How To Make Fridge Door Easier To Open? 4 Easy Ways!

Are you wondering how to make fridge door easier to open? There are four remedies that I’m sure you can execute with a breeze. One of the ways is by simply using your fingers that can aid in releasing the suction.

Having a fridge at home is one of the necessities you’ll have to put in line first; they are functional and can do any job as long as it is suitable for the appliance. But, there are times where you cannot avoid going through issues the longer that it lasts. So, let us dive deeper and see if there are remedies to that.

how to make fridge door easier to open

Usually, fridges won’t have any problems as long as the owner takes care of them. But for some who ignore their fridges, it might be a pain shortly as fridge doors vary depending on how you use them.

Regardless, let us know more about this topic as you continue to go through this article. You may also understand terms and stuff that might play an essential role in making it open easier. So, keep on reading to know here more.


Ways To Make Fridge Door Easier To Open

My friends, there are things to consider when buying a fridge. But if you’ve picked the wrong one, then these might be your consideration on how to make fridge door easier to open:


Remedy #1. Using fingers to release suction

Doing this method won’t require you to use any other things but only your finger. This is recommendable since it doesn’t need you to spend money on something that will damage your refrigerator furthermore.

Now, to complete this whole process, put a finger in the inside of a corner of a door seal so that the suction is released, making it easier to open the door in a while once you have done this. Please close the door so that you can try checking on it later on. Also, it may take some time before you can be able to open the door once again. The suction may get attracted to the insides if opened right away. So, to avoid that, wait for approximately a minute and open the door afterward. With this, you can be able to check if the air has been removed.


Remedy #2. Avoid slamming the door shut or hard

This is one of the most commonly made mistakes by people who own fridges. If this continues to happen, your fridge may break over time and will even be harder to open due to the force that is given by your body when closing the door. You’ll want to open it lightly and close it the right way as much as possible. Suctions may get damaged over time and lose its function if it doesn’t stick properly to the other side.

Thus, slamming the door isn’t an advisable thing to do. Otherwise, you’ll eventually have a damaged door that is needed to be replaced.


Remedy #3. Checking the compressor trays of the fridge

This doesn’t commonly happen on fridges, but there is a slight chance that will occur, making your fridge hard to be opened. Now when checking, you should locate if where the compressor tray is placed. Once you’ve found it, removed it from its place and brought it to a nearby sink.

There, you’ll need to empty the compressor tray and then fill it with a tiny amount of water before rechecking it. In the tray, the water should appear. If not, try doing the whole process again until you are starting to see results. Now, it should be open, and the end should be higher than the water level.

Now place the tray back onto where you’ve removed it and make sure it is positioned securely to avoid any issues. Furthermore, as much as possible, always check on the trays or the fridge as a whole to be well aware of the situation.


Remedy #4. Replacing hinges with new ones

As your refrigerator starts to get used for years, the hinges might be a little rusty to handle the job. In that case, it might need some replacement on the ones that hold your fridge door to the place. There is an easy way of doing it. Try finding steps on the internet, and you may find one that is suitable for your style.

But if you’re doing all of these by yourself, it is better to use the instruction booklet that the fridge came with. You can use this as a basis or reference for fixing hinges since they are tiny parts that play a crucial role.

You can find off the internet some spare parts, accessories, and products to avoid damages from happening on your fridge doors. Take care of it and clean it as much as possible because dirt might also be one of the reasons why materials get corroded so quickly after just several usages of it, making you spend some money on it. It’s best to know how to repair your refrigerator.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have learned how to make fridge door easier to open, it is vital that you understood the remedies thoroughly to choose what’s best for you. Having a broken fridge door is one of the most common problems that people are facing. So,  if ever that happens to you and you cannot handle it, call a professional.

Anyway, do you want to know how much does it cost to repair a fridge? Read more articles like this!

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