How To Make Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes

Do you know it’s only three steps to learn how to make sugar flowers for wedding cakes? For this DIY sugar flowers for wedding cakes, you’ll make gum paste flowers, dragees,  flower cutters, and a veining tool. 

We’ll also discuss what ingredients are typically needed when making sugar flowers. But if you want to learn how to use real flowers on the wedding cake, you can also read how to put fresh flowers on a wedding cake

how to make sugar flowers for wedding cakes


How To Make Sugar Flowers For Wedding Cakes


Step 1. Prepare the gum paste

  • The easiest type of sugar flower you can use on wedding cakes is made from gum paste; you can select any color you want for the sugar flower petals
  • To make sugar flowers from gum paste, roll it thinly over a flat surface; a recipe you can make for wedding cake flowers is made from powdered sugar, meringue powder, tylose, and vanilla extract 
  • Use a petal cutter tool to cut out the petals for your sugar flowers from the rolled gum paste
  • To make the sugar flower petals look more professional-looking, use a sponge and ball tool to thin their edges similar to the edges of real flower petals 
  • Depending on the number of sugar flowers you’ll need, prepare enough petals you want for each bloom according to how big they should be


Step 2. Decorate the sugar flowers with details

  • Making sugar flowers is easy, but to make your cake decors look better, you must add details on each flower
  • Work one petal at a time with your veining tool; this tool will help you add vein marks on the petals for added design 
  • Experiment with the placement of the tool; you also don’t need to vein all sugar flower petals
  • Pinch the end of each petal to create pointed and curved ends
  • Allow the sugar flower petals to dry for an hour before assembling your edible floral decors for the wedding cake


Step 3. Assemble the sugar flowers

  • After making the gum paste cake petal flowers, you will create the flowers
  • Set petals on the other and attach with fondant glue 
  • You may need to pinch the petals if the edges lose their shape; then, apply glue to keep them pinched
  • For the flower center, you’ll glue a dragee in the middle of the flower
  • Finish all the sugar flowers and let them set before decorating your wedding cake


What Do I Need To Make Sugar Flowers?

If you want to make DIY sugar flowers home, you’re not limited to learning how to make gum paste flowers. You can turn other ingredients into flowers to prepare the best wedding decors for your specific wedding cake. 


Fondant flowers

  1. Roll a fondant with a color of your choice until it’s around ⅛ inches thick over a flat surface with a bit of shortening to prevent the fondant from sticking
  2. Trim the edges to create a triangle with the fondant and cut a strip around 2 inches wide and 2 inches long to make one sugar rose for the wedding cake
  3. Fold the fondant strip lengthwise without pressing the sides together and roll it up
  4. Pinch the bottom to create a cone and squeeze the folded portion to create a better rose shape 
  5. Let the fondant flowers harden for 24 hours before decorating 


Royal icing flowers

  1. Whisk water and meringue powder in a bowl until foamy, then add powdered sugar until it’s thoroughly mixed 
  2. Add vanilla and continue mixing to form stiff peaks
  3. Divide the royal icing into different bowls for the colors of your sugar flowers
  4. Scoop the royal icing onto a piping bag with the tip suitable for the wedding cake flower you’re making
  5. Pipe into a wax paper and let them dry overnight 


Candied flowers

  1. Whisk egg whites until frothy
  2. Pour superfine sugar into another bowl
  3. Take a fresh edible flower by the stem with tweezers and brush the petals with the egg white mixture lightly
  4. Dip the coated flower into the sugar until it’s evenly covered
  5. Allow the flower to dry and harden over wax paper for 36 hours
  6. Repeat on all the flowers for the cake; make sure that you’re candied flowers are made from safe, organic, and edible blooms

Read how to decorate a wedding cake to get the most of your wedding design with these flower recipes. 


How Do You Arrange Sugar Flowers On A Wedding Cake?

  • Use your wedding cake theme as a guide to know what colors should contrast and complement each other
  • Use sugar flowers that are different in height when decorating a wedding cake to create a more professional-looking decor 
  • Experiment with how deep you put the sugar flowers on the cake for a natural look, especially if you want the sugar flowers to face different directions like in nature
  • You don’t need to overfill the top of the wedding cake with flowers
  • Consider one-sided or asymmetrical arrangements over the cake



And that’s it! You just learned how to make sugar flowers for wedding cakes in three easy steps. 

You will cut petals from gum paste, add details, and then use fondant glue to construct the sugar flower. Alternatively, you can use fondant, royal icing, or candied fresh flowers for your wedding cake sugar flowers. 

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