9 Easy and Fast Steps on How to Make Swags Curtains

Curtains are not merely for privacy but can create a stylish appearance and make the room look great. Aside from the curtains’ colors and textures, one can add some additional flair with swag. But, what is a swag curtain? Swags are loosely draped and slung fabrics on a decorative rod. We will be looking at 9 easy steps on how to make swags curtains.

Trust me, they appear unique! Kindly note that you can’t achieve that desired privacy in your room by only using swag curtains. However, a combination of other window treatments like blinds, shades, shutters, and other curtains creates more privacy.

how to make swags curtains


Steps on Making a Swag Curtain

Loose fabrics are used to make swags, and this requires large fabric materials. With the correct measurements, you can purchase a sufficient amount of material to complete the entire decoration. 

Follow these steps below to get your desired swag curtain using strings:

Step #1: Sketch the swag curtain on a sheet

The first step on how to make swags curtains is to sketch. You start by sketching the swag curtain design on a sheet. This sketch covers the design of the swag curtain arrangements on the window or any other opening.

Step #2: Hold the Left Edge With a Pushpin

Next step on how to make swags curtains is holding with a pushpin. Get a pushpin and insert one into the wall, targeting the left edge. Hold the left edge of the fabrics at the top where you want the swag’s left end to appear.

Step #3: hold the right edge with a pushpin

Do the same for the right end, inserting the pushpin on the wall.

Step #4: Use a cord and tie at the left and right end pushpins

Once you’ve installed the pushpins, the next step on how to make swags curtains is to get your cord. Start by tying an end on the left pushpin and the other end on the right pushpin.

Step #5: Connect a cord on the left pushpin

Once you’ve successfully tied the cord between both pushpins, get another cord and connect to the left pushpin.

Step #6: Form a sag with the cord

Drop the cord to get the bottom edge of your proposed swag sag; keep adjusting till you get the correct depth.

Step #7: Take swag measurement

The next step on how to make swags curtains is measurements. Employ your metal tape and measure the swaged cord’s deepest part and the width.

Step #8: attach fabrics

Get your desired fabrics and attach them to the cord forming the swag curtain.

Step #9: Repeat the process if you need multiple swags

If you need multiple swags, you should repeat the process across other windows.


How to Cut Swag Curtains

Once you have your measurement at hand, you can get enough fabrics to give you the desired result. However, it will be good to cut the fabrics right to allow the swags to come out fine. Correct fabric management for swags should cut through the cross grain. 

You would be drafting swag patterns based on the depth and width required. Here comes the need for calculations. You might be thinking of how to get the exact fabric amount needed.

Don’t be scared; you can use various online calculators that will give you clues. These clues are based on your swag measurement, mounting method, fabric pattern, and fabric type. 

The general rule states that swag fabrics should be two yards if they appear 45 inches across.


Steps on Cutting Swags Curtains Right

Step #1: Lay your material on your table

Layout your material on your working table and find the bases by getting the cut edge folded at the bottom or top. Such action helps create an alignment with any of the selvage edges, and you can use straight pins to mark the fold.

Step #2: Fold the swag portion

Considering the curtain’s length, start folding the swag portion pattern halfway.

Step #3: Using a pressing iron on the swag parts

Make the lines from the fold very visible by pressing them.

Step #4: Align the fabrics and the pattern

Get your pins and align your fabric and that of the pattern together.

Step #5: Pin the fabrics and pattern together

Pin both and start cutting around the lines. Ensure that you add some allowance as you cut to provide space for the hems.

Step #6: Pin the swag’s upper edge to your ironing board

Pin the swag’s upper edge to your ironing board to glance through your work. As you work from left to right, pin the edges together till the folds start forming the desired arc.

Step #7: Use the window measurement

Employ your window’s measurement of the length of the curtain tails on your fabric.


Guides on How to Make a Swag Curtain Pattern

Below is how to make a certain pattern for swags with five pleats.

Step #1: You have to get the basic shape created on a sheet; start by marking the width and place the finished curtain swag on it.

Get the length of the chain weight measured and make any possible adjustments. It would be best to form the swag by practicing with another piece of fabric, something simpler to help you get things right.

Step #2: Cut the fabric to shape and mark out the positions for pleats. Adjust the cloth piece to help form the arc.

Step #3: Check out the pleats to ensure they appear even across the center vertical line and appear right from the back distance. Then, make your patterns.


Easy Ways on Making a Pleat a Swag Curtain?

Step #1: You can start making your pleats by folding and pinning the folds. Then, get the side timed for an excellent shaped side chain. If you’ve been working with a test fabric, get your finished curtain fabric and layout on your table. 

Step #2: Start off pinning a short distance right under the top for the right side. Continue to fold in such short distances, and pin to the top until you reach the edge. 

Once done, ensure that you do the same for the left side of the drape. Then, hang the pleated curtain on your window.



Swags create an outstanding appearance for windows and can help improve your room’s aesthetics. If you have been yearning for one on your window, you can get it done in no time by using the steps on how to make swags curtains outlined above. A glance through this piece would help you measure, cut, and create an attractive swag pattern.