How To Make Log Bed Frames? In 2 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to make log bed frames? This job is so easy. Just pick the right trees for your logs, make some tenons and mortise, assemble it, then you’re done!

There are several kinds of bed frames. However, the log bed frame stands out for its rustic and natural vibe, which creates a relaxing ambiance in your room.

how to make log bed frames

Time and effort would be the main investment that you have to offer to get a log bed frame.

Making one will keep you from taking hundreds and thousands of dollars from your pocket.

Also, you will get to choose what exact appearance you want for your bed.

In this article, fellow nature lovers will learn how to make this fantastic bed frame with just straightforward steps.


Steps To Make Log Bed Frames

Dear friend, don’t be overwhelmed by the fact that this job needs a lot of effort.

Maybe, you have someone who can give you a hand.

If you are alone, well, you can do this!

Even if it seems to cost you much effort, the sure thing is that the steps to make log bed frames are straightforward to follow.

Here are the steps on how to make log bed frames:


Step #1. Preparation of the logs to be used

The very first thing you have to make sure of is to get a nice and perfect log.

What I mean by the word perfect here is that it is suitable for making a bed frame.


Select the right logs

One of the best choices you have is to get a log from a deforestation area, where trees stand still and have their barks removed due to fire.

Also, this will give you confidence regarding the strength of the tree since it has withstood the powerfully blazing fire.

However, if you have the choice to cut a tree legally, then that’s great.

But it will take you about a year to start making the bed frame since you have to let the log dry. So remove the barks for them to dry fast.

You have to prepare 3 sizes of logs.

The largest for the poles of the headboard, the medium size for the poles at the footboard, and the small ones for the rails and headboard design.


Measuring and cutting the logs

Be sure to cut the logs according to the standard mattress sizes.

This will ensure that there will be no gaps between the mattress and bed frame.

Cut 2 equal lengths of log for the headboard poles and also 2 for the footboard poles.

It is suggested that you double the length of these poles as compared to the footboard poles.

Now, cut the small-sized logs for the rails.

Two of which are to separate the headboard from the footboard poles, which will determine the length of the mattress.

The other two will determine the width of your mattress.

You have to take note that you need about 3 extra inches for the measurement of the rails because later on, you will use that for the formation of the tenons.

Next, cut spindles – the bigger the bed, the more you need these – that will separate the rails of your headboard and footboard.

Of course, you must see that the spindle for the headboard is lengthier than the footboard.


Making tenons and mortises

The rails must have tenons, while the bed poles must have mortises.

First, make tenons at both ends of the rails and both ends of the spindle. You may make this using a knife, but there is an instrument called a tenon cutter.

Using this will save you much time and effort.

Next, we will proceed to the carving of mortises.

The place of mortises must ensure that the rails that connect the headboard and footboard must be flat.

You don’t want to sleep at 30 degrees elevation.

You can do this by making marks on the poles where you must carve the mortises. Even professionals do such!

Carve the mortises using a drill with a drill bit of Frostner bits.

Make sure to make the mortises for the spindle to be evenly spaced. However, you may do it your way for aesthetic purposes.

Now, we are ready to assemble your log bed frame.


Step #2. Assembling the bed frame

First, you have to deal with the posts and the main rails that connect each pole.

It is better than in this stage; you have somebody to give you a hand.

You may do it without any instrument except for the rubber hammer, but you will have so much physical effort to exert in this method.

If you choose this method, you have to do it one tenon to mortise at a time until the poles are connecter with each other.

The other method is to lock an eyehook to each pole with the same position measured from the floor – meaning, they are even.

Then, in a diagonal position, connect cables with a turnbuckle at the center.

Adjust the turnbuckle until the bed frame is well connected.

Lastly, for the finishing touches, grab some sandpaper and smoothen the logs.

Then you may add varnish for the protection and beautification of the logs.

There you go! Your log bed frame is done!


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to make log bed frames.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

You are appreciated!

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