How To Make Fridge Colder? 6 Awesome Tips!

Dear home buddy, are you asking yourself, “how to make fridge colder?” I know you want to improve the cooling performance of your fridge. Thankfully, this article will be discussing that; you can make your fridge colder by these six steps.

A refrigerator can get colder by adjusting the temperature, unblocking the cooling vents, aligning the door, cleaning the seal, repairing from the inside, and fixing the problem practically.

how to make fridge colder

You need to remember that the sole purpose of your fridge is to cool down your food. If this purpose is now problematic, you will be encountering troubles in your health and home that can be very alarming. Yes, you want the best for your family is eating food from your refrigerator.  I know you are very curious regarding this topic. In doing these tips that I shared, you must ensure your safety and happiness here. So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


Tips To Make Fridge Colder

Are you troubling yourself with the question, “how to make fridge colder?” This section will be answering that question. I just need you to be attentive and alert in all the information this article will give you. With this, I discovered six tips that can help you in making your fridge colder. So, here are they:


Tip #1. Adjusting the temperature

Before you get serious, you should check the temperature of your fridge if it is set correctly. You can select the fridge section around the intermediate cold and the coldest setting if you have a knob-type thermostat. With a digital thermostat, you can set it around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Using this temperature, you are safe from any diseases and viruses found in improper food storage and temperature.


Tip #2. Unblocking the cooling vents

Suppose your refrigerator is set to the ideal temperature, yet it cannot be colder than before. In that case, you might be blocking the vents in charge of cooling. Look for the cooling vents on your fridge, then clear all the storage compartments that secure it.

With blocked cooling vents, the cold air that is generated by your fridge is not circulated throughout the interior, resulting in the warmer temperature that you are now observing.


Tip #3. Aligning the door

Check your fridge door if it closes correctly or contains any leaks. You can assess by putting a small piece of paper in between the door and the seal of your fridge. If the paper falls out quickly, there is a leak existing on your fridge. Also, align your door correctly if it does not close correctly. Relocate all the heavy food put on top of the fridge door that is causing it to close incorrectly. You need to check if the hinges of your fringe door are working correctly.


Tip #4. Cleaning the seal

The gasket seal on your fridge is in charge of keeping the cold air inside. If the seal is purposely broken, your fridge might be cooling improperly. With this, you can clean the seal and check if it does have any damage. You can also ask the nearest hardware store if they have some gasket seals that can act as a replacement for your fridge. Also, cleaning the gasket seal with petrolatum jelly is recommended.


Tip #5. Repairing from the inside

The warming of your refrigerator might be the cause of faulty mechanisms inside of it. You can replace the fan that is in charge of the cooling of your refrigerator. Also, the condenser coils might be warming up your fridge. You can clean the coils by wiping them down with a clean towel and get rid of all the dust and other impurities that might be bothering them. Likewise, a faulty thermometer can also be the cause of the problem. The solution for it is a professional replacement.

Lastly, a total repair by fixing the overall defrosting assembly is a friendly method to do in answering all the problems. This process consists of improving the sensors, timers, and other parts of the refrigerator.


Tip #6. Fixing it with practicality

This tip might be peculiar compared to the previous ones. You can make your fridge colder by filling it with food. Through this, heat transfer is encouraged where heat can be easily absorbed inside, thus lowering the temperature. You can also use gallon storages of water or any juices to act as heat absorbers in your fridge. Finally, you can make your fridge colder when it stays defrosted periodically. Through defrosting, you make sure that no frozen particles are hindering the cooling process of the refrigerator.



Great! You know, “how to make fridge colder?” by reading this article. The solution is easy for you to do, considering you are willing to fix the problem by yourself.

You can make your fridge colder by adjusting the temperature, unblocking the cooling vents, aligning the door, cleaning the seal, repairing from the inside, and fixing the problem practically.

If you want to read more articles, understand how to drain a portable air conditioner. Thank you very much for having the time to read this article. Now, you are ready to make your fridge colder with these six easy tips.

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