How To Make Portable Heater? 4 Excellent Methods!

Do you want to learn how to make portable heater? Make one and choose the best heater that you think can help you stay warm through the night or for at least a few hours. You can enjoy the night and spend a little while outdoors. 

Nowadays, there are various heaters such as gas, electric and solar. They are proven to be efficient, and other models are cost-efficient, but these heaters need regular maintenance and use different energy to function well.

how to make portable heater

Due to these circumstances, people use portable heaters they can make to help them reduce their energy consumption or bills. Do you want to make a portable heater too? Continue reading this article and make your heater at home and worry less about the energy consumption. Are you ready, my friend? Let’s dive in!


Different Types Of Methods To Make Portable Heater

If you want to build a portable heater, you should specify where you are planning to use your heater. Suppose you need a heater indoors. A wood-burning heater made of metal barrels or can is not recommendable, as this emits smoke and is not suitable for a person with sensitive lungs. On the other hand, this type of heater is a great option to be used outdoors. To help you out on what type of heater you can make indoors and outdoors. Are you ready to learn how to make portable heater at home? Let’s do this!


#1. Metal barrel or 1-gallon paint can

If you haven’t heard about this type of heater yet, you can make a heater out of an old metal barrel and a paint can. These type of heaters is suitable to use outdoors. Get your old metal barrel, or your metal can and take off the paint inside and outside. You can burn the paint or scrub them off to remove the paint. After removing the paint, decide whether you want to make holes in your barrel or holes. If you choose to have holes, drill holes on the bottom side of the metal barrel or metal can. Make more significant holes in the barrel, as this needs more air. 

On the other hand, if you want o to have an access door, tilt the barrel sideways and layout a door on it. Cut the upper and lower part using a metal saw or a grinder, then connect hinges on the side you prefer to be the opening. After you attach the hinges, cut the rest of the sides. Position your barrel in its upright position, and you are done. 


#2. Propane tank

If you want to make a wood stove that you can use indoors, you can use an old propane tank, but you need to know to weld for this. To begin, cut the handle and the valve attached to your heater. After removing them, make a layout for the door in your heater and cut them out.

You can choose between making a door upwards or sideways and attaching hinges for easy access to the door. After making the door, get a metal pipe and weld it to the propane tank. You can use the hole where the valve was located or make another hole. If you use this indoor heater, you can extend and attach longer pipes to lead the smoke outside. You may also be interested to know about propane tank size for your home.


#3. Using clay pot

If you don’t have an old barrel or a paint can that you can use, using a clay pot can be your option. This portable heater can be used indoors, as you will be using a candle. You will need a few fire bricks, a candle, and a medium and large clay pot for this. Make two piles of at least three bricks a few inches away, place the candle between the spaces, but the medium pot, face the candle, and then add the large one.

This type of heater will rely on how big your candle is or how many times you’ll change the candle. Some people hang the pots and use a clay disk that holds the candle. The clay pot absorbs the heat from the candle fire and releases it to the surroundings. 


#4. Alcohol and toilet paper

Besides the two mentioned above, you can use toilet paper to help you go through night after night cut-off, and you do not have a backup heater. To start, get an empty 500-gallon paint can and alcohol. Make sure your paint can does not have remaining paints inside and outside the can. Fold your toilet paper and insert it into the can. Pour alcohol into the paper until it’s entirely wet, and light it. The alcohol will be the fuel of your heater, and it can go through in almost two hours. You can also make at least three or two of them to keep the room warm.


It’s A Wrap!

You have successfully uncovered the four types of portable heaters you can build at home. You can now make your heater. You don’t need to worry whenever your gas supply or electricity is out, as you already know how to make portable heater. Isn’t that an easy and fast way to have a heater! You may also want to read about which heater is best and what kind of heater do i have.

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