How To Make Marshmallow Lollipops For Baby Shower

Here’s an easy and yummy recipe to learn how to make marshmallow lollipops for baby shower. This delicious treat is surprisingly easy to make, and we’ve also included tips to decorate marshmallow pops to make them eye-catching for the baby shower. 

And depending on the theme of your event, we’ve included various marshmallow recipes for the party to decorate your dessert table. You can also check how to make baby shower cookies to arrange next to your marshmallow pops.  

how to make marshmallow lollipops for baby shower


How To Make Marshmallow Lollipops For Baby Shower

Prepare the following ingredients for this delicious chocolate marshmallow pops for the baby shower:

  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Candy melts
  • Chocolate chips
  • Candy sprinkles
  • Other decorations of your choice for the baby shower theme, like cupcake liners in different colors or smaller candy and chocolate pieces 


Step 1. Create the marshmallow lollipops

  • Start by inserting the marshmallow into the stick; you can also make marshmallow skewers separated by cupcake liners in different colors of your choice based on the party theme 
  • Melt the candy melts and chocolate chips; you can also melt white chocolate and add pink or blue gel food coloring for the baby shower
  • After melting the candy and chocolate, hold the marshmallow by its lollipop stick and dip it into the bowl of melted candy or chocolate
  • Swirl the marshmallow pops around to get an even coating, or have someone help you with a spoon to scoop and cover all the areas of the marshmallows 
  • If the coating is too thick to cover the marshmallow pop, you can also use a knife to spread the chocolate or candy melts evenly around the marshmallow 
  • After coating, roll the marshmallow pops into sprinkles or sugar crystals
  • You can also use a piping bag to add details to the marshmallow pops; consider combining different colors of candy melts and chocolate to make the treat more eye-catching at the candy table  


Step 2.Pack the marshmallow lollipops for the baby shower

  • Allow the marshmallow lollipops to set for 30 minutes; pick containers that are deep enough for the lollipop stick so the coated marshmallows won’t touch their lids 
  • You can then pack each marshmallow lollipop in cellophane; wrap each marshmallow stick, and tie it with a ribbon
  • You can add a small tag or decoration if you’re giving marshmallow pops as the baby shower favors
  • For the tags, you can print them in pink or blue cardstock, then punch a hole and tie them onto the lollipop stick with yarn of different colors 
  • If displaying the marshmallow pops at the baby shower, you can prepare a shoe box
  • Wrap the shoe box in printed or colored paper and punch holes at the top to create a stand for the marshmallow sticks 
  • You can also wrap each marshmallow stick individually and arrange them in a basket 


How Long Do Marshmallow Pops Stay Fresh?

Marshmallow pops can be stored in an airtight container for three to four days. However, their chocolate coating should have been set completely, and you can stack them with wax paper in between layers. 

You don’t need to refrigerate the marshmallow lollipops but put them somewhere cool and out of direct heat or sunlight. When displaying them at the baby shower, they can be put out at the candy table during the entire shower since the chocolate has set and won’t melt. 

But of course, put your candy table away from the windows, so there is no direct heat or sunlight on the marshmallow pops. Some also advise not refrigerating them to avoid discoloration on the chocolate or having them sweat


How Do You Make Baby Marshmallow Rattles?

There are many creative ideas for marshmallows on a stick, depending on the baby shower theme. And a cute treat you can make with marshmallow pops are marshmallow rattles. 

You’ll need swizzle sticks, jumbo marshmallows, candy melts, candy sprinkles, nuts, ribbons, and other decorations. Push one marshmallow per stick, like making any other lollipop.

Then, put your candy melts in the microwave and stir every 30 seconds to make the coating. Dip each marshmallow stick into the melted candy until covered completely. 

Tap off the excess candy and dip the marshmallow into nuts or sprinkles. Let your marshmallow pops set for half an hour, then decorate as rattles with ribbons. 


How Do You Make Marshmallow Bottles For Baby Shower?

Another variation of the marshmallow lollipop is baby bottles. They are relatively easy to make as you only need white jumbo marshmallows, pink or blue regular-sized marshmallows, mini marshmallows of various colors, and kebab sticks. 

  1. Each marshmallow baby bottle stick will need one jumbo marshmallow, two regular-sized marshmallows of different colors, and one mini marshmallow 
  2. Use scissors to cut one regular marshmallow into three pieces and the other regular marshmallow into two pieces 
  3. Push the jumbo marshmallow through the center of the kebab stick to be the bottle’s body
  4. Put one piece of the sectioned regular marshmallow on top of it, so the sticky side adheres to the jumbo marshmallow, and repeat with the other sectioned regular marshmallow to create the bottle cap
  5. Add the mini marshmallow over it for the bottle’s nipple

You can then read how to make a candy table for a baby shower to arrange all these cute lollipops. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to make marshmallow lollipops for baby shower in two steps.

You’ll stick the jumbo marshmallow in a lollipop stick and use melted candy or chocolate to coat it. Then, decorate with sprinkles and wrap with cellophane and ribbons. 

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