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How to Make Pillow Shams with Ruffles: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are interested in learning how to make pillow shams with ruffles, then you’re reading the right article. Perhaps you’re someone who intends to achieve a unique type of home décor that’s why you want to make your decorative items yourself. You couldn’t go wrong by making your own pillow shams with ruffles.


What Are Pillow Shams?

Derived from the idea of some sort of a trick in the 1700s, pillow shams refer to pillowcases that are specially made to create decorative covers that can be removed.


Pillow shams are a frequent sight inside the bedroom. They are commonly used to complement and match comforters, covers, and other bedding elements. That said, it is no wonder that their presence adds a lot of personal touch to interior aesthetics.


Although you can sleep on your pillow shams just like your normal pillowcases, they’re often used to provide extra support while you’re sitting in your bed or as a decorative item. Nevertheless, pillow shams can still be taken to the next level with the help of decorative ruffles.


Pillow Shams vs. Pillowcases

Before everything else, pillow shams should be distinguished from pillowcases. While cases are used to protect pillows, shams are mostly utilized for decorative purposes. Also, shams tend to be open from the back, whereas cases are often open at one end.

Despite these variations, both can actually be slept on. Although there are instances when sleeping on shams causes discomfort considering that some are made from textured materials.


A Guide to DIY Ruffled Pillow Shams

If you are new to the DIY sewing club, then you might need to prepare yourself since ruffled pillow shams can be quite labor-intensive. Regardless, there is no need to worry because this guide can assist you every step of the way.


Step #1: Prepare the needed materials

Topping the list is, of course, the fabric. You are free to select any type, and you can also choose different kinds for the sham and the ruffles. The quantity will depend on how big and how many shams you intend to produce.

The rest of the supplies are just basic sewing tools. Among these are coordinating threads, pins, rulers, fabric pens, scissors, and a sewing machine. You may also want to secure an iron for the finishing touches later.


Step #2: Determine the measurements

The process comprises two phases: the creation of the pillow sham and the addition of ruffles. For the sham, you have to first determine the measurements of the front and back panels.

The dimensions of the front panel are based on the size of the pillow insert plus about a 1.5-inch seam allowance around the edges. Meanwhile, the back panel measures equally in width and three-fourths in length with the pillow insert.


Step #3: Begin cutting the pieces of the front and back panels

With the measurements done, you can begin cutting one piece of the front panel and two pieces of the back panel. Then, you hem one side of each back piece by vertically folding an inch from the edge twice. This procedure must be done on both back pieces.


Step #4: Sew them in place

Remember, the hems need to be pinned to hold them in place when sewing. Once they are stitched, each back piece should have a single hem on one side. After that, it is time for you to assemble the sham.

The front panel should be placed right side up and the back panel right side down with the hems toward the center. Once pinned together, all four sides must be sewn shut. Lastly, to end the first part, you should flip the sham out to expose the right sides.


Step #5: Determine the measurement of the ruffles

Moving on to the second phase, the measurement of the ruffle fabric should be first identified. While the width may depend on your preferences, the length should be roughly equal to twice the sum of the sizes of all sides of the sham.


Step #6: Cut the fabric strip

After that, you should cut the fabric in a straight direction. You may proceed by gathering the fabric strip using a sewing machine. To start, you want to set your machine to its longest stitch and use threads that do not easily snap for better results.


Step #7: Stitch two rows on the fabric’s right side

Then, you need to stitch two rows on the right side of the fabric. Take note that you should leave a long tail at either end, meaning back-stitching should not be applied. Next, you have to gently pull both loose threads on the wrong side to gather the fabric.

Once the strip has gathered to the desired length, each end should be tied off, and the excess threads should be cut. To make them evenly distributed and flatter, you can opt to readjust the gathers and press them with a flat iron.


Step #8: Sew the ruffles to the sham

The last few steps involve sewing the ruffles to the sham. This should be completed by placing the sham right side out and pinning the ruffles all the way around with its wrong side up. Then, you can sew them together and do back-stitching to secure both ends.


Final Thoughts on How to Make Pillow Shams with Ruffles

Now that you have been briefed on how to make pillow shams with ruffles, you may feel more confident to start improving the style of your home. After all, that can be achieved once you make things by yourself.


