How To Make Sofa Cushions Covers? Quickest 3 Steps

Learn how to make sofa cushions covers in three easy steps. This tutorial will teach you how to sew a zippered sofa cushion cover if you want to give your couch cushions a makeover or provide protection. We will also discuss different couch cushion cover styles to help you select or make one if you don’t prefer zippered covers. 

You will need a sewing machine for this project to save time and ensure consistency in your stitches. But if you don’t have one, it should still be doable. You can also read this guide on making sofa arm covers in case you also want to cover these parts of the sofa. 

How To Make Sofa Cushions Covers


How Do You Make Sofa Cushion Covers?


Step 1. Cut the fabric pieces

  • Take out the sofa cushions from the sofa and remove their covers
  • Measure the existing cover or make a stencil using its dimensions to know how much fabric to cover a sofa
  • Do note that some sofas may use different sizes of cushions, so it’s essential to take the measurements of the various sizes
  • You can also trace the outline of the sofa cushion itself, then measure and add half an inch to the fabric you’ll cut for the seam allowance
  • Cut several sofa pieces according to the cushions you will cover
  • If you have two cushions, you will cut four pieces of material
  • After preparing the top and bottom fabrics, measure the side of the sofa cushion to know what size to cut for it
  • Place the measuring tape from one zipper end to the other and add five inches for allowance
  • Get the cushion thickness by placing the measuring tape from the top of the cushion to the bottom and add an inch to the measurement for allowance
  • They will be the dimensions of the cover side, and you’ll cut as many depending on the number of your cushions

Step 2. Sew the zipper onto the cover

  • For the material needed for the zipper, take the existing zipper length measurement of the cover you removed and add an inch for allowance
  • The zipper fabric width will be the previous width divided in half plus half an inch for allowance
  • If you have two sofa cushions, you will cut four zipper fabric pieces 
  • Sewing the zipper onto your cushion cover fabric is easy, especially when using the zipper foot of the sewing machine
  • Place the right side of the zipper and a piece of zipper fabric together and sew along the former’s edge
  • Repeat on the other zipper side and turn the fabric piece to the right
  • Topstitch around ¼ inches away from the zipper
  • Sew ¼ inches from the edge of the fabric with the most amount of zipper and cut the excess

Step 3. Construct the sofa cushion cover together

  • Pin the zipper piece to the middle piece fabric right sides together and sew with half an inch of the seam allowance on both edges 
  • Take one sewn edge and fold the central piece to the zipper fabric and pin
  • Mark an inch away from the center of the zipper going to the center of the middle sofa cushion fabric and repeat on both sides
  • From the middle of the zipper to the middle of the material, mark one and ¼ inches, and you’ll end up with three markings
  • Repeat the process for the other size and then topstitch from the cushion cover middle fabric to reach the connected markings at ⅛ inches
  • Finish on the other side of the zipper to have the zippered installed 
  • Align the center portions of the top fabric and zipper fabric, then pin them with their right sides together
  • Sew with half an inch of seam allowance starting at one corner at the back 
  • You may need to make adjustments if the fabric stretches
  • Attach the bottom fabric to finish the sofa cushion cover
  • While making a custom couch cushion cover will guarantee the perfect fit, you can always benefit from knowing the hacks on how to keep sofa covers in place

How Do You Cover Cushions Without Sewing?

A no-sew sofa cushion cover is possible with the use of safety pins. This hack is perfect for those who don’t have time and need a quick fix for their cushions. You only need to cut one fabric piece for each cushion and allocate some allowance on the material to allow it to cover the sides. 

  1. Place the fabric piece on top of the cushion and wrap it around the sides
  2. Fold the corners as if you’re wrapping a box present
  3. Secure the makeshift cover to the backside with safety pins while pulling on the fabric to prevent wrinkling

How Do You Make A Cushion Cover Without A Zip?

An envelope closure is an excellent alternative for a zipper-cushion cover. Take the width of the cushion with seam allowance. And for the length, use the width measurement twice with more allowance to allow the overlapping for the envelope closure.



You can cover your sofa cushions DIY-style. We have discussed how to make sofa cushions covers at home using three easy steps. But if you don’t want a zippered cover, you can also switch for an envelope closure or even use pins for a quick cover. 

And if your cushions need replacement, read this guide on the best foam to use for sofa cushions because replacing the cover won’t be enough. 


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