How To Make Rocking Chair Cushions: Easy 7-Step DIY Guide

There are seven easy steps you can follow in how to make rocking chair cushions. Making these cushions are not as difficult as most people may seem to believe. The materials alone are easy to gather as they are primarily available at either the local fabric shop or at the craft section of department stores near you.

Putting together the cushion itself is simple and easy, that it can take up only a single afternoon. You can follow these simple steps to make cushions for your rocking chair.

how to make rocking chair cushions


How To Make Cushions for A Rocking Chair

Do you have arthritis or just a bad back? Or perhaps are you healing from muscle sprains? Lounging on rocking chairs is suitable for those experiencing such back and muscle conditions since it allows tiny incremental movements while supporting your weight.

If you are planning to use your rocking chair frequently, it would be best to make it as comfortable as possible. You can increase the comfort of your rocking chair by making cushions specialized for it. Here are seven easy-to-follow steps in creating a rocking chair cushion.


Step #1. Making the layout

Create a design for the cushions. It might be best to start simple by doing square or rectangular ones. You can switch it up after getting more practice by making much more complicated and intricate designs and shapes like stars or circles.


Step #2. Calculating the material

Measure the rocking chair’s both depth and width. Always add an extra inch for both the width and length.


Step #3. Cutting the material

For the material, you can choose any upholstery material you are comfortable working with. From leather to cotton—you have the free will to choose whichever you want. In cutting the material, make sure that the lines are straight and that the materials are the same size.


Step #4. Sewing the casings

Choose a corner. Then begin sewing a double stitch seam along that chosen edge.

After that, sew the sides connecting to the seam you created. This will create a sort of pocket that is sewn on three sides and has an open-top.


Step #5. Stuffing the cushions

It is now time for adding and compressing the cushion pad! Place it inside the pocket that was created. Check the corners and make sure they are not folded.


Step #6. Sewing the final seams

Like you did the other three, sew the final seam. If you want to make this part more manageable, you can place two yardsticks over the edge of the cushion’s padding and tie it with a string or tape. This will help compress the edges, allowing the two edges to fit more efficiently and be sewn with less effort.


Step #7. Finishing touches

For the final touches, you can add more flair to your cushions by including tassels. You can also add more thickness to the padding. Though make sure that the length and width of the material are adjusted accordingly before cutting it.


How To Measure For A Rocking Chair Cushion?

There are several types of rocking chairs, which means that there are various sizes and measures. In making your cushions, you must first measure your rocking chair for a more accurate reference.


Measure the back

This means measuring the height of the back of the chair, from the seat up to the top of the back. Measure the narrowest point of the back, which is usually between the armrest or the bottom.


Measure the seat

You need to measure the depth of the chair, from the back to the front. You also need to measure the width, mainly at the narrowest point of the chair.


How Can You Keep Rocking Chair Cushions From Sliding Off?

One glaringly annoying problem of rocking chair cushions is the tendency to move and slide off. One effective way to stop this is by adding ties to the pillow. It can be done in a matter of minutes!

Prepare a tie that is about 6-8 inches. Make a dot on the center of the cushion to know where you will stitch the tie. You can perform a double stitch in sewing the ties to the cushion.


What Other Ways You Can Make Your Rocking Chair More Comfortable?

Aside from adding cushions, there are other means or methods to make your rocking chair more comfortable! There is just something about personalizing your rocking chair to make it cozier and more inviting.

Paint it in a warm color to make it more appealing to the eyes. You can also paint it to match the interior design of your house.

Another excellent way is by pairing it up with the right accessory. You can pair it up with a throw blanket so you can wrap yourself with it while sitting on the chair.

Aside from choosing the right color and accessory, finding the right spot is also necessary. During winter, you can place it near the fireplace so you can cozy up. For summer, you can set it near a window or on the terrace for a refreshing feel.



Lounging on a rocking chair can bring discomfort after hours of sitting on it. You can always make a cushion to make it more comfortable. On how to make rocking chair cushions, there are simple steps you can follow, even if you are entirely new to the sewing world!

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