How Do You Activate My Pillow

How Do You Activate My Pillow

The answer to the question how do you activate My Pillow is by putting it in the dryer. This article will discuss it in more detail to help you get the most of this product. You’ll also learn more about the MyPillow and avoid potential issues. 

Much like the Chillow Pillow, the product MyPillow also requires the user to activate it before usage. This will allow the material to adjust to your sleep position and provide a comfortable sleep. What else should you expect? 


How To Activate My Pillow

MyPillow is marketed as the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. However, not everyone is familiar with activating this product. To get the best experience with your MyPillow, there is a simple step that you must do upon its arrival. 


What to do upon opening MyPillow?

A newly opened MyPillow may look and feel flat once it unfolds. But before you feel disappointed, this thin pillow will soon get fluffier. To achieve this, you should place your MyPillow in the dryer with a damp cloth. 

Set the dryer on high heat and leave the product there for 15 minutes. What this practice does is activate the MyPillow’s unique interlocking material inside. The fill will then be ready for use. 


Why does MyPillow feel lumpy?

Another common experience of some people with the MyPillow is that it feels lumpy, mostly when new. After activating the product, you can expect the interlocking stuffing inside to adjust uniquely to you. The pillow should lose its lumpy feeling as you continuously sleep on it, and when you regularly wash and dry it. 


Will MyPillow go flat or feel hot?

The MyPillow should last you for a long time that the company boasts how it won’t go flat for ten years. You can also wash and dry the pillow if it’s starting to lose its form. And finally, you can say goodbye to feeling hot when using MyPillow because it uses a cotton casing. 


What Is MyPillow?

You might be wondering what is the MyPillow and what makes it special among the other products in the market. As you have read, you must place it in the dryer upon opening to activate the material inside. MyPillow uses a patented three-piece interlocking stuffing. 

This fill supports the head and neck all through the night for maximum comfort. Furthermore, the pillow will provide the exact fit by adjusting to you. You can even distinguish different color-coded pillows to find the perfect match for you. 

For example, there are tags with different colored writings. White indicates medium fill; green means more fill, blue is the firmest, and yellow is the least firm. There are also different sizes so that you can get the right dimensions for your body type. 


MyPillow fitting guide


Sleeping position

If you are a combination sleeper, the green and blue pillows will be suitable for every sleeping position. However, those who sleep on their stomachs should get yellow and white options because they provide a good loft. Remember that regardless of your sleeping position, you must check if the pillow allows you to maintain a neutral posture to avoid pain and pressure. 


Body type

The company also recommends that you pick the pillow according to your t-shirt size so that you’re getting the best firmness level. For example, small sizes for women and men should choose yellow and white accordingly, while white pillows suit those who wear a medium. Large for women is white, while men should get green.

Men and women who wore XL can use green pillows, and those who wore XXXL are suited for blue. Women who wear XXL can use green, and men are best with blue. Additionally, note that MyPillow comes in standard, queen, and king sizes.


How To Wash MyPillow



Perhaps another reason that makes MyPillow unique from other pillow types is the fact that you can wash and dry it in the machine and dryer. You can wash it every four months as maintenance or even as frequently as every two months for those with allergies. And best of all, the company has a ten-year warranty to make you feel at ease when laundering. 



MyPillow can use any detergent, but never a fabric softener. Then, select the cold or warm setting in a regular cycle. It’s best to have two pillows inside or add towels if you are using a top-loading machine.

 On the other hand, wash the pillow with a full load if you’re using a front-load machine.



When it comes to drying, use high heat and tumble dry without dryer balls. MyPillow won’t get deformed even you accidentally over-dried it, but you can always shorten the drying time with extra spin cycles. The emphasis is still necessary on avoiding fabric softeners in the dryer as well. 



When MyPillow promises that it will be the most comfortable product in the market, you’ll indeed have high expectations. But to get the most of this pillow, one must wonder how do you activate my pillow. Upon its arrival, you want to place it in the dryer with a damp cloth.

Leave it there for 15 minutes in high heat, and this will activate the material inside. The pillow should lose its lumpy feel as you use it and have it laundered multiple times. The company also recommends washing and drying it to restore its form if it feels flat. 


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