How to Make PVC Pipe Swivel Chairs

The swivel chair is a staple in many offices, but how do you make one? This article will show how to create your own PVC Pipe swivel chairs. The project can be completed in as little as an hour and at a very low cost.

All you need are some basic tools, inexpensive PVC pipes (around $10), and two ball bearings that fit the inside diameter of the pipe ($2-$3).


Steps on  Making PVC Pipe Swivel Chairs

Step 1. Measure how tall you want the chair to be.

Step 2. Cut three pieces of PVC pipe that are four inches longer than your desired height for each piece, and two pieces of PVC pipe one inch shorter than your desired height

Step 3. Mark where on the smaller length you want to drill a hole using a permanent marker or pencil

Step 4. Connect all four lengths with connector joints (comes in various sizes) at their ends; these will connect into an “X” shape. Drill holes through from opposite sides like you did before when drilling for the small pipes

Step 5. Slide bearings over both sets of small pipes so they fit snugly inside without moving around too much and put them next to each other in-between lengths of larger piping. Thread a bolt through the two pipes on each side and tighten them with nuts.

Step 6. Connect all four lengths at one end using connector joints (comes in various sizes)

Step 7. Add cushions to the seat of the chair. You might also want to add armrests for comfort’s sake, but this is optional!

For swivel chairs: drill holes from opposite sides of the pipe so there are no restrictions when rotating it. Then attach casters or wheels that will allow you can easily rotate your chair. Make sure they’re securely attached before moving onto any other steps.


Is furniture grade PVC stronger than regular PVC?

Yes, furniture grade PVC is stronger than regular PVC. Regular PVC pipe can only hold up to about 30 pounds per foot of thickness while furniture-grade pipe can handle over 100 pounds per foot!

The different grades of vinyl are most commonly used for applications like water and gas supply pipes (where strength is important), but they also come in handy when building your swivel chair as well.


What is the difference between furniture grade PVC and regular PVC?

Regular PVC pipe can only hold up to about 30 pounds per foot of thickness while furniture-grade pipe can handle over 100 pounds per foot! This is due to the different chemicals that are mixed in with regular PVC.

The process begins by adding plasticizers (a flexible substance such as phthalate, glycol or alkylphenol) and stabilizers (for example sodium hydroxide). Then a colourant is added for identification purposes before finally mixing in preservatives which help protect from weathering.


What type of glue should I use?

You’ll want a two-part water-soluble adhesive like contact cement or Titebond II Premium Wood Glue. You will also need clamps at this point.


How do I connect the pipe to the swivel?

The first step is drilling a hole in one of the pipes using two different bits, an 18mm for your pipe and then a 12mm drill bit for how deep you need it drilled into the other piece. Next comes glueing them together and clamping with something heavy while they dry so that everything is pushed up tight against each other.

The last thing would be putting on some protective tape around where you drilled as this will help keep glue out from getting everywhere when attaching these pieces later on!

Thickness while furniture-grade pipe can handle over 100 pounds per foot! This is due to the different chemicals that are mixed in with regular PVC.


How to Prevent Damages on PVC Pipe Swivel Chairs

These are some things you can do to prevent damage to your PVC pipe chair:

The first thing is that if you’re going to be using the chair outside, make sure it’s under a cover or umbrella and away from direct sunlight!

You should also avoid sitting directly onto any surface made of cement or stone since this will cause corrosion due to how acidic they are.

If you want an extra layer of protection, spray paint all exposed metal parts with a clear sealant like Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Spray but keep in mind that this chemical cannot go into contact with people how how how not .


How to Care for PVC Pipe Swivel Chairs

To keep your swivelling chair looking brand new, you need to make sure you’re taking care of it. This means periodically wiping down the surface with a mixture of soap and water or vinegar.

You should also take a damp cloth and wipe off any mud that is stuck on there from moist dirt. However, if this doesn’t work just use some dishwashing liquid mixed in warm water for tough stains!

For routine cleaning, mix equal parts white distilled vinegar and water into a one-quart spray bottle; then shake well before each use. Spray liberally over all surfaces as needed (including vinyl). Let soak for up to 20 minutes. Rinse as needed and wipe dry to remove the vinegar smell.

For tough stains, mix dishwashing liquid with warm water in a spray bottle; shake well before each use; then liberally spray over the stain (not on vinyl) and let sit 20 minutes or more before washing off the residue with soap and water.

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