How To Make Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable? In 7 Easy Steps

How to make sofa bed mattress more comfortable? It is essential to have a cozy and comfortable place.

A sofa bed is a dual purpose; it is stated right in its name, so it is crucial to have it well built.

How to make sofa bed mattress more comfortable

A thing should serve its purpose, and that means pushing it out of the box.

If you want to make your sofa bed more comfortable, I will help you out. Keep reading!


Steps To Make Sofa Bed Mattress More Comfortable

Wondering how to make sofa bed mattress more comfortable?

If you are resting on a sofa bed and feel uncomfortable with it, you would want to make it more comfortable.

Don’t worry because I got you. Let’s learn together!

It is quite a heaven to feel for having a comfortable place to rest, and that is something you want to ensure. Let’s get started!


Step #1. Materials

Gather up the things you’ll be needing for this makeover!

Are you excited? You should be. It is one of the best things in life, exploring new things and making things work independently.

You’ll be needing a plywood board, one that is very sturdy.

A topper that should be a memory foam mattress; some sheets that would make your sleep more comfortable, like a high-thread one.

Some would recommend a down comforter, but then you can pick a comforter of your choice.

And also, add in some fluffy pillows. Just be careful in choosing it because it would attest to your preference.


Step #2. Flipping the mattress

It is indeed essential to flip the mattress over.

It may have lumps or deformities in terms of shape since you might be laying down on one part of it almost every night.

It is crucial to have someone to help you out in doing this procedure.

Your mattress may be so heavy, and you should have to assist in flipping it over correctly. It might damage your bed if you insist on doing it alone.

Please do not put it back from where you took it. You will be putting in something there before placing the mattress back, so stay tuned.


Step #3. Place the plywood

You will be placing your plywood right where you took the mattress out.

It would provide reliable support as the base for your mattress.

If your bed is too wide that the plywood would be too small, you can have two of these.


Step #4. Put it back

Put your mattress back on the bed.

Please keep it in the same way as how it was when you flipped it over.

The plywood at the bottom will help the mattress to recover from its lumps.


Step #5. Add the topper

It is part of additional comfort for your sofa bed.

Adding in a memory foam topper is another satisfaction and a good step for making your bed very comfortable.

Before this, you might want the idea of covering your mattress on a smooth cloth or sheet to hold it in place and to avoid the slipping of the topper you have.


Step #6. Putting on sheets

It is essential to have a sheet covering your mattress topper, which is beautiful when it is a down comforter.

Before then, add in some sheets first as a base to your topper.

Be reminded that when a sheet got a higher count of the thread, it is more worth it, but it might also be pricey.

You can always go with the standard bedsheets to pursue it or save more money.

It is just an option to make, but the decision is yours!


Step #7. Adding a good pillow

Well, once your bed and mattress are all set up, you have just this finishing touch to complete a good sofa bed.

Add in an excellent fluffy pillow to add in the comfort that you are feeling.

Laying down on a soft, durable, and cozy mattress is unique and exciting, but then again, having something to lay on in is another set of satisfaction.

Having a very fluffy pillow will add up to the comfortable feeling you will be having.

You can buy a new one or if you wish you can use your old set of pillows.

What is another thing that you could do?

If you want to have that comfortable and calming vibe while sitting or lying down in your sofa bed, you can do big things.

You can light a scented candle too much with the vibe.

Have a cute lamp beside your bed to give a dim light source when you want to relax or rest.

You wouldn’t want to have a super bright light in front of you, right?



Aiming for an excellent spot to rest isn’t demanding at all. It is your right to have it.

Making things work in your favor is quite a good feeling—satisfaction with your work and a good sense.

We have now answered the question “how to make sofa bed mattress more comfortable?” in 7 easy ways.

I hope that you will be able to achieve your desired comfortable sofa bed.