you have no time to learn how to create large wedding centerpieces, why not buy them and read how much are wedding centerpieces


How Do You Make A Tall Tree Centerpiece?

Some wedding receptions will look better with a tree centerpiece, especially if it’s an outdoor setting. Here is an easy one you can make using a birch tree, flowers and greeneries, decorative crystals, lanterns, ribbon, and garlands

  1. Start hanging the biggest decors distributed on the tree branches equally; in this case, they are the lanterns 
  2. Use transparent holders to hang the flowers and greenery arrangements
  3. Drape fabric or garland on the tree; you can also use string lights
  4. Continue decorating, but keep the finish chic


How Do You Make A Long Wedding Centerpiece?

If you’re using a long wedding table or you’re having a banquet-style reception, it’s better to use a long centerpiece across the table than decorating with a tall one. Consider these ideas to complete the look of your long wedding reception ideas:

  • Arrange multiple vases in a straight line
  • Create a floral centerpiece with a greenery garland as a base
  • Alternate candles with flowers in a straight line
  • Use decors of different sizes across the long table with a table runner underneath
  • Create a single focal point at the center of the long table, then run foliage and flowers on the sides



And that’s it! You just learned how to make tall wedding centerpieces in three steps. 

You’re putting floral foams on an oasis dish and inserting tall, and big flower stems into it. Then, stack this dish over the vase to elevate it to finish.

We hope this was helpful; let us know below if you want other wedding centerpiece tutorials. 

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