How To Make Onesie Baby Shower Invitations

Simplify the process into two steps on how to make onesie baby shower invitations. This affordable and easy tutorial doesn’t require you to struggle with onesie templates and cut invitation cards. 

You will also know the etiquette for baby shower invitations, including registry, parents’ name, and what colors or design is ideal for the cards. And for another creative baby shower invitation, perhaps you’d like how to make diaper invites for baby shower

how to make onesie baby shower invitations


How To Make Onesie Baby Shower Invitations


Step 1. Design the onesie invitation cards

You can get some free onesie templates online, but you’ll need to cut the cards in a complicated shape. To save time and printing expenses, you can get baby shower invitations with envelopes in the form of onesies on Amazon. 

There is a design available for a baby boy and baby girl’s baby shower, so it should be easy to choose the invitation you need. The Wilton Store on Amazon sells 12 pieces of these onesie cards for $6.98. 

The baby shower onesie invitation cards come with their own envelopes and are pre-printed, so you only need to fill up the information. This shouldn’t take too long since most baby showers have few guests. 

Each baby shower onesie card measures 5.5 x 7 inches, and you’ll fill out the information for the guests of honor, baby shower time, venue, host, and RSVP. If you have under 30 guests, like a typical baby shower party, you’ll only spend under $15.


Step 2. Mail out the onesie baby shower invitations

Before sending out the onesie baby shower invitations, check each card to see if all the information is correct and the details are complete. Then, remember to collect the guests’ addresses and mail the invites four weeks before the party. 

Furthermore, stamp all the RSVP envelopes so the guests can return them in time. You can even hand-address each RSVP envelope with your return address.

And as for the onesie baby shower invitations, you’ll stamp and drop them in the mail. You can also create a social media group with all the guests, so they know the invitations are on the way. 


Do You Put Registry On Baby Shower Invitations?

Putting the baby registry on your baby shower invitation cards is not in bad taste. It’s even recommended to put it on the last line at the bottom of the card. 

Guests typically bring gifts at the baby shower invitations, and they want to send the items in time. But for the details regarding the gift requests, you want to lead the guest to a website or social media page so you won’t overfill the invitations with words. 

You can also mention if you prefer diapers and having a diaper raffle. If you’re planning cash gifts, mention where the funds will go. 


Do Baby Shower Invitations Have Both Parents Names?

If it’s a baby shower that the mom only attends, you will write “Honoring [mom’s name] ” in the invitation card’s first line. But for co-ed showers where both expecting parents are present, then honor both parents. 

Mention who the baby shower is for and indicate who’s hosting it. You can read what does honoring mean on a baby shower invitation to know more details about the guests of honor. 


How Do You Make Invitations On Microsoft Word?

If you would print on cards and then just cut them out as onesies, you can use MS Word. Here are the details for a DIY MS Word baby shower invitation:

  1. Open Microsoft Word and browse the templates for invitations
  2. Click Create on your chosen invitation style for the baby shower 
  3. Edit the template to put the details for the party, and make sure all your wordings are correct and consistent
  4. Save the document and print
  5. Test the print on a few cards to know if they’ll fit the onesie design you want for the baby shower invitation 


What Colors Do You Use For The Baby Shower Invitations?

It’s up to the host to choose the colors and design of the baby shower invitations. However, it should complement the theme and color palette of the party. 

Typically, you can never go wrong with neutrals and pastels with baby designs like socks and cute animals for the cards. This will make the baby shower invitation noticeable and evident that it’s for a baby shower. 

You also don’t want color combinations where the text is unreadable against the background. Leave a solid-colored space in the card where you’ll put the baby shower details to make it easy to read. 


What Information Should You Include On The Baby Shower Invitations?

Besides the design, here are everything to write on each baby shower invitation card:

  • Guests of honor
  • Host and contact information
  • RSVP details
  • Baby shower date and venue
  • Optional baby’s gender for gifts 
  • Baby shower theme and dress code, if needed 
  • Baby registry details



Was this tutorial helpful? You just learned how to make onesie baby shower invitations with affordable cards with envelopes on Amazon. 

You only need to fill them with details and then mail them. You can also use MS Word and print on cards that you’ll cut into onesies.

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