How To Make Paper Flowers For A Wedding

Those who want to know how to make paper flowers for a wedding can do so in just four steps. We’ll make floral papers for the wedding using tissue paper. 

You can use these paper flowers for your wedding decors and centerpieces, and we’ve also included a guide for a floral bouquet made of paper. And speaking of bouquets, please refer to how to make a wedding bouquet with fake flowers if you want to save on costs for your bridal bouquet. 

how to make paper flowers for a wedding


How To Make Paper Flowers For A Wedding In 4 Easy Steps


Step 1. Create the floral folds 

  • Prepare colored tissue paper for your paper flowers; use a color that suits the wedding theme and cut all the sheets to the same size or 12 by 6 inches
  • Keep the tissue paper in a stack
  • Making the paper flower starts by folding the shorter side of the tissue paper stack for one inch
  • Turn the tissue paper stack over and fold again, so you are making an accordion fold
  • Continue turning and folding until the tissue paper stack is a narrow strip


Step 2. Reshape the petals and add the stem

  • To create the form of the paper flowers for weddings, you need to round the edge of the stacked tissue paper strip similar to petals 
  • Round the edges on both sides of the trip carefully and evenly 
  • Then, find the middle of the tissue strip; if needed, fold it in half and mark to know where to put the stem
  • You can use a pipe cleaner or anything green for your paper flowers 
  • You can also experiment with the placement of the stem for different paper flowers
  • Loop the pipe cleaner at the center of the tissue stack strip and twist the stem to itself to secure it in place 


Step 3. Arrange the paper flowers for the wedding 

  • After you attach the stems to the tissue paper stack strips, it’s easy to finish the paper flower
  • Make the flower by opening the folds on one side; be slow and careful as tissue paper can rip easily
  • After unfolding one side, pull the folds apart on the other end; the paper flower will now look like floral stems
  • After pulling both ends apart, you’ll separate the petals by separating the sheets of the tissue stack strip to look like an actual flower 
  • Fluff each paper flower to volumize the petals


Step 4. Make and add paper leaves to the flowers

  • Fold one side of a green construction paper for two inches 
  • Draw 4-inch leaves on the folded edge and cut them out
  • Glue the paper leaves to the stem of each floral paper stem 
  • Experiment with the leaf placement; you can also cut other shades of green or sizes for the leaves 
  • Arrange the paper leaves on a mason jar for a wedding centerpiece or make a bundle for a floral bouquet 

Speaking of mason jars, read how to decorate mason jars for a wedding as they are also easy and fun DIY projects for weddings. 


How To Make A Paper Flower Bouquet For A Wedding?

The easiest paper flowers you can make for a paper flower wedding bouquet are crepe paper roses. Making crepe paper roses is essentially compiling petals to mimic a rose in bloom. 

You will also need floral tape, wire, faux leaves, ribbon, wite cutters, and scissors. Then, select a crepe paper color that suits the wedding theme. 

  1. Cut teardrop shapes on the crepe paper; you can save time by folding the crepe paper first, so when you cut the shapes, you’ll get multiple pieces
  2. Prepare rose stems by cutting floral wire 
  3. Fold a square crepe paper into a triangle and then wrap it around the tip of a green floral wire
  4. Secure with double-sided tape, then continue wrapping the entire floral wire
  5. Add one petal at a time to the stem to form a rose; continue adding petals until you achieve the size of the paper rose you want
  6. Create as many paper roses as needed for the bouquet
  7. Add faux leaves on each stem with floral tape
  8. Gather the paper roses in a bunch and tie them with a ribbon; you can also use fabric strips or burlap, depending on your wedding theme 
  9. Make sure that the wire ends are not sharp


What Kind Of Paper Do You Use For Paper Flowers?

The best paper for wedding paper flowers is crepe paper. It comes in different colors and is relatively cheap if you need to make many paper flowers for the wedding. 

Some alternatives you can try include tissue paper, scrapbook paper, and even card stock. Choosing among them will just depend on how you’ll fold your paper flowers. 


Are Paper Flowers Tacky For A Wedding?

Paper flowers are not tacky for a wedding as long as you arrange them beautifully. You can also combine paper flowers with real blooms on your bouquets and centerpieces.

The key is ensuring that the tape is hidden when used or you’ve neatly cut the flowers. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to make paper flowers for a wedding, you’ll cut folded tissue paper stacks and then unravel them when tied with a pipe cleaner. 

You can also work the petals on a wire stem to create paper roses. We hope these tutorials are easy; let us know below how your flowers went. 

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