How To Make Table Numbers For Wedding In 3 Steps

Do you know that it’s easy to learn how to make table numbers for wedding in three steps? This tutorial uses pressed flowers, decals, and frames to create classy wedding table numbers. 

We will also talk about the standard size for table numbers and if they are necessary when setting up tables for the wedding reception. And speaking of which, you can read how to write place cards for weddings if you’re interested. 

how to make table numbers for wedding


How To Make Wedding Table Numbers 


Step 1. Prepare the pressed flower designs for the table numbers

  • Press the flowers like roses and agapanthus in the microwave; you can also use leaves and other plant materials that are thin enough for pressing 
  • Keep the wedding theme and reception decor in mind when choosing flowers and colors 
  • Make sure the blooms and leaves are dry before putting them over a piece of cotton rag 
  • Check if the flowers and leaves are flat before folding the rag in half 
  • Put the blooms inside the microwave and set a dish on top of them
  • Microwave for 90 seconds using the half-power setting
  • Check the flowers and return for 30 seconds increments in the microwave if they’re still dry
  • Allow the pressed flowers to cool


Step 2. Prepare the frames and numbers for the wedding tables 

  • Prepare the frames that you’ll put on each wedding table and remove their backing
  • You can cut vinyl and DIY the numbers or buy pre-cut number decals from craft stores; make sure the numbers are large enough and easy to read while also in the color that suits the reception decor
  • Stick the decals on their corresponding glass insert for each frame
  • Make sure the placement of each number is the same for all the glass inserts of frames
  • Decorate the space around the number with glue and pressed flowers


Step 3. Finish the table numbers for the wedding 

  • Return the glass inserts on each frame
  • Check the mechanism of your frames on how to secure the glass inserts
  • You can also use craft paper as backing and, if needed, use a glue gun to further secure the glass into the frame
  • Allow the table numbers to dry 
  • If the frames can’t stand on their own, lean them against your wedding centerpieces
  • Make sure that other wedding table decors won’t obstruct the table numbers


What Size Should Table Numbers Be For Wedding?

The most common sizes for wedding table numbers are 5 by 7 inches or 3 by 5 inches. The former is preferred because the table numbers will be big enough to notice when guests find their place upon arriving at the venue. 

Make sure that the style of number design and how you decorate these place cards are also not making the numbers hard to read. There’s no need to overdecorate the table numbers because you’ll also have wedding centerpieces on each table. 


Do You Need Table Numbers At A Wedding?

Table numbers are necessary for the wedding because it guides the guests on where they’ll sit at the reception. You might only have a few ushers to accommodate all guests, and you’ll likely provide a card for the guests with their names and assigned table number. 

It will also save time once the guests arrive at the reception since they’ll search for their own tables. And, of course, large weddings can make it hard to find your table setting if there are no assigned numbers per table. 

If you want to have interesting table numbers, you can decorate around them to make them more noticeable. Here is how to decorate candle holders for a wedding since candles are classy but affordable table decors to add with place cards.


Who Sits At Table 1 At A Wedding?

Table one is another name for the wedding head table. This table has the best view of the guests, and they are also the focal point at the reception. 

It comprises the newlyweds, their family, and the wedding party. However, it can also be only the newlyweds, and the table is called the sweetheart table, or the bride and groom will sit with their wedding party while the closest table to them is reserved for family. 


How to number tables at a wedding

Number the wedding tables to avoid confusion when guests search for their place. You can also put all the even-numbered tables on the right of the reception entrance and odd-numbered tables on the left of the entrance. 

What Should Be On A Wedding Table?

Here is the wedding table checklist if you’re decorating the tables at the reception yourself:

  • Table number and place card
  • Table cover
  • Centerpieces
  • Wedding favors
  • Stationery 
  • Flatware and glassware 


What Type Of Table Setting Is Usually Used For Wedding Reception?

The classical setting is the most popular wedding table setup. From left to right, you’ll have your fork, plate, knives, and spoons. 

And as for table layouts, the banquet is trendy for weddings nowadays. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to make table numbers for wedding, you can prepare pressed flowers, and number decals, then stick them on glass inserts of store-bought frames. 

We hope you also learned about the importance of table numbers. Let us know below what else you want to DIY for the wedding tables.

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