How To Make Mini Fridge Colder? 6 Easy Ways To Do It!

Do you want to know how to make mini fridge colder? A lot of people have checked all the settings of their fridge, yet it does not seem to function correctly. A lot of factors may have affected the cooling capacity of the fridge making it not as cold as expected.


how to make mini fridge colder

Ways To Make Mini Fridge Colder

You might think that there is something wrong with your fridge so you would want to call for a professional. But before you do that check the following first on how to make mini fridge colder.


Way #1. Fridge position

Where you put the fridge is crucial for cooling. That is because it affects the temperature inside the fridge. The majority of the mini-fridges has a thermostat that is responsible for adjusting the temperature. But the temperature inside will depend on the temperature outside.

Commonly, the exact temperature inside will be 5°Fahrenheit higher or lower than the temperature you since it is affected by the outside temperature. So in making the fridge colder, the fridge should be placed correctly.

You must not place the fridge next to any heat-producing appliances such as a stove or oven. After you place the fridge in another position, you will notice the difference in its temperature.


Way #2. Thermostat setting

If you are concerned about the coldness of the fridge, the very first thing that has to be checked is its thermostat. Specifically, check its settings and if necessary adjust them. If you want to increase the cooling, then decrease its temperature setting.

It is possible that after you have checked it, someone may have changed its setting to be warmer. Recent mini-fridge models would have an outdoor display that shows the temperature. They are further designed with a touch panel that can be used to change the temperature setting.


Way #3. The gap between the wall and the mini-fridge

The compressor unit requires enough space from the wall so that it can dissipate easily. But most people do not provide enough space for it which affects its performance.

As such, ensure to provide about 2-inch gap between the wall and the unit. Both sides must also have about an inch of free space. This is not only important for short-term cooling, but it likewise improves the longevity of the fridge.


Way #4. Storing cool items

Before you place food items inside the fridge, you should allow them to cool down first. These basic step can improve your mini-fridge cooling ability. You should not instantly put in the fridge anything that you just cooked. Instead, allow it to cool down first.

Otherwise, the sensor of the fridge will notice the temperature change and will tell the compressor to work harder to make the temperature inside the fridge back to normal. This will result in higher power usage and temperature.


Way #5. Door insulation

Another factor that is crucial in maintaining the fridge temperature is the door insulation. This ensures that the fridge remains cool for as long as you keep the door closed.

In case you notice that it isn’t as cold anymore, check the fridge door insulation. It may be possible that some of the cold air is escaping so the door gaskets need to be replaced. You can start by removing the seal and cleaning it before putting it back.


Way #6. Clearing the vents

The air must be properly circulated throughout the compartments of the fridge. It might be possible that some food items are blocking the air, resulting in less cooling.

So locate the vents of the fridge and ensure that no item is obstructing it. If the cold air is properly circulating throughout the fridge, then it can make it even colder.


Helpful Tips To Remember

  • Do not open your mini-fridge frequently
  • Leave space in between the bags or boxes to ensure proper circulation
  • Every time you close the door, ensure that it is sealed properly
  • The space must not have excessive vacant space. Place your fridge with a water bottle if it is empty
  • You need to defrost and clean the fridge frequently. Defrosting must be done twice a year
  • Dust can accumulate under the fridge, so ensure to clean it including its compressor


It’s A Wrap!

Most of the mini-fridges are colder than those kitchen fridges. Not only that, but it also takes longer for this kind of fridge to maintain its temperature. But it does not necessarily mean that the fridge it’s not for preserving the food you keep in it.

In case your mini-fridge isn’t cold enough, you just have to check some factors and try to understand what could possibly cause the issue so that you will be able to fix it and make your fridge colder.

For instance, inspect the power supply first and ensure that it is working properly. In case the mini-fridge works correctly or if it is new, then rest assured, it will become colder after applying the above steps. In any case, if the temperature does not seem to change, then call for a professional. So, that’s how to make mini fridge colder.

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