How To Make Sofa Cushions Higher: Best 2-Step Fix

You can quickly learn how to make sofa cushions higher in two easy steps. First, this article will discuss how a better base and extra material beneath the cushions can make them higher. These solutions should also be applicable if you don’t know how to fix sofa cushions and restore their structure. 

Besides a two-step tutorial to improve the height of the couch cushions, this article will even help make your sofa taller. So without further ado, let’s enhance the height of your couch in the easiest yet effective way possible.  


How To Make Sofa Cushions Higher Easily At Home


Step 1. Make the sofa base higher

  • Remove all the accessories on the sofa, such as the covers and throw pillows
  • Check how the cushions are placed on the couch and remove them accordingly
  • If the cushions are removable, simply take them out of the sofa
  • If the cushions are fixed, work one cushion at a time
  • Hold and pull one side of the cushion to reveal how it attached to the sofa
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut the cushion carefully out of the sofa
  • Measure the bare base of the couch and use the dimensions to cut a platform made from a wooden block 
  • If needed, paint the platform to match it with the rest of the furniture or cover it with the same upholstery material
  • Return the cushions in place and make the necessary adjustments

Step 2. Add a foam pad under the cushions

  • If you still need more height for the sofa cushions, consider replacing their material by removing the current ones and taking their measurement
  • Get the best density foam for sofa cushions to ensure that they won’t sag quickly and insert them into the cushion covers 
  • Since using an overly thick platform on the base would be too noticeable, place a foam pad underneath the cushions as well
  • Measure the area underneath the cushions and use the same cover for the extra foam pad
  • Check the proportions of your modified sofa to ensure that everything blends well 
  • You can also select either step for adding height to the cushions and then change the sofa itself

How Do You Perk Up Sagging Couch Cushions?

One of the best ways to fix sagging sofa cushions is to improve them or add support underneath them. By repairing the damaged springs or adding plywood on the base, the sofa seat will have better resistance against weight and won’t have a dent in the middle. However, the fastest method to perk up sagging cushions and restore their structure is to refill them. 

Refilling the cushions will also help them be plumper and higher for better comfort and overall look of the couch. You can either opt for new foam inserts, add more stuffing, or even cover the inner material in batting. 

  1. Remove the sofa cushions accordingly
  2. Open the zippered cover or make an opening on one side with a seam ripper
  3. Check the quality of the foam or stuffing to know if you will only add more materials or replace them altogether
  4. You can either use high-resiliency foam inserts covered with ¼-inch batting or fillers made from feathers and down or your choice of fiber
  5. Stuff the cushions and make sure there are no spaces inside
  6. Close the zipper or sew the opening
  7. Place back the sofa cushions and fluff them up

What Can I Put Under My Sofa Cushions?

The most common solution to improve the support and keep the seat cushions from sagging is plywood on the frame base. You can also use cardboard, particle board, books, or any sturdy material that can help make the sofa cushions firmer. First, however, consider inspecting the sofa frame because you might need to fix the sofa springs or other parts that affect pressure distribution. 

How Can I Raise My Sofa?

The height of the sofa is crucial because it allows you to sit comfortably and improve your posture for the back. The ideal distance from the floor to the seat is between 17 to 18 inches depending on the user. Here are some ways to raise your couch if necessary: 

New legs

You can easily learn how to remove sofa legs and find longer replacements that will fit in your couch. Just remember to get the correct size and style to help with the installation. Some need screws, while others are easily screwed in. 

Furniture risers

Check your furniture shop for risers. They come in different sizes, looks, and prices, and you only need to place them underneath the legs. Of course, if you find the finished look unappealing on your couch, you can always conceal them by adding a skirt. 

Ball casters

Besides risers, you can also consider using casters underneath the sofa legs. They are more subtle, and you can also benefit from the added mobility. 


And that’s it! To recap this guide on how to make sofa cushions higher, you only need to add a platform on the frame base or a foam pad underneath the cushions. We also recommend considering modifying the couch height instead by adding risers, casters, or even new legs.

We hope this helps you achieve the ideal sofa alteration, and you can also learn how to sit on the sofa to avoid back pain to get the most of the improved height.

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