How To Make Portable Air Conditioner? 10 Easy Steps!

How to make portable air conditioner? There are only ten steps for you to make a portable air conditioner in your home! For more specific and detailed steps, read this article.

The summer heat is on its way. Therefore, it is time for you to make your cheap and portable air conditioner. Moreover, it is simple to make!

how to make portable air conditioner

Since air conditioners are somehow expensive, you can think of a possible alternative. This DIY air conditioner will help you ease the heat of summer temporarily.

You only need little inexpensive materials from your nearby hardware shop or your storage room. The best part is that you don’t need any electrical knowledge to set it up.


Steps To Make Portable Air Conditioner

There are several steps you need to learn and do to build and make your portable air conditioner. But, unfortunately, you cannot make it with just a snap.

Thus, to answer: how to make portable air conditioner?

Here are the following steps you must remember:


Step #1. Preparation

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is you must prepare your materials. Without them, you will not be able to make your portable air conditioner.

However, make sure that you can find these materials in your household. It may be costly if you tend to buy new things.

Thus, here are the following materials you need to ready:

  • Icebox
  • Driller
  • Two PVC elbow pipes with a diameter of 5 inches
  • Duct tapes
  • Sharpie or black marker
  • Batteries
  • Wireless or portable fan
  • Saw
  • Ice cubes


Step #2. Mark out the shape of the fan

The next step is to place the batteries in your wireless fan. Then, place it inside the lid of the cooler. Ensure that it is in the middle.

Using the marker pen, outline the shape of the wireless fan. There, you outlined.


Step #3. Drill a hole in the top

In the middle of the circle you created on the top, make a small hole. This step will enable cutting out the circular shape with the saw you have much quicker.


Step #4. Make a hole for the fan

Insert your saw blade into the opening. Then, cut a straight line to the circle you outlined from the hole. Keep cutting all around the circumference of the circle.

Repeat the process.


Step #5. Put the fan to the scene

As you close the lid of the icebox, position the wireless fan in the hole. Ensure that the rear of the fan points into the cooling system. Then, tape the borders using duct tape to keep them in place.

On the rear and the front of the wireless fan, also tape all the corners. You may also add a splash of color using printed duct tape or any decorations you have.


Step #6. Outline by tracing all pipes

You should put one curved pipe on one corner of the chiller or icebox. Then, trace it. Do the same procedure on the other half of the icebox.


Step #7. Make a guide hole with a driller

Make a hole in the circular in the same way you drilled a hole in the lid. You should do this step on both sides of the icebox.


Step #8. Make a hole for pipes

Using a saw, you should make several holes. These holes are for the pipes you have.


Step #9. Insert pipes

Insert the curved pipes further into corresponding holes.  Ensure that the tips of the curved tubes are facing in an upward position.

Similar to the wireless fan, seal the curved pipe to the hole. Use again, duct tape to tape it around the corners.


Step #10. Put the ice

Load the icebox with your ice cubes or any ice available. Then, do not forget to cover the lid and switch on the wireless fan as the final step. The portable air conditioner you made should start pumping pretty cold air within 9-10 minutes.

There you go! You made a portable air conditioner by yourself.


What Is The Mechanism Behind It?

It is easy to see how this portable air conditioner generates chilly air. The wireless fan enables the air to go inside the icebox. Moreover, the ice-cooled the icebox.

Then, the cool or the cold air passes through either end of the curved pipes. Wait until you feel the cold breeze.


3 Suggestions You May Follow

There are three pro recommendations you should keep in mind. To get as much out of your air conditioner, follow these guidelines:

First, grab a bunch of bottles of water. Then, freeze them instead of using packed or cubed ice for your air conditioner. The frozen water bottles are easy to use and may be re-frozen several times.

You may use fans powered by solar energy rather than fans powered by batteries. It eliminates the need to replace batteries.

For perfumed air, place a few fabric softeners on top of your ice.



To make a portable air conditioner, you only need to prepare few materials. However, do not forget your icebox, pipes, fan, and ice, as these are the essential things.

This portable air conditioner is for temporary use only. If you tend to have a long-lasting cooler, you need to buy an actual air conditioner to cool your home.

That is all for the topic: how to make portable air conditioner?

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